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That's funny because I don't have Vass or Enzo boots, but I have two pairs of Conistons (suede and shell, both on the 240 last) and the shaft is way too big, so I immediately empathized with the OP. If Vass and Enzo are even more voluminous, I will avoid their boots entirely.
Just to hurt you.
 All jokes aside, it's a great picture.
  I think both of these statements may be simultaneously true.
I agree that the shoes could be lighter, but they are neutralized in the photo by the grass, so it's not something that stands out in the photo. And in humid weather, I'm all for a fuller leg. It looks and feels right.
I think this link might be the most helpful piece of advice I can provide:
If it helps - I take XL in each.
 I'm with Six.
Mine is serving as a mid layer in snowy Chicago:
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