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How did you size the Doyle?
Is there an ETA on Doyle restock in Olive?
1) I'm 5'10 with a 36" chest. Should I go with a size 36 Doyle?   2) Any restocks coming for the Olive Duck Canvas Doyle?
Do you wash them before tailoring? Wondering how much shrinkage to expect...
Any shorts coming out this season?
Anyone having discomfort from the rise?    I noticed inside the pants, there's another 1/4" or so seam that sticks up along the crotch. This means the rise measurement, as typically taken from the outside, isn't totally accurate since there's more fabric sticking up inside, resulting in less room in the crotch.    I sized the waist so it's comfortable standing up, but is snug when sitting down (even more so in the crotch). Should I size up in the waist and wear them...
This. I can see a skinny tapered fit consistently outselling the other two combined. 
How heavy are the overdye fabrics? The colors look awesome, but I'm worried I won't get many opportunities to wear them in this 90 degree heat.    Looking forward to more SS shirts!
Anyone have fit pics of the new safari/officer shorts?
 How sheer is that fabric compared to that used in the roll neck tees?
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