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EG's shirting is all over the place this season. Sizing varies between styles as well as fabrics within the same style. I've had to try on both a small and medium for everything I've gotten this season: Banded Collar Shirt - Chambray: SWork Shirt - Big Plaid (all 3 fabrics): MWork Shirt - Olive Poplin: MShort Collar Shirt - Floral Lawn: SRounded Collar Shirt - 100s 2ply Broadcloth: M Compared to other shirts, the work shirts have higher side vents, a shorter body, and...
How did you size the sneakers? I see they recommend going down 1/2 size (from Brannock I'm assuming), but some people have reported going down a full size.
What's the sizing like on the Cambridge short? If I'm a small in this season's Ghurkas, am I a 30 or 32 in the Cambridge?
I beliI believe The Hill-Side's sneakers are from that same factory too.
I was looking at getting a pair of Shoes Like Pottery sneakers. What's the sizing like?
Anyone have the Engineered Jacket? I'm looking at the one in Olive Ripstop and was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on it.
Cool. We're the same size.
What's the sizing like on the EG flip flops?
I spilled only a few drops of beer on my blazer, and after about 15 minutes the wet spot dried up on its own and left no stain or smell. Do I need to take this to the cleaners?
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