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I was looking at getting a pair of Shoes Like Pottery sneakers. What's the sizing like?
Anyone have the Engineered Jacket? I'm looking at the one in Olive Ripstop and was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on it.
Cool. We're the same size.
What's the sizing like on the EG flip flops?
I spilled only a few drops of beer on my blazer, and after about 15 minutes the wet spot dried up on its own and left no stain or smell. Do I need to take this to the cleaners?
I was looking into conditioner/cleaners that use orange oil as the solvent, and come across two:   1) http://glenkarencare.com/ 2) http://www.petripolish.com/   GlenKaren is a SF member's product, so there's a thread here about it, but there hasn't been any discussion regarding it in about a year now.    Petri Polish is a very similar product, and is also a small operation (one person I believe), though Rancourt actually stocks it. I couldn't find any reviews or...
 Actually, before I throw this thing in the wash, I wanted to get some input on whether or not I actually need to wash it. A few drops of beer were spilled on it. It left a wet spot for about 15 minutes, then dried up without leaving a stain or smell. It looks and smells like it never happened, but I'm wondering if there could be any long term issues not cleaning it.
Thanks! On that topic...could I also get away with washing a tropical wool garment in that manner, or is that strictly dry clean only?
The Navy Twill Baker says "Hand Wash" on the care tag. Could I get away with machine washing it on a cold delicate cycle in a delicates bag, or is that not recommended?
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