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  I enjoyed this season very much.  Will be rewatching it in entirety most likely.
  I'm giving you a hard time as this question is slightly ridiculous.  Wear the shirt in whatever way you're the most comfortable, although I might recommend ditching the undershirt.  Buttons are completely your preference but the lower you go, the more you risk looking like russell brand.  Then again he used to bang Katy Perry, so.
I usually start by putting each arm through those slits on each side of the shirt.  Then I poke my head through the portion with the flappy things attached to it.  This seems to work out most of the time.
  Wasn't voicing my approval, just pointing out who it was.  Also,  
  I'm nearly positive this guy works with Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia Napoli
SJP in Despos.  
There are always a pretty good selection of Zanella on the sales racks at Bloomies.
Pretty disappointed to see that Glen is growing up to be a non-awkward part of the show.  Remember when he used to hit on Betty?  Ah, those were the days.  Was that the same season Betty was shooting at birds with a cigarette in her mouth?
Not to mention everyone else in the office was starting to take notice of how blatantly obvious the Peggy / Ted situation had gotten.  Ted is kinda falling apart.   Did anyone else get the feeling that Bob and Manolo were "together'?  In the scene where Pete calls Bob out (although I hate Pete his strategy here was pretty smart), Bob says that "Manolo isn't interested in woman".  I kinda got the feeling that he was saying that they were together and that would...
Stitchy, I'm still interested to hear your rebuttle on my remarks, if only for friendly banter.  I like arguing.  Makes me happy, even if I'm wrong.
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