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Anyone have this season's banded collar shirt in white paisley lawn? Mine just arrived, and the hem seems uneven/slanted at the front—the left side is longer than the right. I'm wondering if they're all cut that way, or if it's just my shirt. Edit: Looking at some store photos it appears they all may be cut like that? What do you think?   [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone in the US ordered from TBB this season? If so, were you charged any additional customs fees? 
Did the chambray shrink at all for you? I haven't washed mine yet, but I typically wash things cold and hang dry.
Does anyone have this season's banded collar chambray shirt? I noticed some odd pulling (I think) below the right shoulder, and several model photos appear to show it as well:   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]  Oddly enough, it's only visible when the top button is unbuttoned and goes away if buttoned. The shirt is fairly roomy too, so I don't think it's from being too tight. Is it just cut weird?
Not specifically a SS16 question, but how do the Ripstop Fatigues and FW15 Olive Outback Canvas Fatigues compare? How similar do they look in person?
Giving Nomad a run for its money, we have Tres Bien with their SS16 EG styling:  
EG's shirting is all over the place this season. Sizing varies between styles as well as fabrics within the same style. I've had to try on both a small and medium for everything I've gotten this season: Banded Collar Shirt - Chambray: SWork Shirt - Big Plaid (all 3 fabrics): MWork Shirt - Olive Poplin: MShort Collar Shirt - Floral Lawn: SRounded Collar Shirt - 100s 2ply Broadcloth: M Compared to other shirts, the work shirts have higher side vents, a shorter body, and...
How did you size the sneakers? I see they recommend going down 1/2 size (from Brannock I'm assuming), but some people have reported going down a full size.
What's the sizing like on the Cambridge short? If I'm a small in this season's Ghurkas, am I a 30 or 32 in the Cambridge?
I beliI believe The Hill-Side's sneakers are from that same factory too.
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