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Already have an MSc, not sure if I want to spend the time and money on an MBA at this point.
Good question, but hard to know other than that it will be in finance. Like not in investment management either.
Yeah I've been told as much. Wondering if it is still prudent long term and worth the money and time.
I ended up moving into an M&A/BD role at a F500. Debating if doing the CFA still makes sense. Thoughts?
Yes it does, my Scott has become very flexible and supple over time.  Also sent you a PM. Some great stuff in clearance. 
How is the colored compared to the Scott? Also what widths is it offered in? Didn't think one could possible make a belt more durable than the Scott...
Long term I'm not sure. Those assets have real value. They will figure out a way to drive costs down. Not to mention if someone just bought them and their service provider out they would be able to be rid of the contracts dragging down CHK.  Up 22% now since yesterday. I think that will drop back down to the 8 level soon.
up 11% since opening. I'm kicking myself here. 
Taking a huge hit on CHK today. CEO really hit the stock hard with his comments about no material price appreciation for a while.    At $7 I'm just sad I'm out of cash to buy more.
Bought some DX today.   At this point I'm basically building up a lifetime supply of REITs, will harvest the dividends and never buy more.
New Posts  All Forums: