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 Coverchord has a Large in stock:
  I think Loftman tends to size up in a lot of their EG styling. Here's the Mr. Porter model wearing the same jacket: 
Anyone know what shirts (other than the Camp Shirt) will have this navy (or grey) cross print gauze fabric? cc @CSCoHammers7 @Drinkwaters
 By "full size down", do you mean from your Brannock size, or the size you usually wear? If I went a full size down from Brannock, I would not even be able to get these on.
Just received my Dayton Shirt in Horizontal Navy Jacquard. The fabric is soft and lightweight, and has a nice texture to it. It fulfills a similar role to the Loiter Jacket as a lightweight jacket/overshirt. Definitely a sleeper standout piece for the season. I went with my usual size, medium (5'10 155lbs, 38" chest), and it fits great. The sleeves are a little long, but they can easily be cuffed/rolled. I cuffed mine once like in the photos below. From DigitalMountain:   ...
Oddly, their site doesn't list that for the Willy Post Pant, even though they look very similar. 
How tight were they from the knee down? Did you try on this season's cinch pant for comparison?
Anyone know what the fit and sizing are like on the Grount Pant and Lt Parka this season?
Supply & Advise too.
Mohawk and Bodega have their first drops online as well.
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