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These are a test shoe from Meccariello for me. Not Japanese, but I had asked for a last shape heavily influenced by the Japanese styled lasts. Thought I would share.  
Some of these crazy jumps have me a little worried. Big gains and losses all over the place on the smallest news.   That said, now up 48% on TDW, pretty happy. 
Yes. Edit: Sorry I realize it's hard to see but my initials are on this pair. There is a modest up charge though.  Also he just sent me pictures of my Trial Shoes. Very impressed with the last work that he has done. 
Ah yes I see what you mean too. Very interesting!
I mean how far the welt extends from the body of the shoe. G&G looks very thin and stylized. The stitching itself is very close to the shoe.I find Meccariellos to have a welt that has more of presence and is more visible. This is especially true at the front of the shoe. This isn't to say I don't like it, I think it suits many styles very well and has, in my experience, been easier to take care of. I have always just presumed it to be house style since Stefano Bermer...
I thought that the thickness was simply part of the style, not a negative. I have never really seen anyone else match G&G's thinness because their style is particularly thin.
Willing to PM it?
Antonio can make any style you like, although his Aurum Soft Square is similar. My soft square is below from when he was developing the last. A last modification is relatively cheap too.  As for standard line compared to G&G it is a slightly different beast. G&G has the closest welt cutting I've seen and the finishing is top notch. These days Antonio's sole finishing is just as good as G&Gs with more choice of color. The welt, however, is still going to be a little thicker...
Hatch grain is deer skin? Or do you mean copy of reindeer skin? Beautiful shoe.
Any real life photos?
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