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Within a week according to Mike's recent post.
I read this Seeking Alpha article this morning and think it does a good job of quantifying the situation.  http://seekingalpha.com/article/3625216-pbms-boot-philidor-how-will-it-affect-valeant Note that I have no idea who the author is. 
I have one. Is a great looking leather in person, pictures don't capture it well IMHO.
Rivet Chinos for sale. All inseams are 32". Retail for $135   I have a handful of great rivet chinos, but unfortunately they just are just a bit too tight so letting them go to a new home.   French Blue Canvas, Burgundy Canvas and Rust Corduroy - $45 each + shipping   Mint Twill - $30 plus shipping Back seem has been opened so a tailor would need to put it back together. Great way to get a deal on a pair of pants if you normally need the waist taken in or...
I am. Double check with Antonio the IBAN was correct. Otherwise you may need to call Transfer Wise support and ask what is going on. Their KYC compliance software is super jumpy.
Yes it does. 
Yeah, as a rumor I have heard Andrew Left/ Citron seemed to act with a group of people before publishing his report so are partially responsible for your losses there. Personally I am adding below $110 for technical reasons. 
At the end of the day math plays a large role in judgement of fair value. I don't think this move in any way correlates with the magnitude of the effect this will have. Will probably scare away a lot of day traders looking to make a quick buck though if they don't have the stomach for the volatility. 
Market reaction to that news is... interesting. It is. I am very confident in making it.  Not the Valeant board, according to WSJ. "The cloud over Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. grew larger with the resignations of two of the five independent directors of Sequoia Fund Inc., one of the drug maker’s largest shareholders"
I very likely will as they vest.  My old company gave a discount and had only a 3 month restriction, which was a great plan but they limited it to only 10% of your salary. My current one is basically a 43% discount, but that is a serious vesting period. 
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