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Up For Sale is a pair of Brand New Alden Indy Boot 403 in Dark Brown Chromexel They are absolutely brand new  and unworn (untried too) in us 7d (fits for foot size 7-7.5 as it runs big)   I bought them for recently (I can show you proof if requested) and it is guaranteed authentic.   These boot have to be sold because I didn't like them and my lost is you...
  looks great
Just got one for $250 shipped... tax excl. Just login with your account then apply coupon and the tax will be gone.
use fw12-30 promo code and get two....will be 233 usd for each. don't even have to deal with taxes. anyone what to do group buy with me? I just need one person.
shipments through La Poste/ TNT seem to be okay...Fedex on the other hand always get hit
so many shades of triple blue..
i wish it was a 7...
deleted do not pm.
nice fit, what's your normal size and what size is your stark?
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