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  I just stopped in to say, "you are crazy!" That is all.
 I went with my Barrie size on the oak brown suede Malko brogue boot. Which is good, because that puts you a half size below me and you won't be stealing my Heschung.
Probably not. But because it is big everywhere (rise, waist, thighs, lower leg, etc), it feels enormous. But of course it should, if it is the right size it's 10% too big in every direction. Even two inches in the waist feels big. Factor in the rigidity and it feels bigger.I left them at the office to avoid wanting to fiddle with them this weekend. I'll snap some shots and take some measurements this week and run them by you before I cut the tags and dive in.
I had to grab the new suede wingtips. Had to, right? Fred, we're fraternal twin shoe brothers. I also grabbed another Farnese tubo and Big John shrink to fit jeans. The size of the unshrunk jeans is a bit intimidating. I have to trust the guidance of others on their sizing.
I now have a confirmed Vass size. This could be dangerous.
You just described me 4-6 days a week.
Same here. Vass, Big John, and Farnese sitting in my office (but I'm not).
"A Few of My Favorite (Slept-on) Things"   by Patrick R     Summary: 1. Stephan Schneider - Gemini hooded cardigan in grey cotton 2. Heschung - Nils chukka boot in anthracite grey 3. Pedaled - Discovery shell in stone ventille cotton 4. Makintosh - ink blue Dunoon handmade hooded raincoat 5. Oliver Spenser - short sleeve linen madras shirt     Details:   1. Stephan Schneider - Gemini hooded cardigan in grey...
 87% by diameter. 75% by area. /enginerd
 Suit and shirt are by Chris Despos. It's a navy hopsack and the scratched lens iPone shots don't do it justice.
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