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Do you guys have any recommendations for light wash denim that fits with the EG aesthetic?
 I went 1/2 size down. My size 9.5 EG x Vans are the exact same length as my size 10 Authentics, and slightly wider. If you go down a full size for a narrower fit, you may run into length issues.
 What shirt is that?
Anyone know what the sizing is like on the Ground Pant?
What's the sizing like on the Type 6 Jean? I'm a S in Ghurka and Fatigues, and a 32 in Cinch Pants.
I can't specifically speak for the Knockabout Shorts, but my experience has been S=32, M=34. I'd recommend the Medium.
Anyone know what the weight is like on the dark navy chino twill cinch pants? Wearable in Spring/Summer?
What about the camp shirts? Any advice on sizing?
The removable buttons are back on the Bedfords. Think that's just going to be a FW thing from now on?
Two, as well. 9901 and 975.
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