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Ken... These are the standard SDs in dress black, close trim, standard heel, celastic toe cap, black eyelets and hooks.. 
Here are my dress brown BHs after a little cleaning and an application of horse oil..
Finally wore my JCrew PCTs today to work. Had been wearing these for a couple hours at a time on carpet at home for a few days to break them in.. After much thought, I just went with my regular barrie size on these.. They are a little snug with heavy socks now but I expect them to fit nicely once the foot bed settles and the leather breaks in..      One in direct sunlight.. 
I am planning on getting a pair in amaretto. The leather should darken a little bit with wear as it is veg tanned. 
How is this compared to the house hide Truman offered earlier.. Of the two which one did you like better?
Looking for some sizing advice. I am a 9.5D brannock and with medium socks the shell JCrew PCT boots in 9D fit snug but not painful in anyway.. The 9.5D on the other hand fits very comfortable like a broken in shoe should fit after some wear.. Can a expect the 9Ds to stretch a tiny bit with wear? I am just afraid the 9.5Ds will be a little too big after a little wear.. Any help appreciated..
For sale is a pair of BRAND NEW JCrew Alden Shell Cordovan PCT Boots, Barrie, Color 8, 9.5D   These are new only purchased last week. Had a topy applied to these ($45) only yesterday.    Price: $625 net to me plus shipping.
@atia2 Thank you for chimng in. The Peal and Co boots are on the 240 last. 
Trying to decide between the C &J dark brown Skye and the Peal & Co burgundy cordovan boots. Apart from these, I have the J Crew PCT boots in Color 8 and am also on the current brown Dundee GMTO.    The Skye and Peal & Co boots are similar in price. Both have a dainite sole I prefer. If I had to choose one that will go well with chinos and jeans alike, what would that be?   I am leaning towards the Skye but I am a not certain of my sizing in the 335 last (I went with...
Delete.. wrong thread.. 
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