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Nothing "problematic" about that: you simply show up in what makes you comfortable, as the deceased presumably would have wished. No risk of being in the wrong clothes there, which makes it a perfectly useful, if SF-unapproved, dress code.
Well, there goes my theory that Ryan and Ron Paul own one suit that they share.  
  The issue of whether/how to dress up at this very casino has come up in MC before.  I believe the upshot was "not worth it and you'd be the only one doing it anyway."
All right, then--I'm mentally editing the picture so that Flusser is willingly and cheerfully facing the camera, putting forth an unforced air of ease and confidence.  He looks a lot happier now.  I'm happy for him.  Unfortunately, the outfit still looks like crap.
Speaking strictly for oneself, one would have been a bit disappointed had one opened this thread and found otherwise.
  Wait, so now we all have to throw away the neon green and electric blue accessories we bought last fall?    Screw you, Internet.  I'm dressing myself from now on!
I think it's more a backlash to the OP's explicit "I neither have nor want any style or personality of my own, yet I look down on those who wear sweatshirts to law school" attitude, but even so, the question itself is one that is bound to produce frustration.   That said, the OP could probably do worse than to go to and search the forum for the word "compliments."  
More like somebody at NASA was probably asked to make a statement about the subject and, because there's really nothing to say about it, said that. But I suppose you can turn it into an emblem for the Perils of Big Guvmint if that suits your ideology.Speaking of suits, am I, like, supposed to cut that label off the sleeve or what? And how come my breast pocket is stitched shut? I paid $300 of my own real money for this thing!
Mexican-American, and in fact it does--Google "zoot suit riots." Of course, that doesn't change the "ethnic costume" status of the ZS, or make it a good idea to wear one at a job interview. But your friend is right.Hi, I'm Velophone.
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