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You can always sell it at cost and then buy another one when they re-stock.
It is a huge pain, but happens on my carminas a little too. A cobbler can replace the toe with caps.
I actually think with Carmina it is a matter of pricing. At the beginning Epaulet was the main place to get Carmina and the only place to try it on. Now there are a huge number of constant GMTOs run by people who exclusively do MTOs and provide non stop dedicated shoe service and fitting advice. It's a hard market to compete. No one else really does Aldens the same way.
Yes it is. Although I may just have publicly scarified my source for ring jacket deals :).
A&S Shop. Somewhat humorously their Rakuten name comes up as ASSHOP.
I ordered online and had a great experience. Suit arrived quickly and is very nice, fits extremely well. Just needs a bit of tailoring for the sleeves.
Hey Mike, Any plans for any more pale grey hopsack? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/slim-walt-trouser-pale-grey-hopsack-wool
Just a short plug that Epaulet is really awesome. Can't beat the customer service or the products.
I am perhaps wrong in comparing it to Detroit then :). Here are the pictures. I'm not sure what it is, but the oxford does seem to lose the soft square character that makes the Rain last great. For comparison I have my extra wide rain lasted loafer (which seems fine to my eye), an inca lasted boot one size up and my Meccariellos. They are also wide, but maintain the squared off tip.   It just seems to me like for the extra wide rain Oxford Carmina didn't square off the...
Hah, good catch. Let me go take a picture.
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