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What is your chest measurement?
How do the moleskin bedfords fit compared to the SS15 bedfords? I'm seeing P2P on a small listed as anywhere from 19" to 20", and medium from 19.5" to 21".
They aren't actually functional until the holes are opened up and the buttons reattached. 
I think the problem is that while the buttons are non-functioning, they still have the button hole stitching around them. So, you can't just shorten the sleeve from the bottom and move the buttons up because the button hole stitching is still there. 
I don't see anything online. Is it in-store only?
Need Supply recently got a shipment of them. I grabbed a Medium.
What's the consensus on tropical wool? I was thinking of grabbing a pair of shorts from a previous season, but I'm wondering if it's worth the hassle of having to dry clean, considering I'd be wearing these 1-2 times per week. Under normal circumstances (no stains), how many wears should I expect before having to dry clean? And is tropical wool suitable for wearing this frequently?
Anyone with the navy twill fatigue shorts getting pocket flare on the right pocket? I know the usual cause of pocket flare is tightness in the seat, but mine have plenty of room. Upon inspection, I think the cause is extra material being used on that pocket for some reason–it's even evident in many store's product photos:   On the left side, you can see the material folded over on the lower part of the pocket. My chambray fatigues don't have this issue.
What are the main differences between EG's mainline and Workaday? I noticed some items, like the 19th Century BD, are shared across both lines. Is there any difference in fit or quality between the two lines?
I noticed the fatigues this season aren't as tapered as SS15. Is this specifically a FW thing, or is there no pattern?
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