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If the Lakers want to perennially exit the playoffs in the first or second round, they should go after Melo.
  Apparently Lamb killed it in a summer league game the other day. Take that for what's it worth.
This Nets/Kirilenko deal is definitely one of the shadiest deals I have ever seen. Dude could easily get a multiyear deal worth more than double that per year.   Either Prokhorov is paying him off the books or he has AK's family at gunpoint somewhere.
  it didn't happen because Asik makes $15 mil in 2014 and Lakers are clearing their books for that year.
From what I know, if a team amnesties a player, they cannot bid on him in the following auction. However, if no teams bid on him, that player becomes a free agent. At that point, I think the original team can resign the player, but I'm not 100% sure on that.   In the case of Kobe, it wouldn't even matter. This wouldn't work because it is impossible that no team bids even the smallest amount on him. Even if he makes it public that he won't play for any team other than the...
nets looking like a real threat to win the 2008 nba championship.
I went with Brooklyn over Chicago mainly because Chicago plays with more intensity than any other team during the regular season, but this levels out in the playoffs when both teams are actually playing for something. But wouldn't be really surprised if Chicago won this.   Went with Grizz in 6 because I felt that the Clips would win if it goes to 7. But yeah, this one's a toss up. I honestly don't think Boston has any shot. Not having Rondo is really going to hurt...
alright folks, it's playoff time. 1st round predictions anyone?   OKC over HOU in 5 SAS over LAL in 5 Den over GSW in 5 Mem over LAC in 6 MIA over MIL in 4 NYK over BOS in 5 IND over ATL in 5 BKN over CHI in 7  
  Hollywood Forever cemetery.
  Nah, Mayo settled for a 2 year $8mil (that's $8mil total, not per year) contract from Dallas. I think they could have held on to him for at most half of gay's price (which is 3 years $53 mil.)
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