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I agree. My 401k as well as trading account is then used as my diversification. My company is somewhat unique in that it grants .75 shares for every 1 purchased that vests after a few years. 
Generally one wouldn't, but it may also be the one company that you have a material advantage over the market in judging. 20% of my pre-tax income goes into my employers stock at the moment as I feel it is undervalued. 
Pure curiosity, how did you play it? 
It is likely because there are no new serious long investors, just people playing vol now.
Lol on oil. Same thing for me. At this point I'm playing the vol on it buying stocks I want low and selling off half my stake when it goes higher.  I have been wondering the same thing about OZM. They are a hedge fund. They are under DOJ and SEC investigation I believe. That said I am adding to the my position over time, although I have other stocks that I prefer that I add to first. 
Such a great thread!
Very nice! Also I like your socks.
Momentum is massive in this sector, was amazing watching nearly every name sell off with similar models like Allergan, Endo and Concordia. I think some of the older names in the pharma sector feel less of this effect but I am not too sure they deserve it. I am much more enthusiastic with the current price level of the sector than I was a few months ago. I think technically there could still be some downside, but overall I now feel like it is a strong long term bet rather...
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