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Can you guys post pictures of the oxfords?
No. I wasn't aware they even shipped yet. When did you get yours?
On the flipside, I wonder how many people would've never tried this brand had it not been for this thread. I'm one of them.
Blazer looks sick. Can't wait!
Looking forward to the shorts. Are these the Enzo fit in the top block?
I think calling this a thread full of negativity is an exaggeration. Aside from the occasional prima donna, I'd say it's mostly just nit-picking about things unrelated to the product or customer service. I don't think that's going to scare off a newcomer like visiting, say, the Gustin thread would, where it's just endless posts complaining about quality control, delays, and garments being off spec.   This thread was my introduction to the brand and just seeing how Mauro...
+1 This thread is where I discovered the brand. And now a year later 75% of my wardrobe is WvG.
It looks like it's still in stock: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/shirting-1/products/super-120s-plaid
Went with the pinot noir chukka. It says it comes with 2 sets of laces...one light and one dark?
Based on the photos people have shared here, and those on the website, all 3 pairs look black at first glance, with a slight tint of burgundy or navy. For those that have them, do they look any different in real life?
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