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On the front page...     And to answer your question yes I am a child that still likes dick and fart jokes.
"Hi yes, the childhood memories sound delicious but can I have the cuddle with my Artic flare on the side please"?   "We don't offer substitutions, sir"
Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan Tassel Moccasins (563) in US 7.5D.  On the Aberdeen last with single leather soles and a regular welt.  Heel and toe taps have been added.  Worn only a few times.   Ships for free to the Continental US in the original box with shoe bags.
Great write-up.  I'd love to see this stuff in person.
Nailed it.
  I doubt it, Don had just given up his spot in Cali for him, which he seems to definitely appreciate.  But I guess it's always a possibility.
  I also thought about this after I watched it for the second time.  My only thought was that since he was moving to Cali, they didn't include him.  Pete also wasn't there and he was heading to Cali as well (although I'm still confused on whether he is going there for personal reasons or with the company - will probably just have to wait and see on that one).
  No, that was the name they decided on after arguing about it for a few minutes in a previous episode, as their own clients didn't even know what to call them.   It stands for Sterling Cooper & Partners, not Sterling Cooper & Price (Don removed).    Also, from interviews with Weiner himself, it's pretty clear that he was trying to make the point that although Don was at his all time peak level creatively, he definitely created absolute havoc for the company on the...
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