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I'd agree. The situation is somewhat binary. Either the issues are true or they aren't. This almost transforms it into an expected value calculation.
Not something I'd be comfortable sharing. In general I don't believe we should trade at a discount to cash EBITDA relative to peers. 
Re VRX, I'm not worried long term. Still consistently adding more. 
I think that is common in a rally this strong. 
1. Balenciaga2. Kiton3. Meermin4. Saint Laurent5. Louboutin6. Versace7. Tom Ford8. Jil Sander9. Luciano Barbera10. Alexander McQueen 2nd guess for the shoes would have been something more random, like Foster and Sons. 
Hah. Maybe that didn't come out well. I mean for a single high risk/high return stock. You are giving up an 8% income stream. I sold off PBR after a 35%+ return, it's now up another 15%, so there can be something to said for holding a little bit longer.  Currently selling off some of my gold. Will decide on my mREITs after I see the earnings come out. 
If you can make 20% in a year it is a decent return and something I'd be happy with. Some of my best profits came from my initial buys into TDW and CHK that I sold when they hit my target price. I have lost on the way back down, but would have lost far more. Have started selling my BX stake I bought at $23 for $28. 
Sad news, I feel for him a bit. Has to have been hard to fall so much.
I always take away a lot from your posts.
 1. Very long term. But there are big daily swings if you're a skilled trader. 2. They are essentially a commodity, not speculative. It is about understanding one cost structure vs another. Im holding MU long term. 
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