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 Looks like you'd be better off ordering from the US or Japan.
Anyone familiar with Nanamica? Styling seems similar to EG.
 What's the sizing like on those Novestas?
Nepenthes has it:
Based on the photos and measurements listed by some Japanese stockists, the Willy Post Pant appears to have a looser fit in the bottom block when compared to the Cinch Pant:   Cinch Pant - Hem Width 16cm (Size 32):   Willy Post Pant - Hem Width 17cm (Size 32):  
I like the cut too, but not sold on the tracksuit stripes.
 Size 32. I'm a 32 or Small in all EG bottoms. The SS16 Cinch Pant fit me perfectly.
The cinch pants have some extreme taper this season (I'm assuming the same as FW16). Top block is fine, but the bottom block hugs the knee and calf so tightly I can't bend my knees. Is the Willy Post Pant any different in the bottom block?
What is NMWA? Nevermind:
Is it reasonable to assume that the Navy High Count Twill fabric this season is the same as that from SS16? I have a Baker Jacket from SS16 that I would like to get a matching pair of pants for to complete the suit.
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