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Updated my worn out CDB.   Bought the new Aerials. Has a new lightweight synthetic sole.   I really dig the look of the update to a classic:       Coolest feature to the Aerial Desert boot is the new outsole:       Doesn't get stained like the classic crepe sole and seems to be longer wearing. Like with other CDB, one has to go half size down.
I have Meindl Gastein GTX - excellent brand of German-made winter boots. The upgraded version with hidden ice spikes is the ultimate winter gear! You have the ability to get more traction in slippery conditions and you can also retract the traction when its not needed.   I have the original version outfitted with screws. Then again I live in a place that sees snow maybe two or three times each winter.
The Horween Clarks Desert Boots are based on exact UK sizing. In standard Clarks, I can go down half a size from my American usual size. I wear the Horween in UK 8.
  That's what you want in a three season coat. You could go nylon if you live in a rainy climate; otherwise I think cotton is fine for what you want. I would say consult a dry cleaning shop/tailor and ask them what three season coat linings they recommend. They'll let you know if it can be lined and give you an estimate if that's possible.
 There is no free shipping but its a couple of dollars. In my case, it was an $8.00 shipping charge. They get shipped UPS to the nearest USPS local post office which will then make the final delivery to a residential address. Too bad about the shipping fee but for that low a price I honestly couldn't complain.
 You can check - remaining stock is listed for $29.99. I ordered mine January 1st with the LASTDASH coupon applied that brought the price down to $25.99. Check the JCP website for a coupon. But these bad boys are still a steal at the clearance price. The retail on them was originally $50.00! I received mine today. I can confirm they do run big and do order them half a size down. I normally wear US 9 but here US 8 1/2 just fits perfect. They seem to be decent quality for...
 The JCP Army Trainers are made in China - to be expected for the price they're sold. They run big though and in ordering my pair, I went half a size down from my usual EU 42 size and they fit perfect! The off color white is actually very nice looking. I'd bet they're made in the same factory that make the brand name Adidas Samba. But the lack of product branding makes them really attractive casual shoes to have!
 Are you looking for a winter coat? Then go with polyester batting inside in a nylon liner. If you're looking for a three season coat, a cotton or cotton/polyester lining might be more suitable.
 Stock insole has no real support. I've put in Pedag comfort insoles and underneath a thinner pair of Pedag soft insole with the latex foam side up and it seems made for the Clarks Desert boots. Now I can walk in them in comfort. If you find the instep pinching your foot, a cobbler should be able to stretch it for good!  The DB is a good-all round three season casual boots.
  The screws have a clickety-clack sound on dry asphalt. But their serrated edges dig deep in snow and ice. Sliding on slick patches isn't my idea of winter fun!
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