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I'm up about 20% this year if I exclude VRX, CHK and TDW.   Excluding just VRX I'm still up about 15%.   If look compared to last year though in total I'm down like 20%. 
Very cool, if only the shoulders were smaller.
I think one could pretty easily provided a drakes inspired tie at that price point. Sure you won't get the exact quality of material or made in England designation, but you could prob get 80% of the way there for a fraction of the price.  I think what Drakes has done best lately though is textured ties. I think E. Marinella is the best inspiration for printed silk. 
While I prefer the birdseye as a fabric I think the sharksin would be better as separates and as a DB. Brown can be a bit hard to pair though. 
Drop to $60
I sold off my NLY due to the weakening yieldcurve. Taking about a 15% profit overall on that position.  I have a stake in GLF but I'm not adding at all. The OSV market is in a terrible state. 
Twill is one of the most naturally wrinkle resistant fabrics out there, I'd be extremely surprised if they were comparable. 
I'm super excited for your polos. Sadly nothing OTR fits me.
XS fits me perfectly but is tight on the chest. If it's half a size I'll prob change my order from S to XS. 
How much larger?
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