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 I haven't played my Xbox since it was first released a couple years ago, and now the price falls $100...
I played around with the drawstring a bit more. The shorts stay up without it tied—they just feel looser than I'm used to, and if I pull on the waistband there's a good amount of extra space. However, the shorts look like a good fit at the waist visually, and none of the extra space is visible unless I pull on the waistband. I'm probably just not used to the EG fit.
Do you mean you picked the size that had your measurements, or you went one size below that? My waist is 33.5". The online measurements for a Medium is 33" at the waist, and 31" for a small. I was concerned that the Medium would be too small based on those measurements, but in reality it's like 2 inches too large.
I received my first EG bottoms today—a pair of fatigue shorts. Based on the measurements, I ordered a Medium, but there is a bit of room in the waist which requires me to tie the drawstring. Is having to tie the drawstring common practice with EG bottoms, or did I size them too large?
Are they live yet? Not seeing them on the site.
How's the fit on the sweatshirt in the newsletter compared to the gunpatch sweater?
Got my Pinot Noir chukkas. The fit is perfect—I went with a size 10, which is what I wear in Vans for comparison. The color is really cool, and takes on different characteristics depending on the lighting. Well worth the wait.    My only concern when I pre-ordered these was the branding on the tongue. Fortunately, it's positioned directly behind the laces when tied, so it's not really noticeable.
Those are two of my favorite WvG shirts. I save the amunzen for cooler weather, but the linen-cotton and cotton-tencel gingham popovers are the most worn shirts in my rotation. 
My favorite offerings from WvG were during S/S 14 when I became a rewards member. That was popovers, tencel and linen fabrics, and other lightweight shirts—you really killed it that season. I would love to see more of it, including some floral fabrics, but I'm biased since I live in a tropical environment. I also love the unique prints—they're a great alternative to Gitman Vintage for those wanting a better fit and construction.   By the way, any update on the Pinot Noir...
Is the yoke measurement equivalent to the shoulder measurement on the old size charts? I just want to confirm that the shoulders on the overdyes are indeed narrower than the MiUSA shirting..
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