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Buying a lot of I today. They have a massive backlog of customers and debt isn't due for a while. Great long term buy in my opinion.
I don't really understand what supported GMCR's previously high valuation, so to me it seems like a correction to the market implying lower future growth rates.
I really like these, was admiring them last night.
My models love MU. I'll probably pick some up as soon as I put new cash into my accounts, fully invested at the moment.
 I agree with you here, pretty much in the same boat although I've sold off a chunk of my oil holdings after some really big returns.  Instead of cash I've been loading up on REITs. Sure they'll take a loss soon probably, but I'm betting it will be under the 20% discount to book they are currently trading for. Also regarding diversification benefits: "According to the modern portfolio theory, you'd come very close to achieving optimal diversity after adding about the 20th...
Very cool, what kind of startups? Based on what you guys are saying I will avoid solar for now. The industry has a lot of hype and some very high valuations leading me, a somewhat intelligent person, to believe a lot has changed. I figure a lot of other investors think this too and when the incentives begin to wind down and the early adopters have bought their fill of Tesla battery packs installed by Solar City we will see a correction to more rational numbers.  As you say...
Interesting debate. So what would you two say about how solar has progressed technology wise?   Long term play or not valuations are very high right now.
Why not go for some BHI/HAL merger play then?  I did really well on gold today too.
I'll take the compliment :D. He can be very flexible with the color and his judgement is very very good in making it come to life.
I honestly have no idea, I only noticed at the end of the day and have been too busy to do any research. Still I'm presuming, barring the research that I will do, that analysts make take this into account in their projections.
New Posts  All Forums: