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Got a good back burn in at the gym before work. 
I just fixed my freaking dryer for $10 dolla! It's been crapping out on me forever, turns out it was just the door switch. No more hanging cloths to dry ftw.    Totally recommend the videos at PartSelect!    
The only things I don't like about Halloween is when people make it into a malicious holiday, instead of something fun for children and adults alike. 
Excited for our Halloween party this weekend, the cool fall weather that is letting me wear my favorite jackets and how nice the fireplace is inside at night. All things I forget how much I love during the summer months!
I am all for DIY, it takes a lot of time and effort but the money saved and the satisfaction of a job well done is all worth the effort. I do a lot of stuff around the house and yard such as building our back deck this summer and renovating our kitchen. It would take a different type of skill and patience I think to start making my own clothing but I think I would enjoy it. How did you get started?
  Hi I’m new here. I joined because I am looking to become a little more knowledgeable in the area of clothing and style. I want to will be able to teach my two strapping sons a little somethin’ somethin’ some day I would love to take my wife out to dinner sometime and surprise her with my incredible style sense  
Great points. If we were all born and raised in a different country under different cultural norms I'm sure our choice of clothing and our since of what is "normal" attire would be completely different. Culture shapes us as individuals in every aspect of our lives so of course it plays a major role in affecting the clothes we wear.
I am out and running at around 6:30 am. I go for a quick run about 25 mins and run 3 miles.
I am liking the jeans. In the business world I am hopping that a more casual dress such as yours begins to become the norm. Thanks for the inspiration!
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