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 These colors are a bit off in this photo, but I like a grey cashmere tie with a blue coat in a more casual fit.
 That's caused by the shape of your foot.
 I wasn't lying!
I live about a 5 min. walk from Horween. I took a similar tour a couple of years ago - was there for about 5 hours and saw every inch of the factory. It was a great time. It was really cool to see all of the various types of leathers, all of the various processes, and to get all of the stories from the people on the inside. It certainly made me appreciate much more than just their cordovan products (and also made me hate what Alden does to #8 once I saw how beautiful it is...
There is obvious generalized forum resistance to blue pants and "northern lights." In my experience, the two together can be a winning combination. An example of two "forum wrongs" making a right.
It's where grown men follow ludicrous shoe care suggestions handed down from a weirdo.
Obviously, but having a seamless heel means you have a seamless heel.
A dollar for that jacket was $20 too much.
As a musician and an IP attorney, I have enjoyed the side conversation.
The striped grenadine has been on my wish list since it showed up on the site. Your picture made me look at the inventory, see there was fabric left for one tie, and finally buy the damn tie. Thanks!
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