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A bit unrelated, but do any of you guys know if the Wyatt biker boot will be available in later seasons? 
Bought the red one yesterday, and can really relate to what your saying. My favourite piece so far. I'm 6'2/3 and 41 fits me perfectly. Love the longer, drapy fit.  Probably getting the black/grey one today. 
What do you guys think of these?   Could cop both a 60 % off, seems like a sweet deal to me.
This season's? They're looking sooo baggy over at ssense.
Wow, amazing result with the customising. Which season is the jacket?
Hola. I'm 6 ft. 2, 80 kgs. As a narcissist, I'd like to describe myself as halfway athletic. What size should I opt for regarding your tees?
      Ah, my apologies for the dubiousness. I want your damn approval!   What do you guys think?
Money you will be
Great thread! Mind if I hijack it? Weeeell anyways..   My girlfriend bought me a trip to Paris this autumn. As a student, mid-semester, already saving up for a NY spending spree next summer, my budget won't exactly be vast.. Not looking for shirts, shoes, suits, sports coats etc., but would really like to check out ties and other accessories. Perhaps even some outerwear. Vintage shops, perhaps?    Anything's appreciated! 
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