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So, if my heal-to-ball measurement is a 12 (10D heal-to-toe), shouldn't the ball of my foot be way ahead of the widest point of a 9.5D Barrie? Surprisingly, it aligns perfectly with the widest of the shoe.
Saw that Nomad got some new drops, but all I could think about was how does something like this happen?  
I think the Loiter looks best when treated more like an overshirt than a blazer.   My Navy Geo Jacquard Loiter is probably my favorite EG piece to date. I went with my normal size, and while it measures larger than other jackets, it doesn't appear oversized—it has a nice casual vibe.  
Did you get hit with any customs fees?
Will Tropical Wool shrink or fade when dry cleaned?
I haven't seen it in person—that was just based on pictures I've seen.
Yeah, the backwards watch face makes it kind of awkward to actually, you know, read time.
There's a 1/2 size difference between my left and right foot (9.5d vs 10d) and I'm trying to pinpoint my Barrie size. For those of you in the same boat (only a half size difference between feet), how did you size the Barrie?
Meant to post this here instead of the fit thread:   Received my EG Vans today. This size down 1/2 rule holds true—they're a 9.5 and fit identically to my size 10 regular authentics. I'm a 10d brannock for reference.
Yup. I'm a 10d brannock.Sorry, meant to post this in the SS16 thread.
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