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Yup.. just be careful not to cut the stitch...
Thats nothing to worry about.. it is not even a defect but just how the boot is made..
Delicious indeed...
Thank you.. I just have a single midsole on these boots. It is just that the mini lug sole on the commando mini lug half sole is stitched on another layer of leather piece making it look like a double midsole.
My brown smooth BHs after a little cleaning.. When it is time to resole, I am going to get a lower profile sole on these.. Any idea if anybody can put a dainite sole on these?  
@SteveBarrus That is my pair which i sold due to getting the wrong size.. The HH leather is really nice.. 
Ken... These are the standard SDs in dress black, close trim, standard heel, celastic toe cap, black eyelets and hooks.. 
Here are my dress brown BHs after a little cleaning and an application of horse oil..
Finally wore my JCrew PCTs today to work. Had been wearing these for a couple hours at a time on carpet at home for a few days to break them in.. After much thought, I just went with my regular barrie size on these.. They are a little snug with heavy socks now but I expect them to fit nicely once the foot bed settles and the leather breaks in..      One in direct sunlight.. 
I am planning on getting a pair in amaretto. The leather should darken a little bit with wear as it is veg tanned. 
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