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If smug from this menu gets hit by George Clooney's acceptance speech, it will be a disaster of epic proportions.  The perfect storm...of self satisfaction.   And also this
On the front page...     And to answer your question yes I am a child that still likes dick and fart jokes.
"Hi yes, the childhood memories sound delicious but can I have the cuddle with my Artic flare on the side please"?   "We don't offer substitutions, sir"
Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan Tassel Moccasins (563) in US 7.5D.  On the Aberdeen last with single leather soles and a regular welt.  Heel and toe taps have been added.  Worn only a few times.   Ships for free to the Continental US in the original box with shoe bags.
Great write-up.  I'd love to see this stuff in person.
Nailed it.
  I doubt it, Don had just given up his spot in Cali for him, which he seems to definitely appreciate.  But I guess it's always a possibility.
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