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Ah okay, got excited that someone here was looking into Pharma.  I was thinking about Glencore a few days ago, but didn't feel like shuffling the funds around to make it happen. CHK was crazy today. I am guessing that was a short squeeze near the end. I sold off basically half the shares I bought around $6 for a nice 50% profit. Had wanted to offload a few more but just set my limits a little too high. Will buy back in once the shorts have covered and the price has dropped...
Didn't Actavis buy it? 
 People. When they hate the job the current public entity/ regulated utility is doing. That is why Uber is so popular in NYC since it was always so damn hard to catch a cab and technology made circumventing the regulation possible. The service is now so popular that De Blasio was forced to back off it. Also it's not like the taxi drivers were making any money anyway, most of it went to the medallion owners and financers. So many of the independent workers want to be...
Those are the best faux laces I have seen.  I personally really like the shape, but that is something that is personal preference. 
While I love all my Equus belts, the Stratfield must be the most comfortable belt I've ever worn. Because of the hidden holes it is also a very modern and sleek look compared to the more traditional Equus belts. Would definitely recommend! 
Bad idea, I keep wanting to buy more. I really want to see what he could do with a jodphur boot.
I have been waiting a few months for my final aurum pair, but Antonio has always done excellent work and never failed to e-mail with an update. So I just presume that they are very busy and leave them be. Four shoes in at this point I've never received anything but excellent work.   Edit: Antonio reads minds. Just got a work in progress picture of my shoes. Still waiting the final stage of finishing and polishing. I had requested a Fukuda style toe to make an office shoe...
SP, They are very dark horn with a white coloring around the rim!   I have a jacket from them with white MOP buttons, but the jacket would be a lot more work appropriate with darker buttons. 
Have any buttons like this? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/epaulet-by-luigi-bianchi-mantova/products/double-breasted-navy-overcoat-barberis-luxe-lambswool
3 for 1 split on 9/11
New Posts  All Forums: