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I like this one even more.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uQE51-FuZg
  I'm not really sure why you'd consider it a surprise.  Quite a few people believe that Carmina offers a great value and, as a result, the demand for them has gone up significantly over the past few years.  The increased price is a reflection of Carmina's own margins and business practices, not The Armoury's.
  This is a pretty consistent theme, in my opinion, for Will.  I'm not hating here, as I've learned very much from him and continue to learn.  I just think he's found a more generous style that he's happy with but that I could never see myself in.  Still good for color, fabric, and pattern inspiration.
Also of note, he seems to have tied a double FIH which means the BP (Blade Penis) could have been even longer.  This might take the cake for the most ridiculous tie affectation I've ever seen.  Anti-sprezz.
That was actually really helpful - I forgot about a few things.  Also, they will do a pseudo shitty run down for a few minutes before the season premier that should help as well.  I can't fucking wait.
Price Drop > $45
  Too busy staring at Monica Belluci's rack to take notice.
Should have went with this knot instead.     I don't think I've ever come closer to actually punching my monitor than when I pulled up this doucher.  ENJOY GUIZ!
  Ed, I knew you'd love it.
  Gotta look closely for DAT FAT SPREZZ SON.  His back tail is entirely in front of the blade.
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