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Love the boots.. I have the same pair and would love it if that is how they turn out after a while..  What and when did you treat these with.. Also what laces are those??
Have not idea if the round ones are from Bakers or Whites..
Yup the flat laces that come with the SDs are really bad.. I have switched over to these waxed laces that I bought on eBay and actually love them. They are the same ones on the boots here as I was trying them on..  
The lace on the left boot are leather and on the right boot are Brown nylon.. Both came with my pair when I got them from Bakers..
Here is a picture after I a little Obenauf's... I did that only because I wanted the boots in a darker shade.. Don't mind the different lace on each boot.. Was just trying to see what I liked better..  
Thank you... What is the black plastic bag trick? 
Here is my pair that I just received..    Specs   Baker's Custom Bounty Hunter by White's Boots  Leather Liner: Cream Size - Length: 9 Height: 6" Toe Cap: No Thanks Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe Toe Vamp Leather: Red Dog Smooth Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter) Hardware: Antique Eyes & Hooks Heel Base: Standard Steel Toe: No Thanks Size - Width: D (medium) Heel Lifts: Standard Toe Cap Leather Color: Does not apply Top: Cut Top (standard) Midsole: Single Lace...
At close to $950 after shipping.. The black shell cordovan SDs on eBay sold for a lot more than I was expecting them to go for.. Just curious if the winning bidder is on here?
Let it be.. Such a nice pair is bound to get a lot of views and interest..  
My friend was eyeing those.. Now that you posted it here, I am gonna ask him to drop off as I think it is going to drive up the price.. :(
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