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If you are taking about the welt, that doesn't look like a defect.. that is a where the welt begins and ends...
JCrew PCTs today..   
The captoes on my amaretto horse hide boots are not real. It is just the captoe leather stitched over the vamp leather near the seam just like the Vibergs. I can actually see and feel where the vamp leather ends under the captoe. 
@conak just checked the listing and that is a steal at that price... they look like they are in great condition too.. just needed some elbow grease to shine them up.. 
Here you go..
People on reddit have reported getting the brown suede ones instead of regular brown leather. Even the description says suede upper.  
[[SPOILER]] The white specks should go with some treatment with VSC.. what size is your belt? I could take it off your hands if it is my size and you are returning. 
My friend got the black one and his is the same.. there was also something that looked like bloom, but in patches..What are you gonna do to make it work? Might ask him to try the same..
Checking to see if there is an interest in the Alden Men's straight tip boot, Plaza Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, 9.5D   I purchased these from B+M from the recent pre-order and now want something in a little more casual like the grant last.    Included with the boots:   Alden shoe bags Original shoe box   Price: $760 net to me plus shipping.
New sole from C &J. Could work well for some formal and business casual shoes.. Danite City
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