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All Epaulet day: Shawl neck Heirloom cardigan Chambray Individualized shirt Snuff suede belt (not visible) Rust Walts Alden snuff suede chukkas (first Epaulet purchase a few years back)
I don't take photos often and when I do, they aren't anything special, but here are a couple of the mid gray flannel that I am wearing today (the shirt is also from Chris): 
I lied, I wore the wrong coat today. So here is a previous picture:  and here is another shot from yesterday: 
I'm 6'2" 175lbs. I'm going to post a picture shortly of me in an XXL NR SB over a suit. I just need to get off this call and take the photo.
Mixed navy is great. It is perfect for the SB.Greg @gdl203: Is there any difference in group 2 fabrics with respect to stiffness/drape/hand as compared to group 1? Or is it simply more complex weaves of the same material?
Having taken NMWA's sizing advice, this has not been my experience. And I am on the narrow side of D, often sizing down to C in C&J and always needing a thicker sock to take up volume in Alden's more generous lasts.
You have said this before and I have agreed before, but I will agree again for Newc's benefit.
Unscientific personal opinion based on my experience of my daily wears:Better than Allen EdmundsOn par with AldenOn par with Crockett & JonesA slight step below VassA slight step below Buday
I would be 52 in Formosa, 54 in Edios, and VI in Merino. So maybe you can go down a size from me in the SB. I took the XXL with liner for over a jacket.
I'm not sure why I did, but I assumed "with jacket" underneath. So yes, I agree with you (obviously).
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