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Anyone know the brand or where I could find a similar one to this one??
I'm Going on a winter vacation in late December. I have all my ski gear down packed but I always lack on the non ski clothing.   This is what I have so far. Dont know what to pair this with?   What are some items I can purchase for day and night outings?    Thanks
So I ordered some Irish Setter boots by Red Wing from zappo to try out the fit. This boot is really well made and comfortable but they were really bulky. My jeans would not even get half way down, leaving the bulkiest part of the boot out. Any other suggestions? Pics?  
I said they are the most stylish, not all that nice lol
Sorel boots look more stylish compared to the ones mentioned. The others look really bulky and most look like work boots
I'm looking for a pair of some winter boots for my trip to Steamboat this December. I would like them to be waterproof.I will be using these for my non skiing days and night outings. These will be used once a year (winter vacations) so I'm trying to stay under the $180 mark.
Who makes these or a similar style loafer?  
they are grey...Color is called "ash grey" . So the white sole limits you to ONLY jeans?
Been lurking for a week or two and Finally JOINED!   I just picked these shoes up but having some trouble finding the right color trousers to wear with.     Put them on with some dark grey jeans..
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