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Thank god, I was worried they were my size. I'm moving and really shouldn't be adding new shoes to the collection. The blue shell was awesome though.
Those EGs are UK 7.5 right?   Also are all of the Carminas 8UK?
Can you give us a cliff notes version? I am interested. I always thought that even if you've had 11 in a row then the next is still 50/50 because you are betting on that instance, not on the cumulative instance (even if there was a terribly low probability that the previous would occur). On second thought PM me the answer. I am an XOM fan, although not trading at the discount I would like. At the same time oil is now trading at $60 WTI and yet prices are back to where they...
I like that design! ;) Haas is very well regarded, although I have commonly heard Annonay called #1. Frankly either would be considered excellent if someone sold me a pair of shoes.
FYI whoever I made the call to get out of SCTY at 57-59 range with, seems we made a good call.
I do the same. Any detail you don't specify he will match himself. He has an excellent eye for these things. Only thing is the lining will be natural if not specified, which I know is something people like to control.
Yup. Only a small handful of randoms for me. Been buying a huge amount of energy though. Let's hope long term that pays off.
Brand, but supposedly the last of the hand curried leather. He wrote some info about the skins he found here: http://meccariello-calzoleria.tumblr.com/post/98483505970/the-original-box-calf http://meccariello-calzoleria.tumblr.com/post/98484169240/moccasin-made-of-vintage-pebody-of-northampton-box
My Aurum pair is being made in black Peabody calf. Very excited. 
Wish I had seen that post earlier!
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