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You guys aren't alone.
 That kid said a lot of dumb things, but that's one of the dumbest. I don't have a closet full of Chris's work, but I have three suits, two sport coats, a pair of pants, and a handful of shirts. I knew everything I needed to know to opine intelligently about his work after the first commission and I knew I knew everything I needed to know after the second.
I'll be in Chicago in my navy NR SB all week.
Yes. I have both and they are both on the 240 last.
 I bought those a year or two ago during the 40% off sale and they have gotten a ton of wear. Great boots.
You left off wigglr.
 1. You made my favorite jeans ever. I love ever pair I bought.2. You make consistently exceptional products (not every single one is a winner, but consistently exceptional above what can be expected from a business willing to experiment).3. You make fantastic pants.4. I'm up for trying anything, but I would not have thought I was looking to add a knit indigo-dyed denim to my closet. I will definitely consider, but this isn't filling a long-standing need I've felt.
That is such a beautiful tie.
@Epaulet I'm not a Chelsea guy (at least not today), but those new Chelseas are on the exact perfect last for that style.
That is the most ridiculously awesome ridiculousness I've seen. I love it.
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