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In my experience, I believe you will fit a 12D Peal & Co. I am an 11.5D on the Brannock. I now have three pair of 240 lasted shoes, each in 11.5C (great fits). I have two pairs of 240 lasted boots, each in 11D. I have three pair of 325 lasted shoes, each in 11D. All of my 11Ds (boots and shoes) are slightly wide, but I tend to wear those shoes with thicker socks.
My favorite pair of Cramerton rivets with an Individualized flannel and EP belt.
This Niche shirt jacket is still available in a size L (fits like an M) and it shouldn't be.
Good morning! More accurate colors: NMWA gear:Fox Brothers Stephen SchneiderFarneseRota (brown herringbone flannel no longer on the site)Dore DoreMerolaLa Portenga Was not intended to be my response to @gdl203's "best picks from the sale" post, but I think people should clear each of these pieces from the site asap.
It looks great!
 Is this the same WB14821 that Despos is making for me? He called me the second week of January to let me know he would be cutting it soon, so mine shouldn't be far behind yours.
 I couldn't like this any more than I do.
When it arrives, we need to schedule a head-to-head, battle to the death, who wore it better event. 
I am 6'2" 185 lbs. Across various brands and styles I am a 42L-44L and a 52L-54L. I wear an XL bumfreezer.
I think I'm already on your list for when they drop, but if I'm not, yes please. Put me at the top of the list!
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