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Guys, don't sleep on the Navy Geo Jacquard Loiter Jacket. I just got mine from Drinkerwater's and this is probably my favorite EG piece to date. My small measures 21" P2P—it fits casual and slouchy, since it's essentially a light knit blazer, but is by no means oversized. Go with your normal size, don't size down like Context. This also confirms my suspicion that the TBB only measured one of their fabrics and listed that for all of them, so definitely confirm the...
I have a feeling they measured it for one fabric and listed those same measurements for all fabrics.
 Which Bedford is that?
What does everyone think of the M-41? Really liking the olive in particular.  
Just received them both. They definitely run a little small. I kept the medium, which matches Oi Polloi's measurements with a 19.5" P2P. 
Steven Alan also has some new drops. I grabbed the Baker Jacket in Lt. Weight Navy High Count Twill.      The measurements on this thing seem all over the place. Oi Polloi says it runs small—47cm P2P on size small (which is more like an XS). Nepenthes Japan lists a small as 50cm P2P.   So, I ordered a small and medium and will report back.
I actually just received the chambray work shirt and am debating exchanging it for the dungaree one. It caught me off guard how stiff the fabric is. My chambray fatigues, however, are very soft. For those of you who've had the stiffer chambray, how long does it take to break in? Does it ever truly soften up?
In SS15, the Ghurka shorts used a numbered waste size—I was a size 32. Does anyone know whether that translates to a Small or Medium? For reference, I'm a small in the SS15 Fatigue shorts, and a 32 in Fatigue pants.
The chambray and dungaree fabrics look very similar. What are the main differences between the two? Which (in your opinion) looks better in person?
New Posts  All Forums: