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What are the care instructions for the merino wool beanies? Can they go in the wash?
Has anyone heard anything regarding the Bamboo Rollneck tee pre-order from July?
What is your height/weight?
 What are the sunglasses?
Any update on the rollneck pre-orders?
I know EG is pretty flexible when it comes to sizing, but do you guys have a rule of thumb for shirt length that you follow?
Really? I thought they we're way too tight in the thighs—almost skin tight like the Cambridge short, and I don't have big legs.
Do you guys know of any brands that make shorts similar to the fit of the Ghurka shorts from previous seasons? That is, slightly longer and more tapered than the SS16 Ghurka.
I ended up finding a pair of Our Legacy First Cut Jeans on sale for $63:   My only concern is the rise, but I'll know when they arrive later in the week.
New Posts  All Forums: