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[[SPOILER]] The brown on the dundees looks closer to cigar than brown.. 
First wear. Alden 4065s.   
Another of the Dundee.. this is indoors
How exactly is the Lindrick pattern different from the Skye 2 pattern?
For sale is a pair of Alden Men's Captoe boot, Grant Last, 4060HC, Color 8 Shell Cordovan, 9D   I purchased these to test out the sizing on the grant last. I think I am a 9.5D on the grant last. So these have to go. Very light wear. Still look great with the amazing shell cordovan shine..   These are from Alden of DC with the speedhooks on the top and a commando sole.    Included with the boots:   Alden shoe bags Original shoe box   Price: $565 net to me plus...
Cross post from the C&J MTO
Brown cordovan Dundees in my correct size..
How about one more then..
Here is my pair of Ameretto horse hide with a little over a week wear and an application of VSC..
That cut in the leather is reason enough for a return.. Also, the soles look really suspicious.. like someone deliberately tried to rough them up a bit. An honest seller should take these back. You can always go the item not as described route if the seller doesn't want to work with you
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