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Fleck is gone, had an order for it in but got an e-mail saying it was out :(.
Give them a call at the store. Best way to reach them by far.  Epaulet will virtually always make it right. 
Although I have positions in both GLF and CHK, I wouldn't touch either at the moment unless one is taking a very small position.   CHK is a gamble on prices and the company not wiping out common or diluting them into nothing.   GLF will be a while before there is any kind of recovery in the exploration and drilling their ships are used for. It will lag the oil market by many years.
Additional photos added
I do. At this point it is basically an option on the medium term rebound in oil. 
NYC is pretty much the same. A studio is Williamsburg is now above 600k, not counting the 6% or so closing cost. Prices generally scale in that an extra bedroom costs you at least another 600k.
Once the stock market recovers I know what to buy.
I want one!
You and I are in the same boat. 
We shall see, I continue to add to my position. 
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