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@pbrmhl I only have some experience with the Red Wing IRs  and wear the same size (9D) as the White's Semi Dress boots. 
Here is a recent pair of 7" Bounty Hunters in Brown smooth. I had asked Bakers to dye the mid sole Brown after they got these from White's, which I think they missed in trying to get these to me sooner. Planning on taking these to cobbler here to get that done as I think the natural mid sole is a little too bright for my liking. These boots are going to be replacing my Iron Rangers in Amber Harness.   
Question for anybody who got their SDs completely rebuilt or has knowledge about the complete rebuild of SDs. I understand that for the Smoke Jumpers and the Bounty Hunters, White's replaces everything except for the upper shaft. But with the SDs, the shaft and the heel is just one piece of leather. Does that mean White's will only replace the toe vamp leather on these?
@breck81 Beautiful pair. They should look even better once the natural edge darkens a little bit with use.. 
Not exact.. but the British Tan should work well. You could just ask White's to pick the lightest leather they have in that leather. 
For sale is a gently used Saddleback classic medium briefcase in Chestnut.    This was purchased from regular Saddleback stock and is not a Dave's deal bag. Please see the pictures for the condition of the bag. It is in absolutely great condition with just a few scratches here and there from the limited use it has seen. I have conditioned it with Chamberlain's Leather Milk as suggested by Saddleback. The keychain in the pictures is not included in the sale.    Please...
Yup.. Just the standard Brown horsehide. I used some VSC to shine them up before I took those pictures.. Funny thing is that I had these on eBay for over a month with some pictures from the original listing and nobody bought them. Then I updated the pictures and the boots sold in 24 hours..  Here is another pair of Brown HHs with some wear. They belong to specmvl on the Iron Heart forum.  
Here is a pair of Horse Hide SDs. I purchased these on eBay from the original owner earlier this year but sold them recently when I finally figured out my correct size in Whites.   Not sure if the quality of horse hide at White's has changed in recent times, but the leather on these is amazing. No creasing like CXL and the leather feels great.    I had also talked to the original owner and he said he chose this build to mimic the Wolverine 1Ks.        More Pictures
White's Dress Brown is very dark to begin with and only lightens a with use where the top layer of the leather begins wearing off. Here are some more pictures from this thread earlier that show the leather.    Post #885       Post #1183  
Found this on Reddit. Amazing how Dress Brown looks after you put in some wear and I am surprised that the single leather sole lasted 5 years on that guy..    5 Year Old White's Boots   Full Album  
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