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 It's not complicated. It's not inherently rude to assert that you chose to eat a more healthy meal. If you can't express your needs without being rude, that is an entirely separate problem. This is your wife. If you can't have a frank conversation about food and health, just shoot yourself now.*  *Don't shoot yourself now, I am being hyperbolic for effect. 
Then don't eat that, dum-dum.
185 @ 18185 @ 25185 @ 30185 @ 35192 @ 39...
 I rarely post in this thread, but this is just so unbelievably weird I had to respond. You can have a perfectly wonderful dining experience with your wife without losing control of your diet or needing to eat a "full meal." Separately, if you are eating a full meal, you won't gain weight. A full meal is what your body needs. Anything more is an excessive meal.
I did as well.
I will buy one pair of light gray flannel Rota in size 52 with a single forward pleat next fall. Further purchases of pleated Rota TBD.
If it is tan, brown, and black/gray, it can coordinate with just about every solid neutral color, particularly earthy tones. The main problem is that not many people on this forum will like the shirt itself. So even if you coordinate it well, you will still be told to burn the shirt. At least that's what I would tell you.
It's defecting fusing in the collar. They will take it back. When I used to wear BB shirts, I had that happen a few times. Even after wearing them for months, they would take them back for a full refund.
You're just suggesting he move back closer to the "norm." His clothes (and beard) clearly communicate it isn't his intention to present a normal look. I interpret that his is trying to look cartoonish/comical. To that end, mission accomplished and normalizing the fit degrades that purposes. Now, personally, I don't find the fit to be attractive, inspired, or inspiring, but I'm sure others do.
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