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Kk, sounds good. Let me know either way.
It generally depends on how you like it to fit. I usually wear 41.5-42 and need a 42.5 in these since they stretch a good amount. My current black ones are the same cordovan and size and I had to double up on insoles. It sounds like if you only want thin insoles or no insoles then this would probably work out. The break-in period was about a week of snugness and then they stretched a lot and I went from needing one insole and a thin sock to needing two and a thick sock. I...
Yeah, he was doing it over the summer. I'm not sure if he's still doing it, but you can always contact him.
I understand. Thanks for the honest and helpful critique. I'm assuming then that if I replaced the boots with some simple zip boots, it would be more balanced.
I wish you could afford it too :]
Drop to $50!
Measurements posted
Devoa Anatomical Leather Gloves Black sz L BNWT   100% deer leather 70% wool 20% cashmere 10% nylon   Fits 7"-9" hand circumference   Asking includes shipping in CONUS. Extra for International.
Updated with own pictures of the piece
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