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Thanks guys, I've come to quite like it and I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I got it as a shirt to wear casually, with no tie, as it doesn't even have a top button.  I stole the buttondown idea directly from Jiro - it was basically a copy.   And, c'mon those guys are wearing suspenders, A) with jeans and B) with friggin' belts, not the same at all!
  Eh, I'm not sure why this is such a point of contention for people.  I wear both and can see the relative benefits of each. I don't find clip-ons unappealing like some here do - in fact quite the opposite, I think they are somewhat charming. It's possible that people have started to associate clip-ons with The Armoury since a lot of our vendors wear clip-ons.  It's something that we've picked up on and adopted as well.  Salva wears clip-ons, Liverano wears clip-ons, Koji...
 It's their softest fused collar, the same one that we use on our 1-piece polo collar.  That being said, if I had to do it over again I might pick one step up, something closer to medium.  Hope that helps.
 No I don't think so, it measures 1.75 inches on my pair and the same on another sample pair with belt loops, so I think it would be fine. Jeff
 Hey D, that loop is actually just a single loop to hold the extended waistband, so yeah I can't really wear a belt with these.  They fit well at the waist though, so I can ditch the suspenders if need be.  The waistband is actually only a little bit taller than what I've found in most rtw (these are Ambrosi's house style).
 Yep, Ascot does a pretty awesome one piece.
I finally did it guys.  AREN'T YOU SO PROUD OF ME YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.   In all honesty, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to.  Pretty much a straight copy of good 'ol Jiro.  
 Mr. Raro gives me the serious creep vibes, guhh.
If you're actually an 8 then it could definitely work depending on last. The Aberdeen tends to be wide everywhere with a taper at the toe.
Carmina snuff suede tie loafer (model 80285) in UK 7.5 / US 8.5.  On the Uetam last, a regular width loafer last with a rounded, almond toe, single leather soles, and purple lining.  Heel and toe taps have been added.   Ships for free to the Continental US with box and shoe bags.  Trees NOT included.
New Posts  All Forums: