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Funny, I actually really liked the shape of the last one.In the past for the Damascus Charlie was nice enough to send me a picture of the whole selection and let me choose which one I liked.
SVB did you pick up the last small pair from the sale section?
Buy it. I went back and forth between that one and the blue cashmere POW for hours. Honestly it's an amazing and really versatile jacket.
Hmm, some interesting questions. I'd recommend Lords of Strategy to read to understand how the industry emerged and got to where it is today. There is another, if very dry, book called Strategy Safari that explains where the schools of strategy are today. Data wise there are a lot of major and niche data providers depending on the industry. Really at a middle management level a lot of it would come down to the case practice you would do in your MBA. If you can find a...
Just ordered! I'm eyeing that french terry hoody too.
Can you explain the benefits of butterfly vs half?
I know all these places because of Hulu's Fugget About It original series :).
I notice the deerskin gloves listed as XS rather than S even though their a 7.5. Why is that?
Mine were similar FYI. Within a month they were perfect.
Hey Steve, 80% for curiosity sakes but 20% temptation what is the price on the 6UK pair?
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