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That might be a record.. Please post some pictures when you get them. I put my order in on the 10th of July and really hope my pair ships out in the next 10 days.. That would be awesome.. 
It is amazing how close the design of the bags are between Chartermade and Bexar.. It is Bridle leather that Chartermade uses too?
I had also contacted Brian for a resole for my Iron Rangers and he quoted $275 + $15 for shipping. Reasonable for the work he does, however I did not go through with it as my IRs themselves cost that much and they were still not yet due for a resole. 
My experience with White's has been that the Brannock measurement is quite useless as I had to size down a full size for my SDs and BHs. You might have also noticed that a lot of others sized down half to one full size in their boots. Your best bet is to get your tracings sent to White's or Baker's and have them give you a size. That way the fit is guaranteed. Also from what I have read, the Smoke Jumper last (4811) has the highest arch followed by the SD (55) last. 
Sure.. 5'9" and 40 inches chest and 32 inches waist. 
For sale is a BRAND NEW Aero Teamster in Brown Front Quarter Horse Hide. This is a jacket that I am listing for a friend of mine as it is a little too big for him. I would have kept it, but I myself am looking to get a Sheene or a Highwayman and cannot justify another jacket.    Here are the measurements.    Chest: 22 in Shoulder: 18 in Sleeve: 25 Back: 27   The jacket is lined with 100% Wool Tartan and there are no interior pockets.  Please let me know if you...
Here is my new order that I just placed with Bakers Shoes.    Baker's Custom Bounty Hunter by White's Boots  Leather Liner: Cream Size - Length: 9 Height: 6" Toe Cap: No Thanks Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe Toe Vamp Leather: Red Dog Smooth Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter) Hardware: Brass Eyes & Hooks Heel Base: Standard Steel Toe: No Thanks Size - Width: D (medium) Heel Lifts: Standard Toe Cap Leather Color: Does not apply Top: Cut Top (standard) Midsole:...
I actually like the Red Dog Bull Hide very much. Is Bull Hide a hard leather too? I actually thought it would be comfortable but not as hard wearing as the Red Dog..  Also BuildaBoot has Red Dog Smooth and Red Dog Oiled. I am guessing it is the same leather. Am I right.. 
Thank you.. Cool website to try out the different features of the boots. However the colors on the website are not even close to the actual colors of the leathers Whites offers. 
What are some good leathers that would go well as the leather for the upper shaft on the Red Dog BHs. I wanted something a little more comfortable on the top but at the same time something that is long lasting like the Red Dog. How about Brown Chromexcel or Brown Dress?   I love @andy b. 's boot below but looking to see if there were others that were good.   
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