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The cobbler just lops off the first layer of your heel and shaves a bit of your sole to put on the vibram anyway. So as long as you don't wear the heel down past the first layer it should be fine.
Ah, I'm actually very unfamiliar with Donkey Leather so I removed it from the 'ranking'. Wasn't aware that it wasn't stretchy. Included bison which is just about the same as horse, but with grain.
  I personally haven't had any experience with them, but the guys at Sartorialoft, Archive, Atelier, Darklands and Wikipedia say that Kangaroo is thin which makes it very malleable and buttery soft and the layout of the fibers makes the tensile strength the strongest of the leathers.   This is also in relation to the way Guidi cuts the various leathers.   The list definitely isn't reversed. Horse is not stretchier than calf in my experience.
I pre-ordered, I trust your expertise, and I favor durability in a daypack so calfskin sounds great.
  Stretchiest to Least Stretchy: Deer Calf Donkey Bison Horse Cordovan Kangaroo   Thinnest to Thickest: Kangaroo Deer Calf Donkey Bison Horse Cordovan   (Donkey, Bison, and Horse are essentially the same except that Donkey has a shiny quality and Bison has a much more visible grain to its leather) I wear a 42. All A1923 are stiff. They break-in and mold to your foot, but you have to put in the effort for a break-in period. Up to the customer whether that's a viable...
So I was playing around with my clothes the other day...   PAIR 1: 1. Kanye West (I feel like white jeans or a white jacket would've made this more in his line) [[SPOILER]] 2. SuFu   PAIR 2: 1. Try to wear red and green without looking like Xmas 2. Punk/Monochrome/Avant-Garde/GN
Bottom heavy?   If anything, I would say it makes me look top heavy since now the bottom is all slim against the legs tapering into the boots and the top is a drapey tee. 
Look great closeup (in my experience):   Balenciaga multi-media sneaks KVA Mummy sneaks CPs RAF Astros Ann D leather sneaks
The fit is great. I wear 43 in Guidi 991 and these in 42.   Slimmer than usual A1923 laceups with bulbous toes. Definitely close to CCP zips in terms of fit and style.   As cool as the seamless ones sound, I really like the details of these sidezips. The details help to emphasize that roughness of A1923 that I like. It veers away from the clean seamless uppers of Guidi zip boots or the other A1923 backzips in the past which felt a bit too plain to me.   These have horse...
Saved up quite a bit for these:          General silhouette:    
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