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The problem with the way TBB measures is that they only measure one fabric and list those measurements for all fabrics, which often vary in size. The Navy Twill Baker, for example, runs smaller than others. My medium measures 19.75" P2P.
What's the sizing like?
Basically this? 
For those of you with the BDU jacket, when you wear it unbottoned, does that storm flap get in the way? Do you just tuck it under the jacket?
I've been thinking about getting the olive one. It's either that, or the BDU.
What is your height/weight/chest?
What's the fit like on this season's Olive Ripstop Bedford? I'm 5'11, 155lbs with a 38" chest and am debating between the small and medium.   In most store photos, the models are ~6'1 and wear a medium. Based on how the Bedford fits them, I feel like a medium's sleeves would be too long on me. However, looking at the measurements, sizing down to a small may be too tight in the chest. 
Picked up a Rounded Collar shirt in White 2ply 100s Broadcloth this weekend. They run a little small, so I sized up to a medium which measures 20.75" P2P and it fits perfectly. The fabric is also nice and lightweight.
I easily have 1-1.5" of deadspace in front of my big toe, even though my heal-to-toe is 1/2 size longer than yours in the same length shoe. Any ideas why that is? Here's picture which I posted a few weeks ago showing the size difference between the 9.5D shoe and my 10D foot: 
The toes are comfortable, but there's a lot of space in front of them. If I had sized based on my heal-to-ball, I honestly think the shoe would be twice the length of my foot. How much space do you have in front of your toes?
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