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 How much did it shrink? And did you wash cold and hang dry?
Popover arrived today and it's pretty sick. Hope to see the lavender and some additional colors in the before-dinner fit.     The blue before-dinner actually has a spread collar, not button-down. I thought I'd prefer the button-down, but having now tried the spread, it would be my first choice for this type of shirt.
Do you have an ETA on the EPLA chambrays? Also, what colors and patterns will there be?
Which collar is on the blue before-dinner with regular arms?
Mauro, do all of the popovers have button-down collars? One in the video had a spread collar.
Hey Mauro, do the blue before-dinner popovers have a button-down collar? The photo shows them with one, but in the video there's a lavender before-dinner with a spread collar. 
Yeah, the scoops are preventing me from ever getting their shirts.
 What size is that?
So is that second, lighter picture a different jacket?
I can't decided whether to get the Doyle in Navy Overdyed Kaihara Denim or Navy Duck Canvas. Anyone who has seen both in person have a preference?   Also, which one is darker?   The Denim one appears darker in the photos on the website:       But, I found this posted earlier here that shows it looking much lighter:     Are these the same jacket?
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