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This made me laugh, but at the same time a little depressed. 
Any interest? PM me.
Yes. Probably should have just said that :). Upon thinking about it 80% of the indicators could be defined quantitatively. Only 20% or so was intuition.  I recall reading once (I think in Moonwalking with Einstein) about how chess masters could immediately pick up on likely moves by looking at a chess board at a certain stage of the game but when it was attempted with pieces in positions they couldn't naturally reach their prediction performance became equal to that of a...
I thought the same until I worked with a trader from a major hedge fund. Was amazing watching him trade and he was right more often than not. There is certainly a science to it along with instinct and he was very good at telling when something was turning against him.  That said those automated technical indicators are useless IMO for anything other than stock discovery. Using Thomson Reuters Eikon one could screen for multiple technical indicators and usually 1/3 of those...
Can you PM me pricing details on this? I love the L&R with the buckle system.
Agreed. The lower prices are the premium for that risk. I like BP.
I have been doing the opposite. The majors are valued as if oil prices are much higher than they are. Sure that is fair given their safety (if Exxon can't produce at these prices then who can, so they will go up before the company could ever go under), but it really limits the upside and I think there could be stagnation for a while as prices just sit.  Instead I am pushing cash into the riskier ones. If oil goes up soon I can always sell some of the early gains and put it...
I agree with this. My first pair was like a well fitting RTW, the second pair then fit very very well and by the third pair they felt bespoke. My newest test pair is more comfortable than I thought a shoe could be. So there is continual improvement. That said I ordered a long time ago when Antonio was just starting to take online orders, so the process was a little tougher. Many of those issues have been worked out and the first shoe will fit more like my second pair.
Yeah I have so much oil and am taking so much in the way of paper losses. I went in knowing that and have made some really good trades, still sucks to see your account shrink so much in value.
Bleeding so much through CHK. Don't mind holding it for the long term, but ruining my return numbers.
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