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Hey, thought I'd make a post here so everyone can see the measurements.   So pit-to-pit is 21" but may I also ask how long the back length is? I'm considering to take this beaut on a cycle trip in Japan but I'm a bit worried my back would be exposed when I'm stretched out over a bicycle.
I'm interested in the Ben Sherman windbreaker, I'm generally between a S and M though, what are the specs?
Hm, Hong Kong may just be out of arm's reach. I checked their blogspot and it seems like exactly the kind of place I'm after, thanks for the suggestion gentlemen.
Australian member here. Can't find a pair of Alden Indy's in Melbourne to try on so I was hoping if anyone knew if it was possible in maybe Beijing, Guanzhou or Shanghai. This will be my first pair of 'nice' shoes so I really want to make sure I get the fit right.
Ensemble appears very unusual but works pretty well. I'd love to see the overall picture.  
I've always wanted to get socks from Vanishing Elephant -- they have a lot of personality. Ships from somewhere in Australia for $10.
PM Sent
Shoes are about a size too big but I'm tempted to disregard sizing and pick up this bargain!
Originally I was going to come and ask how my peacoat fit but after perusing through the thread I'm relatively confident I got it right. Thank you gentlemen.  
Taken on Poon Hill along the Annapurna Sanctuary trail in Nepal.
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