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What fabric is that Andover?
I have a pair of the SS15 Ghurka Shorts in Navy Tropical Wool and I agree with you—awesome fabric, a little thin, but they've held up fine. I actually decided to complete the Khaki Iridescent Suit instead. I've had the Cinch Pants for a while and just picked up the Andover. Should be a nice Summer suit.
Anyone have thoughts on this season's Tropical Wool Suit (Andover + Cinch Pants)? Navy or Grey?
How much longer are the Bamboo tees this time around? The size chart doesn't seem to reflect any changes.
It varies from season to season. This season, they have a drawstring waist and S/M/L sizing. Last season, they had cinch tabs and numbered sizing.
Looks like a rounded collar shirt I recently machined washed is also tagged as hand wash only. It seems fine, so I think I'll stick to machine washing the others (cold + delicate cycle in a delicates bag). 
And even the Chambray Banded Collar shirt says hand wash only, while the Work Shirt in the same fabric says machine wash.
I was about to wash my Paisley Banded Collar shirt and I noticed that the care tag says to hand wash cold only. Is this safe to put on a cold delicate cycle in washing machine?
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