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While I am not sure, based on the shoulder fit I got I would say seem to seem. Even with the tailoring it is still a good deal though. Since you are in LA you shouldn't be afriad of buying your first one at Khakis to get your exact size down.
I'd disagree with you on that. I find wet leather to start to degrade very very quickly and become slippery on smooth surfaces (ex. the banks where a handful of SF members work).
Obscure expression perhaps. It is impossible to know the different fits without trying them first, as without english translations you are guessing which is which.
Interesting. Carmina doesn't actually use Dainite, they use their own version. I found it super comfortable after a few minutes.
I just kind of went for it. Shoulder measurement was fine, the rest will be tailored. It's really a pot luck when it comes to the various fits. I'd go to the armoury and figure out how you fit in the 184.
I have both soles so I can comment. Tomir is awesome, but at the same time it's not a full rubber sole. Dainite will be more flexible and more waterproof. The shoe on Dainite will also need no break in.   Personally I would go for Dainite since that would be an awesome wet weather show in Dainite. The Tomir is nice, but the middle will still get soaked and scuffed in a decent amount of wet.
You can always sell it at cost and then buy another one when they re-stock.
It is a huge pain, but happens on my carminas a little too. A cobbler can replace the toe with caps.
I actually think with Carmina it is a matter of pricing. At the beginning Epaulet was the main place to get Carmina and the only place to try it on. Now there are a huge number of constant GMTOs run by people who exclusively do MTOs and provide non stop dedicated shoe service and fitting advice. It's a hard market to compete. No one else really does Aldens the same way.
Yes it is. Although I may just have publicly scarified my source for ring jacket deals :).
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