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Just an FYI that I'll be putting up my 6 UK Burgundy Museum U-Wings for sale when they arrive if anyone wants them at cost.
I have handled both although only worn Carmina. I would agree that the finishing and leather quality seems higher.
I would love to see an example of you guys using a blow torch to sear a steak.
Custom for sure.
C&A is correct. You just lose access to the Aurum lasts on the standard line. Honestly I don't consider that such a big deal. I am using my non Aurum last modified into the shape I want for my current Aurum project anyway. Antonio has a very good eye for lasts.
You can always get two standard line for a little above the price of the aurum.
Any linens coming for the summer?
Just an FYI, I could be convinced to let go of my incoming pair of 6 UK Burgundy Museum U-Wings if anyone is having regrets about missing that make up.
The gallery is really really great! I am a little curious how come a few of the shirts ended up with fronts that don't line up. Is it a function of the person wearing it?
I have that black and orange flannel. Great fabric and will share some pictures later.   Only gripe is that the fabric isn't aligned in the front and on a checked fabric that is extremely noticeable. 
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