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I think your design is solid and I really like it. The case backs are a nice touch. The price point overall is good for someone who wants a nicer watch but doesn't know too much about watches.  That said, it is a big watch, which I think rules out 30% of the male population. Big watches do seem to finally be losing some of their luster or at least the ever growing size race has stopped. Overall though I don't think this matters that much. You're launching a niche brand and...
You're missing two things here: 1. On my point your missing the logic puzzle for the math. I'm not suggesting not prepaying. I'm simply saying in structuring the prepayment it would make sense to:            a. Pay the amount you owe           b. Putting the excess you want to pay above what you owe into a CDWhy? Because putting in excess and giving to the bank provides you no financial cushion and no interest, you just shorten the term. You can achieve the same thing AND...
What's the bull case?
After looking at your watches, I really like the design and the enamaled dial. My critique would be that, given the protruding lugs, it would be too big for someone with a smaller wrist.  So also offering a 36mm would be a great second option.  Also I like roman numerals, but would be great to have the option for arabic numbers as well. 
I have had good experiences with Chino.  I really need to get some pictures up.  Speaking of watch size, the SARX019 is 40mm and doesn't look big on my small wrists, so it can be done with careful design. The SARX029 is my favorite. 
My point is you get 0 interest saving paying the mortgage down, your payment just ends early. Your payment doesn't decrease with an overpayment.  It makes more sense to stick the overpayment money in a CD, then when you have enough to fully prepay the mortgage you do so. Thereby you have recieved the interest savings and the additional interest that the overpayment money wouldnt have earned if you gave it to the bank early.   The only reason to maintain a mortgage is the...
If only you had his Captain Planet suit too....
In theory if one was sure they could do it, it would make sense to set aside all pre-payments in a CD or another insured but interest bearing account and pay it off at the end.  Money pre-provided to the bank essentially gets you nothing except ending the mortgage earlier, since as Piobare points out the amount of the monthly payment is set at the start of the loan and can never change. 
Interesting, I had the same issue with my aurum compared to my test shoe, but it improved considerably with time.  If it does not simply write to Antonio and he can provide small leather inserts for the back I believe. 
I think Seiko makes up for this on some of their JDM models. 
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