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So to be clear you can modify everything but just the shoulder is limited? Or only the shoulder can be modified in MTO?
That is not much of a shoulder modification! I guess if you can modify everything else it's easy enough to work around though.
If I was just starting out it's probably the watch I'd buy as a dress watch (although potentially the 36mm and not the 40mm), but nothing special. I could still buy a Seiko for 50% less or a nicer Seiko for only a little more. 
What fabrics?
Picked up the enameled dial SARX019, will try to get some real pictures soon. Picked up the laquored SARX029 as well, but will wait for my birthday to open that one.   
What are the MTM options for suits from the new factory? Excited to try it. 
Keep in mind S&P has performed exceptionally well and so has bonds.  I have my 401k in index funds and then a robinhood account (no trading fees) on the side. It lets me both have the bulk of my money in the simple account while taking advantage of opportunities I see arising.  My company just started offering a Roth 401k, so I am contributing into it for a 100% bond allocation to preserve capital for now. I don't mind taking some risks with a 401k since the money is...
No surprise. With how few people have saved for retirement (or in general) when the market becomes attractive enough people will start to work. I think people have forgotten just how expensive it is to work.  I have a friend who works in NJ. If he choose to live at home with family I'd spend $800+ a month on LIRR and NJ Transit just to get to his office and then still have a 40 min walk if he didn't want to keep a car here.  If he drove from LI he'd have to pay about $35 a...
Maybe I'm in the wrong side of things!
You'd be surprised, the hardest working R&D people are never where you expect. Gilead's drug was engineered brilliantly. I always use it as a story when trying to disprove the cure vs treatment conspiracy people get into, but they never really listen. 
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