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We will find out in literally the last moments of negotiations.
It's amazing if you take a week off how quickly you can start missing things. I'm personally moving into a job where I will be focused on Pharma too, so spending a lot of time trying to learn that industry. Good resources anyone has much appreciated. Will be nice being in the client side of things though. MC I'm heavy in REITs now too along with you. Mostly in my tax advantaged accounts since I think the high average discount to book make them worth the interest rate risk....
Wow, I am clearly not even close to paying attention. In all fairness it is my week off between jobs :).
I can't even find a reason for this drop. You?
Yup the topy is simply glued on.   It is best for when it comes time to replace it since it can be switched without much fuss.
PM me about what kind of price. I like all the stuff you are selling.
Also in the same boat. Not sure what is going on there that causes it to keep dropping.
Very cool piece.
You sold this in the end?
Very cool series, thanks for sharing! I always wondered what it looked like since I get half rubber on all of mine.
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