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 They look great in that fit. What size did you get and what is your Brannock size?
Nepenthes told me they run a little big, but not big enough to warrant sizing down if you're a whole size (since they only offer whole sizes). I'm a 10D US Brannock and went with a 9 UK.My navy pair arrives Monday, so I'll report back then with my thoughts on sizing. Also have a black and green pair coming later in the week...I guess I went a little overboard.
 Even fully cinched?
Has anyone tried sizing up on the Cinch Pant yet, or see if the Willy Post Pant is a little less tapered from the knee down?
 I just received my Loiter in Navy Diamond Jacquard size medium today and it fits the same as last season. I'm 5'10, 155lbs with a 38" chest. I could fit into a small, but IMO, the Loiter looks best with a relaxed fit. With a 42" chest, I feel like a large would be your best bet, but the sleeves and body may be a little long.
 Which fabric did you get your 19th C in? The measurements and model photos of the plaid ones seem like they run large. For example, the TBB model is 6' tall with a 40" chest and this is what a medium looks like on him:  [[SPOILER]]  I'm a little smaller than him at 5'10, 155lbs with a 38" chest and I go with a medium in all shirting and outerwear, with the occasional exception (e.g. a certain fabric of the same style shirt may run a size large). Also, everything from FW15...
Anyone know how the 19th C plaid shirts fit this season? I'm typically a medium in shirting, but some of the measurements I'm seeing posted (e.g. 22" P2P vs the typical ~21" for a medium) have me wondering if I should go with a small.
What is your height/weight? 
Can anyone that was able to get a pair of the EG Docs comment on sizing? 
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