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I'd be very interested to see how they look after polishing. Perhaps you should send a pair to an SF member to polish up and photograph?
Just calculate it as an potential ROI for each. Your network will be the biggest takeaway after you graduate. Look at what industries the alumni are in and which most closely aligned with what you want to do.
God help you if you ever come to New York.   Unipair those Cordovan shoes are beautiful.
Can you let us if you have something with a slightly bigger flaw? I know my dad would love one, but damages anything nice I give him. Ordered three belts from the sale, my poor wallet :).
^ I haven't seen a subway that clean in many many years.
In Meccariello I am a 5.5UK, despite being a 6-6.5UK in most RTW shoes I buy.
Ugh, I just found this page and am sad I missed this. Would have loved to get a hold of a pair.
These are very good looking shoes. Can you add a vibram sole to a stock pair on request?
No perfect match, but a great option to have. Will head over there when back in NYC.
I'm totally biased because I am the same size as you and like the look of them, so you should get rid of them ;). But on a serious note I have a few pairs of shoes that are very similar. For me it depends on the style. If it is a staple shoe in a basic color that I see myself wearing in a few years I will keep it ( I have two pairs of black loafers sitting in my closet unworn). I figure at worst I put it in the box and will take them out when my current pair finally cannot...
New Posts  All Forums: