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Those are my boots in the listing and I have those listed here too for a lower price considering I don't have any additional fees to pay here on SF.. Shipping is based off the package weight, dimensions and destination which I have no control over.
The insole might do the trick on my Dundees. Do you have the link to the one you got from C&J NY. Something that is cut for the last might be cleaner. 
The sizes on Barney's are US. For the 335 last, I had to go 1.5 sizes down from my US size to the UK size..I am a 9.5D on the brannock, wear the 8E UK on the 335. This sould translate to 9D on Barney's.. YMMV
Did you mean to say that the "Chelsea 5" boots in walnut hurricane are on the 335 last?
Double post..
Shell Dundees from the MTO
Yeah.. I have realized that too.. a 8E on these would have fit me perfect.. It is the same deal with the Islays on the 365 last.. I have those in 8.5E and also a tad big
Tried the Dundees with the superfeet dress insole. The fit is perfect now, but I am still conflicted about keeping these as I am not a big fan of insoles when the original insole is full grain leather.   
For sale are two Shell Cordovan belts from Brooks Brothers. Black and Burgundy. These are brand new and never worn.    Price: $190 each shipped CONUS. The price is net to me. Will ship internationally for the actual shipping price. 
Another one of my dyed BHs
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