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Here is a picture of my pair..  love the boots.. only a little bigger than I how I prefer my boots to fit.. so listing them here for sale or trade for a smaller size..  These are 8.5E UK   Classified listing..   
For sale is a pair of BRAND NEW Crockett & Jones Dundee, brown shell cordovan, 335 last, 8.5E UK   I received these yesterday and the only reason for selling these is that they are a little big on my feet. I prefer my boots a little more snug..    Price: $900 net to me plus shipping.
I did exactly that and ordered 8.5E UK as I am a 9.5D US on the brannock.. still ended up being big.. I think 8E would have been perfect on this last for me..
Got my Dundees.. unfortunately they are half a size too big in 8.5E 😥.. anybody with a 8E looking to trade? Will be listing them here in B&S soon..
Got my shipping notice for the Dundee's too.. cannot wait to try them on as I still not sure if I got my size right.. 
@linafelt  It is the Mini Lug Commando Sole  
Yup.. just be careful not to cut the stitch...
Thats nothing to worry about.. it is not even a defect but just how the boot is made..
Delicious indeed...
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