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Thanks for your post CruzAzul.   The defining characteristics of our hoodies and all the other garments we produce lie in the selection of luxury fabrics we source, the quality craftsmanship we commit to and the fact that we are producing each garment one at a time by hand from the time they are cut to the time they are sewn and finished.  I'd love for you to give us a try.  I can send you a Styleforum discount code should you be willing to try us out.
The Evolution of the Hoodie - from the gym to the boardroom   https://vastrm.com/blog/evolution-of-the-hoodie/
Yes, we can customize MTM long sleeves as well. It's not built into our design tool yet, but we can certainly handle that request.  If interested, you can design a short sleeve version, check out, send us an email warriors@vastrm.com with change request and make sure to include your sleeve length (measured from center of back to cuff).  Our long sleeve come standard with a one button cuff construction, similar to the collection pcs you have seen.  Hope that makes sense!
Great job everyone on your designs! All turned out very unique and wearable. 
Look forward to it.  +1 guest. 
What an original with the woven plaid placket on a striped base - can't wait to see how this turns out. Nice design lottp!
The most colorful submission thus far! Glad you had fun with the design tool DjangoV. Soon we will have more fabrics, buttons, and even a long sleeve option sometime late Spring. 
If you need some long sleeve polo shirts this winter, Vastrm is doing 40% off long sleeves
Bold blue collar with sleeve cuffs play nicely with the woven placket. Nice job Thomas! 
Is the Small still available?
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