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As a shorter guy I do not thing these styles work too well. Taylor will work at 5' 8" and you may need to have some work done. Gable would be hard.
contago is 10%+
Although I already answered by PM, for everyone's benefit: If you fit Forest and Inca 6UK and your feet arent particularly wide or long (like mine), then you should be fine with Antonio's 6 UK.  Llubi will be slightly wider, while Forest and Inca will be roughly one par. 
It's like Trumped Up Trickle Down Economics!
Monday post election, although I dont know what the illuminati's book looks like. They haven't let me see it yet. 
Hard to know how the markets will share out. Could be a week could be months. I'd guess on the shorter side as the outflows subside.  You can see the rates every day here: You can see there was a rise on Monday. 
They should settle a bit as people fleeing treasuries stop doing so.  I'm buying some higher duration debt now as I think the rate rise will be gradual.  Still I wouldn't expect much. I model about 3.8% effective when making projections for my investments. 
Ah don't tell me. I am looking at two newbuilds in Austin. This is going to fuck my models up hard.  I do think rates accelerated a little quickly. 
I can to some degree.  Trading is not my specialty, hence I may enter a stock too soon even though my underlying thesis is sound. Thus it makes sense to increase my position size in order to realize a profit on the overall thesis.  I am going long EM debt right now, even though I already had a small position. 
No, because these securities were previously issued at the lower rate. In order to make the value equal to the newer securities, prices have to fall. So it may be a better time to start buying mortgages, but previously purchased ones are worth less.  As an example, imagine if you bought a mortgage for $100 that yields 5%. The mortgage rate is also 5%.  Now the average bond/mortgage yield goes up to 10%.  In order for your old mortgage to match the current market rate (i.e....
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