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Any suggestions for a light leather jacket similar to the Schott 654 but with a regular collar instead of a snap collar? Would really appreciate some recommendations.   
Love the boots.. Would have purchased these had I seen them before I bought my IRs.. Love the cleaner design of these a lot more than the captoe on the IRs
Are these Amber Harness? Seem to be holding up very well for two years of wear.. 
I only ordered mine a couple weeks ago.. So I think I have a long time to go before I receive mine.. Would love to see some broken in boots too.. Horse Hide if anybody has some nicely broken in..
Looking for a pair of Gustin Loomstate jeans preferably in 34 Slim. Also ok with a 34 Straight. Please let me know if you have a pair that you are trying to sell shipped to zip 55344, MN. 
For sale is a BRAND NEW pair of Gustin Super Heavy Slub, 34 slim. These are available now without the wait from of around 2 months usually from Gustin when available.    These have just been tried on but never worn or soaked as can be seen in the pictures.    Price: $105 shipped CONUS paid by Paypal gift. 
For sale are a pair of Alden for Brooks Brothers Shell Cordovan plain toe bluchers in Color 8. These are size 10D.  The shoes come in a generic box but I will include the shoe bags that were included with the shoes at the time of the purchase. Please see the pictures carefully. I looked to see for imperfections but could not find any. Shoe trees in the pictures are not included in the sale. These are on the M58 last and should fit true to size.  Please let me know if...
From what I see in the photograph those creases are perfectly normal for any boots in the vamp area. You should also realize that chromexcel creases a little more than other leathers but that should have no impact on the durability itself. 
Thank you for the response. I was also surprised at how creased the HH was in the recent pictures.. i am sure it has no effect on the durability of the leather, but I am not a big fan of those creases. That is also the reason I like my Red Wing IRs as the leather does not crease very much on those boots. Some other pictures of White's HH boots I had seen earlier were really nice even after a few months of wear with just some micro creases like you see on horse hide leather...
I am also curious why the change in leather too.. Was the HH from White's different from what you had with the Vibergs?
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