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This question may have been asked before, but does anyone have experience with attachment leather?   Any comments on durability/thickness/fit?   EDIT: Nvm, found info in previous posts, ignore question
I just want to find out whether there will be a laceup tall boot that I like more in SS14 than this fall's shell cordovan offering. Between A1923's SS14 offerings and IS stepping up their footwear as of late, it's so hard to choose!   Edit: Not to mention the CCP Tornado vs A1923 zip boots decision! 
TOJ Daypack V2   Black thick and beautiful suede and tough calf bottom, very rugged and yet luxe overall   Honestly, I just don't want a backpack and don't particularly want this one either. I ordered it long long ago and was late in cancelling my order so here it is.   Completely unused, only taken out of packaging to take product photos.   Just asking what I paid. Get it quick and avoid the TOJ wait.   Includes shipping CONUS. Extra for International.
SS 14?
They stretch in width A LOT. Not like "Oh it'll stretch a bit". It'll be like "well damn, took 2 weeks of consistent wear, but this feels like a sexy leather sock now". Up to you.
Label Under Construction SS10 Washi sz 48   Partially cotton lined Dark faded gray with slight brown tinge   Bought from Sufu member, but was measured wrong so they fit too big on me. In decent condition. Just trying to make back what I lost. Unworn by me. Unsure of previous history.   Measurements: 16.5'' waist 12'' thigh width 7'' leg opening 33'' inseam 10'' front rise   Retail: $1300 Asking for is reasonable shipped CONUS, extra for international.
Does it bother anyone else that some panels from the new MMM velcros are 'technical fibers' and not leather?  
Could you give me details on those? I kinda really really want them... Thanks! 
WM stuff is hit or miss for me. I want like 4-5 rings and one necklace to hold the rings I'm not wearing that day and then just mess with permutations of amount of rings I wear on my hands.   Will probably cost upwards of $800 
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