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I'd love to take some of these REIT discussions off line and share some personal research. Any kind of drastic interest rate movement will potentially knock down the price of a bunch of them and I'd like to have a good list when that happens.    Edit: Getting in on some VGK today. I don't think the Euro will stick as low as 1.08 for long so I'm happy with the future USD/EUR exposure thanks to the dividends. 
[[SPOILER]] Along with the pants I really love the DeVille
Charlie,   Why is the Scott the highest priced?
Interesting, thanks. I do something similar with a lot of my international ETF holdings, although usually on an intra-day scale.   I just haven't been able to get into REITs, other than NLY, lately. I feel like the price across the board is way too high and I don't have enough information to understand how a changing interest rate environment would really hit their books.
Yeah, I picked up something similar off my terminal, but that is very generic. I'll have to do some more research. What made you exit? The high share price?
I saw gains today in TDW and CHK from the increase in oil prices. Debating if I want to hold or sell SCTY.   What's the underlying business of OZM? I have little experience in some of the more exotic financial stocks and have avoided anything but mREITs
Agreed. I believe he is also very flexible in special cases. 
Sad I missed out on those green Vass
He has always met the quoted time. That said the quoted time changes considerably depending on how busy he is and how complex the shoe, so I'd ask up front.
Since your are in NYC is a try on possible?
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