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I actually do split living between two places with enough EP gear in each. 
Are any of those ring jackets EU or US sizes?   Also I want full deets on the Cheadle! 
I looked that up already ;). Not sure what size 5'8", 150lbs translates into. Also that google search is going to make my ads really weird. 
I kind of want the Don Cheadle suit just to have it.    What size is it?
Energy and Healthcare down, now time to short info tech I guess?
Considering it isn't highly expected, yes. A bit like Brexit where most presumed it wouldn't happen. 
Where did you see $16B of debt reduction?  Interesting view on the criminal probe. 
Sometimes auction behavior goes the opposite way. I've seen some of your auctions get bid up to near market price levels 2-3 days before ending. Usually on an item I want :/.
Trying to follow my lead? 
I don't believe so, but I think you need a 10k minimum balance to be able to open an account. 
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