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Are the Red Wing Harverters available in the US? Seems a very good choice for a winter boot with the vibram sole and the 8 inch height..      Some more information on denimhunters.com
For sale is a pair of White's Semi Dress (SD) Boots in Brown Horse Hide, Size 8.5E   These were worn around 5 times.   Item: White's Semi Dress Boots Leather: Horse Hide Color:  Brown Size: US 8.5E Celastic Toe Box: Single Leather Liner: Tan in Color Pull Loop:  No Eyelet Color:  Antique Eyelet Configuration:  Eyelets & Hooks Sole Trim:  Close Trim Sole: Single Leather Heel Shape:  Block Heel Height:  Minus 1/4 inch Midsole/Edge Color:  Brown Semi Dress Last The...
I have noticed that on a lot of whites. And I have also seen a few pairs where the height and the length of the heel counter was different between the left and right boots. Not sure why Whites does that..Should not be very difficult to stick to one proportion and do that for all pairs. I too like it when the heel counter does not cross over the upper. My Iron Rangers are that way and the proportions do look a lot more balanced.. 
I am in too.. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
What is the measured waist size? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
+1 for the shell Bayfields.. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
I don't think AE is sourcing any cappuchino shell anymore.. 
@gregornz Love the boots and the leather choice.. I changed the sole on my other pair of BHs from a Vibram 700 to a double leather after I saw your teaser picture. I am glad I made that change now after seeing more pictures.. 
I would go for the Shell Bayfield too.. :) Beautiful boot.. I might actually prefer it to the Eagle County.. 
Shell EC count back to 8 :( .. I remember seeing a 9 in there.. 
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