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Tie Your Tie seven-fold tie in 100% cotton.  Hand rolled edges, no interlining, untipped, high bartack, 8CM x 148CM.   Get your Franco Minucci on.   Free shipping to the continental US.
 Ah yes, we will have a new version (same model) of that coat as well as a double breasted model with mailbox patch pockets, which I'm particularly excited about.  Will throw up pictures as soon as we receive. All the best, Jeff
Drake's 70% Wool 30% Silk hand-rolled mughal print pocket square.  Made in Italy.   42cm x 42cm.
Drake's 100% Silk Exploded Paisley Tie in an 8cm width.  Handmade in London.  3-Fold, tipped, with a medium-weight interlining.
Thanks guys, I've come to quite like it and I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I got it as a shirt to wear casually, with no tie, as it doesn't even have a top button.  I stole the buttondown idea directly from Jiro - it was basically a copy.   And, c'mon those guys are wearing suspenders, A) with jeans and B) with friggin' belts, not the same at all!
  Eh, I'm not sure why this is such a point of contention for people.  I wear both and can see the relative benefits of each. I don't find clip-ons unappealing like some here do - in fact quite the opposite, I think they are somewhat charming. It's possible that people have started to associate clip-ons with The Armoury since a lot of our vendors wear clip-ons.  It's something that we've picked up on and adopted as well.  Salva wears clip-ons, Liverano wears clip-ons, Koji...
 It's their softest fused collar, the same one that we use on our 1-piece polo collar.  That being said, if I had to do it over again I might pick one step up, something closer to medium.  Hope that helps.
 No I don't think so, it measures 1.75 inches on my pair and the same on another sample pair with belt loops, so I think it would be fine. Jeff
 Hey D, that loop is actually just a single loop to hold the extended waistband, so yeah I can't really wear a belt with these.  They fit well at the waist though, so I can ditch the suspenders if need be.  The waistband is actually only a little bit taller than what I've found in most rtw (these are Ambrosi's house style).
 Yep, Ascot does a pretty awesome one piece.
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