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Same fit as the last batch of bamboo tees, or are you referring to the Egyptian Cotton rollnecks?
I'm looking to order my first pair of Epaulet trousers for an upcoming Summer wedding. I'm leaning towards the Driggs cut and was wondering which fabric is better for warm weather:   Washed Duck Canvas: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/driggs-washed-duck-canvas-navy Washed Cotton Twill: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/driggs-washed-cotton-twill-trouser-navy   Also, I noticed a lot of people here cuff their trousers—is that...
Is the Fall knit blazer pre-order dropping today?
I want to get whatever is the closest fit to a Small Before-Dinner. The S/M/L size charts on the site indicate a Small Before-Dinner would fall between a size 39 and 40...is that correct?
The grey knit blazer is awesome. Sized it perfectly at 38 Slim (I'm a Small BD in shirts). The only tailoring that needs to be done is bringing up the sleeves .5-1".   Mauro, given that this is a knit, are there any special considerations that need to made when getting this tailored? Or can I just hand this to a competent tailor and ask them to bring up the sleeves and open the pockets?
Should the knit blazer be hung or folded (like other knits)?
I only see the grey.
I've been wearing this shirt since last Summer and it is by far my favorite WvG item. Super lightweight and cool, and honestly, not that see-through. I hate see-through shirts and have no problem with this one. That shirt, along with the Cotton-Linen Popover, Blue Strip Cotton Gauze, and Tencel Plaid are my go-to shirts when it's hot as balls out. I hope you bring back more of these lightweight fabrics (and more popovers in general). Maybe some floral prints too.
I have two tencel shirts—neither have shrunk any noticeable amount. Wash cold, hang dry.
Do you know when the Blazers will go live?
New Posts  All Forums: