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Is there an ETA on the EPLA chambray?
I'm trying to figure out how dark the Navy Duck Canvas Doyle jacket is. Some of the product photos are darker, while others are much lighter. Which more accurately depicts the actual color?   or  
I feel like the Gustin shirts would be an amazing value if they fixed the hem.   They say "The length hits just right so it looks great tucked or untucked. Scooped out sides give the untucked look a bit of extra style", which I think is totally wrong.   It curves up way too high on the sides, which means it's too short to tuck in, but looks goofy when untucked because the front and back are so long. Also, when wearing it untucked, the sides will likely come up above...
Is it just me or does every top (shirts to jackets) seem about 0.5"-1" too narrow in the shoulders?
When is the next newsletter? 
The slimmer cut of the Free Ways is a huge improvement over the New Ways, but there is still a comical amount of pocket flare, even when sizing up. This seems to be a design flaw in all of Outlier's bottoms.
 How much did it shrink? And did you wash cold and hang dry?
Popover arrived today and it's pretty sick. Hope to see the lavender and some additional colors in the before-dinner fit.     The blue before-dinner actually has a spread collar, not button-down. I thought I'd prefer the button-down, but having now tried the spread, it would be my first choice for this type of shirt.
Do you have an ETA on the EPLA chambrays? Also, what colors and patterns will there be?
Which collar is on the blue before-dinner with regular arms?
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