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So is that second, lighter picture a different jacket?
I can't decided whether to get the Doyle in Navy Overdyed Kaihara Denim or Navy Duck Canvas. Anyone who has seen both in person have a preference?   Also, which one is darker?   The Denim one appears darker in the photos on the website:       But, I found this posted earlier here that shows it looking much lighter:     Are these the same jacket?
Anyone have more fit pics of the chinos?
 How did the fit differ?
Does anyone have pictures of the Chinos in Olive? I want to see how they look in different light compared to the website.
The olive chinos look more like a forrest green--different than the swatch posted last month. Is it just the lighting?
Sweet. Looking forward to thicker tees.
How did you size the Doyle?
Is there an ETA on Doyle restock in Olive?
1) I'm 5'10 with a 36" chest. Should I go with a size 36 Doyle?   2) Any restocks coming for the Olive Duck Canvas Doyle?
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