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My Color 8 Shell LWBs came in today from TSM. Upon quick inspection, I noticed what appears to be a scuff. Should I send it back or this normal?  
Same here. Hoping for some new slip-ons.
Gave mine another look. Based on what I'm seeing on the inside of the pant leg, it looks like EG hemmed them first, then cuffed them. So, I think a tailor should be able to remove the thread where it was hemmed, move the hem up a bit, then re-sew the cuff. Based on the amount of fabric I see folded inside, it also looks like a tailor could lower the hem several inches if they were too short. Does that look possible with yours?
Has anyone ever tried to shorten the length of their cinch pants? I'd like to bring mine up maybe 1.5" while keeping that sewn-in cuff. My initial guess would be opening the cuff, hemming the pant, then re-sewing a new cuff of the same size. However, looking inside the leg, the stitching changes once you get above the cuff which might complicate things. Is this something a tailor can pull off?
 What are your thoughts on that bask shirt? I've been hesitant to pick one up because I feel like the wide neck opening would look odd on me. Also, how is the weight and breathability of the fabric?
Is the Java Cloth a knit or woven? It's hard to tell by looking at it.
So, what's the consensus on the visibility of the pattern on the Java Cloth? In the picture above, it looks fairly visible, but earlier in the thread there were complaints about it being completely indiscernible.   Also, what's the weight like?
My J.Crew Color 8 LWBs came in today. No signs of wear, but the shoe box was packed in a larger box with nothing holding the lid on, and the uppers seem really misshaped—like one side of each shoe is pressed inward from how they were stored.   I'm thinking I'll return these and stick with TSM.
 What's the sizing on Charles Pant like? I'm a small in this season's Ghurka short and Fatigue Pant, and a 32 in the Cinch Pant.
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