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@niktak11 Just one data point, but I wear the same size in the SD and the Iron Rangers, 9D.
[[SPOILER]] How did you get so much wear on the SDs in just a year.. They look awesome btw.. I have been wearing my BHs for a little over a year and they are very comfortable, but they don't look like yours.. 
@s1rrah why is the heel counter on your bottom left boot so dark compared to the rest of the boot?
For sale is a really nice pair of AE Patriot loafers, size 9D. These are in really nice condition. A nice alternative to the Alden LHS in a color similar to Cigar.   Will ship these in a regular box as I do not have the original box.    Price: $199 net to me plus shipping. 
Any interest in a yet to receive Gustin Japan 21s, 32 Slim?? I recently received my pair of secret denim from Ciano and these fit great on me. I currently do not see the need for another pair in the same weight class.  I can still change the shipping address and would like to see if there is any interest in these. You should be receiving these in the next week going by Gustin's update Let me know. $121 net to me shipped CONUS.  Cheers.
For sale is a pair of Wolverine 744 limited edition 1000 mile boots, Size 9D    These appear to be seconds but the boots are in great condition with no more than 3-5 wears as can be seen from the original soles. Please see the pictures for condition. These do come with the box in the pictures.     Price: $459 net to me plus shipping.
For sale is a pair of BRAND NEW Alden Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Boots 45148HC, Barrie, Color 8, 9.5D   These are new seconds. I have looked over the boots and have not found any flaws except for the one dark spot on the leather on the left boot on the vamp.    The boots come in the regular white Shoemart box.  ​ Price: $630 net to me plus shipping.
Sent you a PM too.. Cheers. 
@linafelt  Here is my pair. BHs with commando mini lug half soles and antique eyes and hooks. The only thing I'd do different is go either toe cap or celastic toe box and not both. Having both makes the front a little bulbous like the RW Beckman boots. I was hoping it might work with the dress leather as it is thinner than the smooth leathers.      And a picture of my Brown Smooth BHs, my most comfortable pair..   
That really helped me when I watched it.. It is amazing how much stronger the knot is and it also looks great.. 
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