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XS fits me perfectly but is tight on the chest. If it's half a size I'll prob change my order from S to XS. 
How much larger?
I think half the Epaulet fabrics don't appeal to me and half I love. I like that they have something for all tastes. Not sure if that is something that appeals to S&M though. It's also a different model since Epaulet doesn't own the fabrics. Yup, 2/100s. Don't get me wrong, I love my shirts (I usually go for Royal Twills), but I want a ratio of 5 work horse shirts to 1 higher end one. Right now you do the 5 well, I'd just want to be able to add the occasional one to my...
Epaulet wise I'd say that they have some pretty cool casual fabrics and linens. Their strength is in their Ends events where they have really unique stuff. Their Albini oxfords are great though.  For PC their Canclini fabrics are great.  Some of the double sided fabrics like this are really nice:http://propercloth.com/fabrics/blue-and-charcoal-large-plaid-805.html Their slub weave. This...
I like the idea of you guys getting more TM fabrics in.   Now that I have my fit pretty much spot on my biggest wish list items would be catching up to Epaulet/Proper Cloth in terms of fabric selection. 
Mike, I'm inbetween the XS and S on the linen madras.   I know that the chest is a little tight on the XS for me, but the shoulders are perfect. Given it is linen what do you think?
Minor point of feedback, can we get more pictures of the fabrics? Especially including some showing a reference sizing like an American quarter.    I ordered the White Kincaid fabric and was surprised at how big the texture was. 
Very cool! What other colors were available?
Yup I've waited a month. Nothing to worry about. Sometimes you don't want to know how the sausage is made. 
All are great choices, but I love the Annonay leather. Soft without being too soft. 
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