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Post election it will probably recover. 
Medical pricing is a bit like other high risk development projects in defense or oil and gas. The successes subsidize the failures. Wherever the system is the most flexible is where it will be pushed the most. Since other nations negotiation prices heavily the US makes up for their poor margins. If the US drives down prices then OECD peers will have to begin paying more. Right now the US is such that if a drug is approved in the US it will likely pay off its development...
How would that work? Privately insured patients are told their drugs aren't covered because Medicare doesn't want to add their drug to formulary?  I think the first step in fixing pharma (not health care) should be harmonizing the EMA and FDA, maybe holding joint meetings. This paves the way to later put pricing pressure on the pharma companies without destroying them. 
I'm not so sure. For all her talk, what will she do? The system is extremely complex. Push come to shove, I also think many democratic senators will not stand behind her. Pharma represents a decent chunk of the economy in many blue states. A token rule on price increases is already priced into biotech stocks. 
Oh no I loved that part :). I meant about not benefitting the employee or the company on a non zero sum basis. Having a vested interest in the future of the company can change employees behavior. 
I disagree.  I'm not going to sign a deal that I know has the potential to blow up when so much of my money is tied to future comp. 
On a somewhat related basis and one that is more cheery than sending everyone to prison or working to death in Amazon, can you guys talk me into or out of getting a new (well new to me) car?   With prices of homes and stocks so high and financing costs so low, it looks tempting. I figure it would probably be the last non EV car I buy.   My current one is from 99, so I worry it may not make it until then.    Thoughts?
Not nessesarily. I've seen this as a good way to align long term behavior with shareholders.  Banks are moving more and more to this model for exactly that reason. 
This is pretty common in oil and gas and finance. Everyone except the lowest two rungs at my employer gets at least something similar to GF.I have seen companies where a decent percentage of comp is provided in the form of stock grants. If the stock falls signifigantly retention bonuses are almost always paid.
My current employer has a 3 year cliff vest, which is not the best policy for employees IMO.  Although serious stock price appreciation can make it worth the wait. 
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