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Sorry.. copied the details from another posting.. updated now..
For sale is a pair of LIKE NEW Alden Men's Shell Cordovan straight tip boot, Barrie Last, 4075H, Black, 9D I have worn these once after I got them and had the topy put on. Then had to send these back to Alden to fix an issue with the heel coming off. They went on and replaced both the heels on the boots. As you can see in the pictures, these are like new. I am selling these just to get some boots on the plaza last. I should have the box somewhere. Will update this listing...
Here are some more pictures of the Ameretto horse hide boots. Finally decided to hold on to these as these are really nice boots and the fit on me is perfect.. Will start putting some miles on these in the next few months.    The jeans in the pictures are the secret denim from Ciano Farmer.       
I cannot wait until the day my PCTs look like these. Your pictures were the reason I purchased mine..
Quick question. How difficult would it be to convert the top four eyelets on these boots to speed hooks? Would that cause issues as some boots have eyelets and hooks placed a little differently in terms of spacing?   Thank you..   
Harlechs in brown cordovan
Just received these.. Harlechs in brown cordovan..Took a chance in 8E on these as the Skye 2s fit me great in the same size.. These are a little more snug than I like, but I am sure that these will fit great once the shoes break in and the foot bed settles a bit..
Thank you.. would prefer something with speedhooks..
Also in search of a black shell cordovan boot on the plaza last in sure 9.5D. Would prefer a cap-toe or a wingtip of that exists.. Thank you..
One of my JCrew PCTs in the snow..
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