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How does the MTM suiting work? Is it a custom drawn pattern or simply a base pattern modified?
Do you have any pictures of a rose gold plated buckle?
You can be a volunteer firefighter and do the same. Maybe even get a few beers thrown into the mix.
Looks like I'm also in Dainite!   Is there a price difference between Dainite and leather?
What are the prices on the rose gold and palladium plated mayfair that you mentioned earlier?
I am a similar size so I can sympathize. It looks good to me.
Hi Steve, I'm down for this in dainite. PM me the cost when you have a chance!
That made me laugh. From my understanding there are some laterals, but it is not too common. More often commercial consultants occasionally sit in on federal engagements, although not as often as they used to. The federal consulting sector is huge, however, and one could easily spend their entire life there.
I have a similarly inspired pair based on Carmina made by Meccariello. Surprisingly versatile. 
In general yes, but I don't have a problem with Dainite indoors when wet and I do find it to be a great poor weather sole, which your last sentences seem to disagree with. We may have a different definition of "poor weather" though.
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