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Yup! Sound perfect for a shorter guy like me. Hopefully the sleeve pitch and everything is spot on. When is the next time theyll be there for MTM?
What are the MTO options?
^ That is excellent advice. It's all about how you frame it and structure. Ideally you're having a conversation about your achievements and where your abilities would be best utilized and what is prohibiting that now.
Very cool, thanks!
Would be much appreciated if you took pictures of the radica offerings so SF members could request it for MTOs. Would help to create some pull for you.
Interesting and no idea if I'd fit them from that. If you're in London perhaps I'd come and try them in person?
Awesome, although actually meant MTM, depending on how they fit me.
Dark brown. Ill see if I can get pictures around at some point and post them here.
Can you give some details of what you fit well in other shoes? Particularly Carmina and Allen Edmonds if you have experience.   Also is "D" narrow or standard width?
Upon inspecting the two it seems like Epaulet was referring to their scotch grain, where as the antiqued calf does not :).   How does the oscar fit compared to rain and forest? I can fit into the two, but tend to prefer them in extra wide.
New Posts  All Forums: