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They just arrived. The fit is absolutely perfect and they look great.   Some differences compared to my last order: There was a strong beveled waist, more so than on my Carminas. The waist was cut specifically in line with the vibram topy I have added, a really nice touch. The heel finishing was more refined than last time, more akin to what one would see at Foster and Sons. They came with really nice black shoe bags with Antonio's logo compared to the red...
Thank you.   Done by Mr. Meccariello, so you'd need to ask him :). He didn't make any comment about it being difficult, in fact I asked for a slightly more subdued pair than his usual. This pre finishing pictures shows the burnish a little better.  
Can Tomir/York be replaced as easily as a topy? Or does it require an entire resole?
This isn't G&G, but it is a hatch grain make up. I figure if they are all sourcing from Horween then they will look kind of similar.  
I have one on a boot. It wears really well as a quality rubber sole tends to. My fear comes when I have to have the rubber section replaced, I am not sure of the cost.
I usually use gentlemen's footware, but there is a large variety of retailers offering that service. Also I just went with a 6UK in the ama and it fit well. If you're EE probably no Meermin shoe will fit you well without placing a special order. The good news is a lot of retailers order simpler shoes all the time from Carmina and will prob let you order an MTO size on top of their standard order.
Nope, I had unipair put it on. Makes it really comfortable for places without the best traction.
Will the noragi be in stores by April?
Thanks AG, really like yours too. Will let you know how the leather wears.
 I didn't have an EE width, rather an E, but I actually did a GMTO with Carmina for my staple shoes and went rain and forest extra wide as the cost was rather similar to meermin MTO. Of course up to  you. I have no problems with my meermins and the finishing is very good.
New Posts  All Forums: