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Why sell at the low point? It's the first time in a long while that valuations aren't looking crazy high. 
We're talking no real volume here other than one big buyer.  IMO I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few shorting algos at work given the constantly low volume. Whoever the buyer is has me impressed with their trading skill. 
Thoughts on ALFA? Given their holding my thought is that it is a good way to play the biotech rebound. 
I have a few pairs of Meermin.   Honestly I've never been happy that I bought a pair. Not nearly as comfortable so they get little wear and then stay less comfortable. Really only good for events where your shoes might get damaged.    I find my Carminas marginally more comfortable than my Aldens as they are lighter. I also find them more comfortable when I put them on than my Aldens, as it feels like my Aldens take some time to adjusted to my feet during the day....
I would be interested too. But I own a handful of both and I'm very certain it is accurate.  Only area where Alden beats Carmina is that Carmina's commando sole isn't so tough. 
Wow. Love those boots.
If only it was my size.
Congrats! Never thought I would have a real reason to want to be on Long Island again ;).   Does this mean us locals will have a place to drop off merchandise?!
If it was a small I would have bought it already!
I think this hoodie needs to be called out for flying under the radar despite being exceptional and unique:   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/hybrid-thermal-pullover-hoodie-black   This thing is basically the perfect layering piece. It's extremely comfortable and you don't overheat at all due to the mesh in the back. I stopped into the Brooklyn store today and wasn't even in the market for a new hoodie, but this guy blew me away. Highly recommended,...
New Posts  All Forums: