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I'm sensing some hostility.   Calm down guys. Everyone's situation is different.   Personally I don't want to be living in a 2x2 box in NYC in the next 15 years, I want at least a 6x6 box with a window that I can fit some kids into.   My investment performance is a somewhat critical component of that goal. Cut some slack to GF, no one enjoys losing money.   GF, realize this is temporary and hopefully not too expensive of a lesson in risk tolerance.
Selling these for a friend.   Pair of iconic AE Strands in their last cycle of life. Would make an excellent shoe for going out or other events where you want a nice pair of dress shoes but don't want to worry about them all night.     Sold as is at a handsome discount. Soles are topied, but very soon to be in need of new rubber. Upper leather has some leather starting to separate. I'd estimate another 1.5 years of life on these.   Price does not include shipping,...
Haha I believe you, I've just never seen a mountain ram shoe in person. Not too sure what it would be like.
What differentiates amazing mountain ram from meh mountain ram?
Debating entering into a ZIV position. I like it when it exceeds 21. 
You would have to ask Antonio. I think there has only been one Aurum price increase so far. Still, to my knowledge, by far the best value for a shoe of this quality and customization. 
I had every single one of my credit cards hit by fraud last week of December, so I have been doing well so far on not buying anything while waiting for the new ones to arrive.   Unfortunately that has included things like breakfast...
For some reason it only let me leave feedback on two of my items :/. Really wanted that tie. Got you closer though.​  May the odd be ever in your favor.
I don't think the risk/reward is great right now for oil. Many companies still on the path to BK. It really depends on the individual firm.
Can be done for sure. I know Moulded Shoe in NYC will do it. 
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