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Really? I thought they we're way too tight in the thighs—almost skin tight like the Cambridge short, and I don't have big legs.
Do you guys know of any brands that make shorts similar to the fit of the Ghurka shorts from previous seasons? That is, slightly longer and more tapered than the SS16 Ghurka.
I ended up finding a pair of Our Legacy First Cut Jeans on sale for $63:   My only concern is the rise, but I'll know when they arrive later in the week.
Do you guys have any recommendations for light wash denim that fits with the EG aesthetic?
 I went 1/2 size down. My size 9.5 EG x Vans are the exact same length as my size 10 Authentics, and slightly wider. If you go down a full size for a narrower fit, you may run into length issues.
 What shirt is that?
Anyone know what the sizing is like on the Ground Pant?
What's the sizing like on the Type 6 Jean? I'm a S in Ghurka and Fatigues, and a 32 in Cinch Pants.
I can't specifically speak for the Knockabout Shorts, but my experience has been S=32, M=34. I'd recommend the Medium.
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