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Will see what Steve says, although I would like soller.
Interesting, although for this one I'd definitely prefer Victory. For me the toes also last longer on Victory, although not a deal breaker for me.   I'm happy with double or single, but preferably no storm welt.
I can agree with that. Victory would be my preference then.
In that case, anyone up for that boot in burnish brown grain or hatch grain?
That heavy stitch boot looks amazing. I'd suggest a GMTO if I wouldn't feel so bad for ruining the novelty of yours.
I'm excited to receive my shirt so that I can get at some of those interesting fabrics.   Regarding the suit, I could send you one to duplicate, but I like soft nearly unlined shoulders. What is the turn around?
How variable is the construction? Can you do something like a soft shoulder?
Hah, don't remind me! The belt is a graduation gift for myself, so I wanted something special. My Equus belts have lasted so long so far that I presume that they will be good for life, hence don't mind the cost.
I have a lined and raised damascus and rose gold midnight blue mayfair in bound. Excited to share some pictures (unless charlie would rather take)!
What is the typical fabric pricing? I may be willing to take a leap of faith.
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