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@hirsh. If you need any help with custom casual wear (polos, tshirts, hoodies), we can help. Ping me
For a woven dress shirt, you'll want around 4" +/- 1" depending how trim you want the fit. For a knit shirt like our custom polos 1" would suffice for a trim fit. I am assuming your are measuring the waist around your midsection (belly)?
Look forward to it.  +1 guest. 
If you need some long sleeve polo shirts this winter, Vastrm is doing 40% off long sleeves
Is the Small still available?
Our L/S polos have been selling quite well.  We add a dress shirt style spread collar with one button cuff construction to elevate the traditional long sleeve polo style as seen here:
Sounds like a cool show!
Made to measure polos and design your own options   Create an account and get $20 credit -  
Hi everyone!
First thing about telling if a shirt is a good fit is - how do you feel wearing it?    If you are self conscious about any part of the shirt (maybe the billowing the waist) then you can do better! Slimming of sleeves is tricky because you don't want the arm hole to get too small or tight. The shoulders look good, I didn't notice the downward slope until you said something. The pocket matched with that collar type is a little "farmer joe" IMO, but again if its what you...
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