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I had picked up size 10.5, a half size down from my typical size 11. Fits like a glove now, though the first two weeks were pretty rough on the ankles. Love 'em!
My laces are about worn through after over a year of near daily wear. As best I can gauge these are 5/32 waxed round laces. I believe Chippewa makes replacements for these (feel free to confirm), but I was also wondering if anyone else has found a decent supplier - Amazon preferred :)
That will do the trick, but you MUST apply leather conditioner afterwards.   Mink Oil, Obeneufs, SnoSeal... pick your poison.
I had called 3 stores attempting to locate a pair myself, more for sizing purposes, but found in the end the only location that seems to have them is the flagship Maine store. Otherwise your only option is an online purchase, which is what I ended up doing.
YMMV, as I fit into a 10.5 in the Iron Rangers, and my Katahdin 10.5's fit equally as well. Both were a tad narrow to begin with, but eased out during the break in period. For most shoes I wear a size 11.
  Just my 2 cents, but while I'd like to see a triple stitch, it seems like a good deal to me. Any details on the leather quality? Assumming it is good, my next question is - can they make more??  :)   P.S. - No, really.  Who do I contact?
  I normally wear size 11US.  For the Katahdin's however, it is typically recommended to size down a half to a full size depending on your feet. The size 10 boots are a tad too narrow for me (and a bit boxy in the toes), so I chose the 10.5. After the usual break in, they are far and away my best fitting and most comfortable shoes ever. If you fit into a size 8.5, and your fit are a tad narrow I'd suggest the same size for the Katahdins. Keep in mind they have an...
Any general thoughts on how frequently to reapply mink oil and/or Obenaufs? All I seem to come across is 'whenever it needs it...' How do you know when that might be?  What are the signs to look for?   So lets assume I wear mine on a daily basis during the week and occassionally on weekends. Assume as well I don't get caught in any major tempests or go puddle jumping on purpose. 6 months?  1 year?
Could you elaborate on this?  I've found the collar hurt on one side, but has eventually worn to comfort on one foot after 3 weeks. It will be a few weeks more before it is fully broken in and if I could make it easier that's be great.    
Just wanted to throw my 2 cents into the mix here, as I received my pair last week.   To start with, I was very concerned with the fit.  I measure at an 11, and have worn perfectly sized 10 Doc Martens for years. I typically vary with other shoes from 11-12. I was unable to try these on beforehand, as others have noted the only stores that will sometimes carry them is the flagship up in ME (though I tried at an outlet store.) In comparison I was able to hit a...
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