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What's the best way to get in touch with Mike?
My discretionary portfolio is about 25% of my overall portfolio. That 25% is down about 30% overall, since many of my picks, such as GE and GM have done well, I harvested some (bought and sold my TDW position twice for a 50% profit each time) and my mREITs have provided a positive return overall. That said I don't have that much invested yet. I moved and furnished a new place so that ate up much of my cash reserve, so hopefully my future returns will be far better.
Was the majority of my positions. Down about 80% on some investments and 60% on others (such as CHK).
As a company I like BX and would be willing to invest in them. Need to do a lot more research though about the current situation. A friend alerted me to NMM which I really like. Seems like one should at the very least get their money back over the next 2-3 years. Everything beyond that is essentially upside. Cash flows for the next 2 years can easily cover distributions. 
It looks like the Samuelsohn has roped shoulders?
Just a PSA, anyone sleeping on those donegal tweed LBM jackets should absolutely pick them up now.   I tried them on and sadly the fit just doesn't work for me, but the fabric easily rivals some of the best I've ever felt.   I can't imagine a better brunch or evening casual jacket given the super soft construction and liveliness of the donegal. 
Italian post is really awful so he is forced to use DHL. As Diadem says he also doesn't have a high enough volume to get favorable rates. Of course this means we should order more.
I would love to own some Aramco, but one of two things would happen: 1. I get no shares, because they are all spoken for 100x over2. I get shares because they are so obscenely expensive that no professional investor would touch them.  Fun blurb from the Economist:"By the standards of national oil monopolies, analysts say that Aramco is well run. In the 1940s and 1950s, when the American consortium recruited young Saudis, it was an “unlikely union of Bedouin Arabs and Texas...
I would argue it's a time to buy a tranche. Given the vol I would split my buying into at least four chunks to cry and get a decent average price.I'm going to start adding more XOM and BP. The situation is very different than when I initially began my oil investments. While I am happy to have my shale plays, they will either buy off big or die, so no need to be raising the stakes. XOM and BP can survive until the Saudi's begin pushing the price back up.
I would hardly call you a mild failure, not even considering that you say you didn't start from much. Statistically you seem to have surpassed the vast majority of Americans and be easily in some of top standard of living globally. That is a successes by any measure not even considering your potential background. I've read that most people only have something like 10k for their retirement.  That said, everyone is different. Both my parents worked their way up and provided...
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