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Blue pair is a test shoe, second is an Aurum. Antonio can quote on current prices.  Keep in mind that I designed them so it doesn't reflect house style ;). The goal of that picture though was simply to show creasing performance, so it was taken from a 90 degree angle. The in person beauty of the toe design is lost because of the angle, the mirror polish and lack of camera quality.    They are based off of a more typical Japanese style which does tend to be shorter than...
Maybe a good way to offset some bond exposure in my conservative portfolio.
You should ask him on this one. The test shoe will come first, then you can probably have the second two shipped together. Not sure if the savings will be worth it on shipping. 
Yes I have. He quotes you accurate times depending on his workload and sets expectations, so if he is saying 5 months I'd expect that.  Not to be dramatic, but the craftmanship was some of the best I've ever seen. The waist is beautiful, incredibly sculpted. The depth of color and finish is great. Antonio's house style really comes through. You won't get the extreme "this is art and not to be worn" level of finishing you see on bespoke G&G or some of the Japanese makers,...
Good points.  I think we are in for only one or maybe two raises though. 
Sold out of MU today with a 17% profit. 
Late night cellphone order for the oxford grey to complete my flannel collection.
Hmmm, interesting. Again not willing to comment here other than to say I think this puts down a lot of the rumors that were originally circulating. On a broader scope unrelated to this case, how strong are controls required to be? If someone is lying about having a financial stake in a company, what is a company's responsability to get to the truth there?PB?
Care to expand on this? I won't comment but I'm curious to hear more.
I use one.  On one hand the tax advantage is great, on the other I avoid care unless it's a serious emergency because my costs and deductable are so high. The first year on an HSA is brutal because you have no reserve. I now fund it 100% for the year in the first two months. 
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