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No perfect match, but a great option to have. Will head over there when back in NYC.
I'm totally biased because I am the same size as you and like the look of them, so you should get rid of them ;). But on a serious note I have a few pairs of shoes that are very similar. For me it depends on the style. If it is a staple shoe in a basic color that I see myself wearing in a few years I will keep it ( I have two pairs of black loafers sitting in my closet unworn). I figure at worst I put it in the box and will take them out when my current pair finally cannot...
Historically my other Commado soled shoes haven't worn through their toes. I have a feeling their rubber might be a little inconsistent compared with Dainite rubber. Can you show a picture of the patch? Also how much did you pay? Thanks.
I have a pair of Hiros and find the instep insanely higher, despite never feeling this on any of my other shoes. Is the consensus that they have very high arches? Or did perhaps I simply get a pair with poor QC, because I only really feel it in my left foot.
Interesting. I wonder what happened with mine. The toe on the other one holding up great. Is there some kind of synthetic rubber I can apply in order to prevent the toe wearing down?
On the topic of Carmina, I have the kudu pair but found that the tip of the commando sole wore down and actually broke off really quickly, leaving the leather toe exposed. Anyone else have a similar issue? Makes me a little hesitant to jump on the jumper boots.
Very interesting concept, look forward to seeing more options. Would be great if you knew what part of the shoe you had clicked.
I had the same with Carmina loafers, I just wear thicker socks with them now.
You could very easily add a bar coding system to real time track your inventory. Would cost you the price of a pair or two of shoes.
Yes I went by this as well. My hatchgrain shoes are good for (most) formal or business casual occasions and extremely comfortable, so I wear them often.
New Posts  All Forums: