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 Most retail brokers I've spoken to have simply told me that they can't buy them. 
It's a shame they're such a pain to buy.  I also plan to increase my stake. Will sell off some of my bond funds. Equity price isn't the biggest barrier to take over. It would be logistically hard since a signifigant premium would have to be offered (or else the share price would run up very quickly) and a huge chunk of bridge financing to call in all the debt. Not that many people sitting out there with $40B in the bank.  Tempting, I always like holding shares of companies...
Relax. I have a lot more VRX than you and I'm not particularly worried.  I've been through a few rides before. I remember CHK hitting $1.50. That was a great time to buy if you didn't believe that they would go bankrupt. 
It can be very complex, especially given the asset class. In the case of XIV, it's an ETN that is selling the 1 and 2 month VIX futures. So if VIX goes down it gains value and if VIX increases it loses. It also collects the contango spread.  Leveraged is whole different game. Inverse generally works the same way as the above though, by entering into future forward contracts.  You can see the VIX term structure here:
So do PE firms.  Assets are very expensive at this point. 
I use BSV rather than holding cash to generate a small return while I look for better investments. 
Selling off my short VIX position today.   Maybe could get another 10% if I held on through the election, but I'll take my profits and walk away from this one. Will lock in an 8% gain.    If Trump wins then short and mid term VIX will spike and I'll short mid term. A Clinton win probably means VIX falls.
I think Mylan is an excellent buy at these levels. Forward P/E is very low and their business isn't in particularly bad shape.
It's a personal thing. I like my ~$600 SARX's more than my Omega. I've also seen my share of very cheap to very expensive in boardrooms and people notice a lot less than you'd imagine (except me apparently). 
I'll generally do it every time with the knowledge that I'll win 2/3rds of the time. So far I've walked away about 25% up each trade, but small positions.
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