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Are you looking for afternoon tea (the one with all the cakes and stuff) or just tea? Still recommend Postcard for just tea.
Lol. I stuck a bunch in. Sticking a bunch more in too.
What last are these?
Yes I would be. I've tasted the producer's tea and it has a whole range of flavors depending on which batch and harvest. 
I've brewed it in small and medium vessels so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but glad the cooler water helped. Just to give some general recommendations. The Lapsang by Postcard is easily the best I've hard by far. Long delicate leaves with a sweet but delicate smoke. Never had another one like it. The "Nath Assam" is the best all around Assam I've had. Lots and lots of maltiness with no bitterness. Very reasonably priced too. The Summer Darjeeling from Subarna is...
I can't recommend Postcard Tea enough. Excellent tea made exclusively at small farms. All organic which is actually a big issue in certain seasons in China when pesticide spraying is rampant.  Lifeinateacup is also good, but I have just found Postcard to be an easier option. From what I know of the Mandarin in NYC no one has heard from the operator in a bit. You are pretty close for the Houkui, although if I recall there shouldn't be a lasting astringency and the veg taste...
I was close to Navy. Navy would be really awesome too. Already had a pair of plum boots from Carmina. I dont think you can go wrong with any of the colors. 
That's the exact one I picked up. Pretty excited for it.  I have a chamois barrie lasted Alden for all my zombie apocalypse needs anyway. 
This doesn't look like a boot you're about to wear out into a war zone (unless you're air force or a scouting party), more of a garrison or on base look if we're sticking with military. Not "dainty" at all though. Would go great with everything from jeans to a suit while traveling. 
Samples are in Manhattan or Brooklyn?
New Posts  All Forums: