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I've heard that depending on the leather, lace-up vs zip it ranges from sizing 1-2 sizes up.   I'm a US9/42 and my 43s fit, what I would describe as 'just right' with a bit of room in the toe and the rest is tight until it broken in and stretched to comfortable.   Had to actually switch to hiking boot (thicker) socks once it broke-in to get a better fit. 
Pretty simple: -Get camera+ app or whatever timer camera app of your choosing -Find some flat surface (waist to chest height preferable) -Face phone to where you'll be standing -Set timer to take picture -Stand in pose of your choice -Stop making excuses   Optional multipliers: -Capture entire body in shot -Take picture in good natural lighting -Look comfortable in clothes -Add other SF member to picture -Photoshop in explosions -Be bows1
A1923/Augusta Double Zip Horse Boots Black sz 42   Sold out everywhere in this size.   Worn for 1 day on office carpet and smooth concrete. Like new.Not even close to being broken-in. 10/10. Too loose for me, really really sad to let go. Beautiful horse leather on the front and reversed culatta on the back with antiqued zippers.   Outsole Length: 31cm   I'm a true size 42. Wear: 43 in Guidi 10 Nike Free 9 Converse Chucks 43 Margiela...
Starting to regret my purchase of mine in a size 42...   Going to put it up for sale on BST and try to acquire a size 41 once I've saved up enough again...
Went dancing, hiking, jumping in puddles, playing on the jungle gym in Guidis and dancing in Balenciagas.   If NicelyNice can do, I can too 
Thanks! This is probably the greatest praise.   It helps that I wear this all outside on a regular basis and have started caring less about keeping things neat and clean. 
The cobbler just lops off the first layer of your heel and shaves a bit of your sole to put on the vibram anyway. So as long as you don't wear the heel down past the first layer it should be fine.
Ah, I'm actually very unfamiliar with Donkey Leather so I removed it from the 'ranking'. Wasn't aware that it wasn't stretchy. Included bison which is just about the same as horse, but with grain.
  I personally haven't had any experience with them, but the guys at Sartorialoft, Archive, Atelier, Darklands and Wikipedia say that Kangaroo is thin which makes it very malleable and buttery soft and the layout of the fibers makes the tensile strength the strongest of the leathers.   This is also in relation to the way Guidi cuts the various leathers.   The list definitely isn't reversed. Horse is not stretchier than calf in my experience.
I pre-ordered, I trust your expertise, and I favor durability in a daypack so calfskin sounds great.
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