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When are the pebbeled grain 6.5E StCs going up?
Mind snapping a few pictures? I'm especially interested in the sheerness. 
Anyone have any of the Thomas Mason linen shirts? Would love to see pictures and hear about it.   Have been on the fence on picking on up with this promo.
 Antonio's website just takes a step longer than most and removes it when you enter your shipping address and credit card number on your first order. Once you have already ordered it will auto deduct VAT on future orders once you log in.  If it doesn't work after that try deleting cookies on your browser.
Sadly I can't fit into the 10UK. Already bid on the current 6.5 one. What else in 6/6.5/7 is in the pipeline?
Why E width and not F :(. 
I'm still waiting to see how the kudu bag came out!
This is investing, does one invest for interest or return? What CVS and Express Scripts do is extremely boring, yet it provides an excellent return for them. The original VRX thesis was that "super major" type companies didn't always make sense in pharma. That a late stage company specializing in commercialization could be far more efficient and profitable than a fully integrated one. The rise of Valeant, Concordia, Mallinkrodt, Endo ect all prove this thesis was valid...
I gift you with inspiration then, although I posted these earlier in the thread too.      
I should have held out another week for the marine goat!   Now I'll need to buy another watch so I have an excuse for an extra strap!
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