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Beautiful shoes. Let me know if you are ever in express need of cash, as these are way out of my budget! :)
Financial Services. I don't earn that much (relatively), but I am efficient in what I buy and spend on. My only big personal expenses are shoes, ties and tea :).
The suits are getting very nice. Also contrary to some of the opinions I liked the shoes that were posted.
Does anyone find that the arch support on the Hiro is insanely high? I tend to think I have pretty high arches, but I can't tell if its the last or a defective pair. Im debating removing the pads and replacing with a rubber insole.
Have any better pictures of the flecked sports coat? Also pictures of damage?
Luxire oxfords are pretty hard to beat, but PC's are just as good. The higher end oxfords are amazing.
Ah very cool. I used to do FD on Long Island, now I volunteer at Animal Haven in Soho. I notice going into nice stores after volunteering or on my lunch break I sometimes get strange looks wearing the ugliest pair of Merrels ever made.
FD volunteer?
I have a feeling you may just be misinterpreting their intentions. I went in to the NYC store during a not so busy period and received no greeting and was free to look around the shop (for a solid 10 mins). The moment I made eye contact with someone they immediately came over to help me and were extremely nice and chatty. I am happy the store allows you to shop around without getting too much attention. In the UK I find the fuss they make over you in stores can be quite...
New Posts  All Forums: