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I am very excited to see that when it is finished.
Mike,Can you confirm how you guys do the inseam measurement?  If it is standard from the crotch down is there a reason it stops at 28"?
Mike, Different prices on different fabrics this round? I noticed the linen was $185   EDIT: No longer seems to be happening. 
Oh man, this means lunch will have to be during the lunch rush. Not excited for that.
Still a great school, congrats anyway. Better food around Stern IMO. For whatever reason I feel like I always meet more Stern kids with interesting jobs than from CBS, excluding the occasional quant that is.
I love these, but Carmina killed it for me with the no extra wide .
When is the second round of ends going up? I've been hitting refresh non stop for hours?
Those 150s went fast. Hesitated for a second and then got an inventory error.
Can you PM me the price on the saddle? Also any chance we can pay for the U-wing soon while the euro is weak? :D
That is exactly what my shoe wardrobe has ended up looking like. Occasional Meermin for bad weather. Standard finish is on par these days with what I have seen from G&G as it has been improving considerably over the past years. I would even say the coloring is considerably better on a Meccariello. The fit of the shoe also improves with each order. First one fit nearly as well as a G&G, third one may as well have been long time bespoke.
New Posts  All Forums: