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Progress on my pair:
Mike, what is the status on Rudy EFF pants from the last round?
Also on the fabric front, is it possible to source anything by Alumo? The Thomas Mason fabrics you have are great, but an alumo fabric by luxire is the most comfortable shirt I own. 
I know exactly what you mean. Impossible to know when bottom is coming. I only bought into companies where I feel that the fundemental value is well above the price. My target for TDW is $29 for instance, so Im comfortable buying under that price. At one point the stock moved to $30 so I sold my entire position. Generally I just trim when I hit certain benchmarks. Occasionally I'll average my cost down if it falls if I really like a name and sell off the excess once it...
Thanks! I do know good synthetics are rare. 
Any response on the possibility of a synthetic or two for custom? 
That is a game with a very high downside risk. NBG isn't feasible at the current numbers if you look at their books. They could very well be structured in a way that wipes out equity holders. Not that I actually disagree with your decision. Just be aware. I once got burnt holding onto shares waiting for a 10% rebound and lost everything. Was a small position so didn't matter much, but still a good lesson.
I had a large share in GREK and sold 90% of it off for a 20% gain. Debating what to do with that last 10%. 
Damn, the oil decline is killing me too.    Just going to wait this one out.
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