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I have.Took a test shoe to get perfect. Antonio is very good if you just describe what you are feeling. 
Beautiful coat!
Which stores are the heirloom overcuts in?
I bid on the Fur Collar Coat. Not too sure when I'd wear it, but why not?
What was the catalyst that pushed that up? I haven't been following.
Best bet is to upload them to styleforum in the body of the post. That said, your way was very helpful, thanks!
Lol, who wouldn't?
Any chance you can post each picture under the name or at least in the post? Takes forever to match each name to a pair this way.   I own the checkerboard tweed/ chess board tweed (I think that was the name) pants and they are amazing. Can't beat them in the winter. I actually remember Mike saying they were one of the most expensive tweeds out there.
Nice jacket. Negotiable at all?
At this point the only reason my trading accounts are in the green are because of my VRX gains. I keep buying oil related stocks, but I keep feeling like they could just as well go bankrupt as stay afloat. Maybe will buy more of the super majors so I can at least get the dividend yield if there is a 1980s style recovery.
New Posts  All Forums: