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Independence Chicago lists the measurements of that BDU as:   Small P2P: 21" Shoulder: 18" Length: 28"   Medium P2P: 22" Shoulder: 18.5" Length: 29"   Seems pretty big.
The main affiliate thread is locked. Anyone know what's going on?
What's the general consensus on Post Overalls and their BDU Jackets? I was thinking of picking up this piece in Brushed Navy Twill:    
What's the weight like on the Outback Canvas Fatigues compared to the SS15 Khaki/Navy twill ones?
What is the sizing like on the Ghurka shorts for SS15? One person in this thread said they measure slightly smaller than TTS, while another said 2" larger in the waist.
Do SS15 workshirts fit smaller than current ones?
I'm 5'11 ~160 with a 38" chest. Am I a S or M in EG shirting? Measurements vary greatly depending on the store.
Most sites are listing the Outback Canvas Fatigues as TTS—is this with the side button tabs buttoned or unbuttoned? I have a 33" waist and am trying to decide between the 32 and 34.
I played around with the drawstring a bit more. The shorts stay up without it tied—they just feel looser than I'm used to, and if I pull on the waistband there's a good amount of extra space. However, the shorts look like a good fit at the waist visually, and none of the extra space is visible unless I pull on the waistband. I'm probably just not used to the EG fit.
Do you mean you picked the size that had your measurements, or you went one size below that? My waist is 33.5". The online measurements for a Medium is 33" at the waist, and 31" for a small. I was concerned that the Medium would be too small based on those measurements, but in reality it's like 2 inches too large.
New Posts  All Forums: