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I don't even...why would you...what were you, man...
What boots are these? They looks like Margiela, but I've never seen these before. 
I am 38.5'' chest, 17.5'' s2s and i wear the size 48, hope that helps.       yep, love it.
Without:     With:   Detail:   Geller Rick Uniqlo KvA
Damn, guess I'll have to pass and keep looking then.
I've been thinking about:   Ann D FW 2012   but it's soft-boiled wool, which I'm not sure how that feels. Is it like what most peacoats feel like?   Also, not sure if this will be very useful in LA considering it looks thick and quite warm.
Thanks, I'll toy around with AnnD stuff. The SA kinda took an angled pic so I'll have to get a better one next time. I have fallen into loving AnnD and looking at archived seasons and reading about her and her husband who apparently helps a lot with the men's side of things.   I used to have an issue with her work since it's been said that AnnD's quality and construction aren't great, but her concept is attractive and the clothes are incredibly attractive in motion and...
Starting to really enjoy the idea of AnnD.    AnnD Shirt + AnnD Blazer:   How's it look?
    That would've been awesome to try on.   Thanks for the advice and observations. I think I'm just not ready to have the very loose silhouette on me, quite yet. I'm getting there slowly, but the idea of creating volume around me and effectively shortening my proportions is very new. They definitely feel comfortable and the hakama pants did make me feel very "romantically traditional" if that makes sense. It's more my perception of standing out among the crowd that I'd...
Great for walking around, being comfy, and looking cool. Terrible for trying on pants. 
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