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For sale is a BRAND NEW Satchel & Page, Slim Mailbag.    Here is the description from Satchel & Page   A slimmer version of our Mailbag, designed for those who carry light. Inspired by US Postal Service mailbags from the early 1900s.  Lifetime warranty 6-8 oz., rich brown, full-grain vegetable tanned leather. Hot stuffed with oils and waxes for a unique, rugged look. Custom made by the tannery for us and you. Interior compartment for laptop, pockets for...
Here is post #3488 with some pictures of worn in HHs. I think @linafelt was referrering to these pictures when he responded to you earlier. The leather on these might just be a result of some bad clicking..  Also another post #3843 with my black HH boots that I ended up selling due to sizing issues.
For sale is a pair of BRAND NEW ALDEN  Unlined Chukka Boot in Dark Brown Suede 1492, 9.5D, Leydon Last   These are new seconds. I have looked over the boots and have not found any flaws with the boots.  ​ Price: $385 net to me plus shipping.
Thanks guys.. Will do that.. 
Have been wearing my BHs for around 3-4 days for a little over 7 months. Have held extremely well.. Just wondering if it is time to get the heels replaced on these yet? Also any suggestions for sandals with a good arch support and are long lasting..   
I wear my SDs a lot and the BHs sometimes with Dockers slim fit chinos all the time.. Granted they are not as sleek as a dress boot, but I have a lot of people compliment them.. You can also make the boots a little sleeker by not having a cap toe, selecting a thinner leather, lowering block heels and going with thinner soles (leather, Vibram 269 etc..) I would however never wear these boots with formal dress pants..
@Ricky H If that is a tear in the lining, it would only get worse with wear. However it should be an easy fix for any competent cobbler. 
Cleaned the black and the smooth brown pairs. Applied a tiny bit of cream polish at the end and these turned out great..   
Anybody have some recommendations for some really good 44" flat waxed laces for the SDs? I have tried these from eBay but have not been very satisfied..    Thanks.. 
@Roguls great choice for a pair..    I finally was able to take my BHs to a local cobbler to have the heels sanded closer to the boot. Very happy with how these turned out and well worth the $12 I spent. Now to get these into rotation with my brown smooth BHs.   
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