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Maybe NWMA can make a video tutorial.
If you wrap your belt the "opposite" direction, it would be a pain. But you would have to be pretty dense to not permanently solve that problem immediately.
Stupid iPhone...That's a navy sweater (Scott & Charters). Oatmeal flannels (Formosa). Black and white herringbone tweed (Despos). Ruby cordovan boots (Crockett & Jones made Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers).
Yes? No? Somewhere in between?
I was best man in a wedding earlier this year in which I was told the dress code was "forest business casual." The ceremony was in a clearing in the woods on a farm in rural Minnesota. I wore olive chinos, a blue chambray shirt, and chocolate brown suede boots and belt. I looked awesome, as always. And everyone was happy. You can help them look awesome in their setting too.
Let's not pretend chinos and vests are a better option. Merely different.
Exactly. I'm a XXL in the SB (with liner and with room for a jacket underneath). XL in Bumfreezer with no room for a jacket underneath.
XL. I'm more like a 43L.
Flannel corduroy. From Epaulet. One of the Ends for Friends offerings last year. Love them!
Army Green Hopsack Bumfreezer    
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