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Which collar is on the blue before-dinner with regular arms?
Mauro, do all of the popovers have button-down collars? One in the video had a spread collar.
Hey Mauro, do the blue before-dinner popovers have a button-down collar? The photo shows them with one, but in the video there's a lavender before-dinner with a spread collar. 
Yeah, the scoops are preventing me from ever getting their shirts.
 What size is that?
So is that second, lighter picture a different jacket?
I can't decided whether to get the Doyle in Navy Overdyed Kaihara Denim or Navy Duck Canvas. Anyone who has seen both in person have a preference?   Also, which one is darker?   The Denim one appears darker in the photos on the website:       But, I found this posted earlier here that shows it looking much lighter:     Are these the same jacket?
Anyone have more fit pics of the chinos?
 How did the fit differ?
Does anyone have pictures of the Chinos in Olive? I want to see how they look in different light compared to the website.
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