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Went with the pinot noir chukka. It says it comes with 2 sets of laces...one light and one dark?
Based on the photos people have shared here, and those on the website, all 3 pairs look black at first glance, with a slight tint of burgundy or navy. For those that have them, do they look any different in real life?
I'm torn between pinot noir and black.
Same here. I ended up going for the Blue and White colorway in long sleeve, since the Grey and White looked too similar to the Grey Gingham Popover I already have. 
When are the sneakers/trainers dropping?
Indigo, Olive, Charcoal
Newsletter tomorrow?
 How did you size it? Same as your shirt size?
ETA on better photos of the chinos? Hesitant to pull the trigger because it's hard to gauge their color.
The charcoal and khaki chinos appear to be using the same photo.
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