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Should the knit blazer be hung or folded (like other knits)?
I only see the grey.
I've been wearing this shirt since last Summer and it is by far my favorite WvG item. Super lightweight and cool, and honestly, not that see-through. I hate see-through shirts and have no problem with this one. That shirt, along with the Cotton-Linen Popover, Blue Strip Cotton Gauze, and Tencel Plaid are my go-to shirts when it's hot as balls out. I hope you bring back more of these lightweight fabrics (and more popovers in general). Maybe some floral prints too.
I have two tencel shirts—neither have shrunk any noticeable amount. Wash cold, hang dry.
Do you know when the Blazers will go live?
I would go by the description, not the photo. You'll also see some shirts say AD when they're BD (and vice versa) on photos of the collar.
It looks like there's some in stock in Monkey Arms (longer in the body and arms): http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/sale/products/amunzen-blue-popover-after-dinner-monkey-arms If ends up being too long, you could always take it to a tailor to get it hemmed and the arms shortened. The shirt is still a steal even when adding tailoring costs.
That shirt was from last fall. I have the popover and it's an absolutely sick shirt—really one of a kind. I hope Mauro brings back that fabric at some point.
Is the newsletter for the blazers going out today?
How sheer is the white tee?
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