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  After wearing my boots a couple of times the thin leather sole began to separate at the toe, they repaired it once by gluing it back together. Unfortunately it happened again, they removed the thin leather sole and replaced it with a rubber sole, which I do prefer. The service I got was awesome.    Having polished my boots a few times now, i find the darker discoloured areas have become darker and don't blend with the lighter areas as I thought they should. To me...
Day one and I like them alot.  As a guy who usually wore blundstones or stiff Vibram soled hikers I really like  them.  Hopefully this doesnt push me into wanting cordovan boots.      
I saw these at Aldo and tried them on, they fit nicely and are more in my price range then some other brands I may covet.    I did ask the sales person and emailed Aldo to ask if they are recraftable or resolable, they both said I could do so with no guarantees from them.  The only reason I asked was to hopefully try and get some idea how they were made.
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