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Really nice fit. What size are those?
Will the blazers go by chest size or S, M, L, etc?
From what I understand, the overdyes and #1-#6 chambrays all came out too large due to overcompensation for shrinkage, but those should be it. I have the Donegal Chambray and about 10 other WvG shirts and they're all sized normally.
Any blazers on the horizon?
My blue and white pre-order OCBDs arrived today.    Initial observations:   - Definitely on the thinner, dressier end of the spectrum - The best collar roll I've seen on a shirt to date - They're Small BD and fit exactly like the standard Small BD size (not larger like the previous run of overdyes) - Will look great when paired with a casual blazer or sweater
Mauro, will the blazers have high armholes?
Anyone having issues with the low armholes on the Bedford? My navy twill came in today, and it fits perfectly everywhere, with the exception being the low armholes. One I lift my arms there's a good deal of pulling, especially if buttoned (just the middle button).
How does the sizing on the low-top trainers compare to CP Achilles Low?
What's the sizing like on the trainers? I don't have any Epaulet footwear as a point of reference, but I'm a 10 in Vans. 
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