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Not to mention everyone else in the office was starting to take notice of how blatantly obvious the Peggy / Ted situation had gotten.  Ted is kinda falling apart.   Did anyone else get the feeling that Bob and Manolo were "together'?  In the scene where Pete calls Bob out (although I hate Pete his strategy here was pretty smart), Bob says that "Manolo isn't interested in woman".  I kinda got the feeling that he was saying that they were together and that would...
Stitchy, I'm still interested to hear your rebuttle on my remarks, if only for friendly banter.  I like arguing.  Makes me happy, even if I'm wrong.
  Eh, I'd probably disagree with you here, but that's because I'm very pessimistic when it comes to Don.  I do agree that he has a barometer of right and wrong, but he really holds himself to his own standards.  It's textbook sociopathy.  None of the "selfless" things that Don does make him want to change for the better, long term.  He almost broke out in the season where he started to swim and get healthy.  I would actually argue that they exist as selfish reasons that...
  4YO RRL Raw Slims.  They are actually considerably lighter than this, but the low light in the picture doesn't really do them justice.  They've been through blood, sweat, tears, oil, dirt, and probably much worse but not tryna get too personal here.  Had them darned a few months ago and they are ready for another 4 years.  One of the best articles of clothing I've ever purchased.
  Interesting that they aren't selvedge.  I noticed the "Japanese Twill" description on the website but it still didn't occur to me that they weren't.  Their washed jeans are always super expensive, so I'm not necessarily surprised.  Let us know when you get those because I'd like to see if they are a similar tone to the pictures listed on the site (I recall someone mentioning earlier in the thread that they were more worn-out looking and not as rich).
  I mean, don't get me wrong, they aren't the greatest set I've ever seen but I'm certainly not complaining.  I do realize you might also be referring to the fact that you may have opened that up at work with no warning.  Because that's what I did.  Wasn't necessarily expecting full on bewbs.  Still not complaining.
  I also really enjoyed that line.  I don't know about anyone else but I thoroughly enjoy seeing Don lose his mind.  Long time coming.
  If this turns out to be true then this show is on an even higher level of writing than I thought.  Weiner is a genius man.
Red Ovadia and Sons cotton and suede surcingle belt - Size 34   Cotton weave web belt with brown suede fittings at buckle and tail ends.  Silver metal buckle.   Retails for $75, Free Shipping to Continental US.   Measurements Width:  1.25 inches Middle hole punch to buckle point:  33.5 inches Total Length (including buckle):  39 inches
Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Silk Cable Knit Toggle Sweater, Size Small.     Fit is a little closer to a medium.  Worn once, hand washed once.  Ribbing at collar, cuffs, and hem.  3 hefty wooden toggles on front placket.  Open weave so fine for wear in the Spring or Summer nights.   Price includes shipping to Continental US.
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