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I may be interested in the loafers depending on how my extra wide rain pair turns out.
Is that an option? Grey rain loafer?
 In the US no problem. I have a similar pair in the Forest last that I wear all the time to important events.
It is a nice school and a good program, but not an MBA. You are given technical training rather than leadership training. Masters have this annoying habit of not enhancing your salary much more than a year of simply working. Many employers also lump a masters in with an undergrad degree. I know with mine many US and UK based employers say that they simply don't care much. It is much more essential in Germany and France. By and large I'd only do the MSc Fin if you lack a...
Counter intuitively I have found that slightly thicker wool socks can make a tighter shoe more comfortable and aid it molding to your foot. Since I have a slightly odd toe shape, I often have to put up with this for the first few weeks with an otherwise well fitting shoe.
I personally agree, but often have ended up with a pair that doesn't fit and I'd have to take a decent loss to sell (especially in a size 6UK). In those cases, or if another last is not offered, it can be worth it. My feet went through hell to get a pair of Uetem suede loafers to fit, but in the end they became very comfortable and I enjoy wearing them. I'd never do it again, but good to know for next time in case I get a deal I can't pass up on a pair.
Is there any way that you've gotten around this? I have the same issue.
I have the same problem and it means my half size up Uetem loafers are not worn often. I had a very painful break in period, but now they fit reasonable well.
Wow, beautiful!   What kind of construction is that? Moccasin?
Perfect, as that is just what I needed to make it fit better.   I really like that makeup of yours.
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