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You should make a video of this :) 
In my experience I have not seen this on any of my stratfields, either rusticalf or bridle. I do have to do a small dance to get them off though sometimes, they lock in place very well.
This is harder said than done now given the rise of ETFs
Keep in mind H1B isn't only for Tech. My family came over to the USA on an H1B.    The program could certainly use some streamlining and changes in many aspects, but immigrants are essential in many industries to supplement a lack of domestically produced skilled labor. 
I think you also tried to put me in jail ;). 
Realistically I've only ever been in one meeting where the number of PhDs in a firm has come up and it was a scientific consultancy.  If you have an MBA and JD I struggle to think of something you aren't qualified for unless you're looking for new connections or a very specific field. 
To be honest I do not remember. If you send Antonio the picture he will though.  They are one of my favorite pairs of summer shoes. 
Blue pair is a test shoe, second is an Aurum. Antonio can quote on current prices.  Keep in mind that I designed them so it doesn't reflect house style ;). The goal of that picture though was simply to show creasing performance, so it was taken from a 90 degree angle. The in person beauty of the toe design is lost because of the angle, the mirror polish and lack of camera quality.    They are based off of a more typical Japanese style which does tend to be shorter than...
Maybe a good way to offset some bond exposure in my conservative portfolio.
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