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I'm surprised to hear that the boot will be available in wide. I was told that Carmina would only now do an order in wide if it was for the entire group.   I really like the kudu jumper boot, it's my go to boot for casual days.
With jeans either would be fine. I personally am a smaller guy and tend to go for the thinner one, but I also dress much more formally for work. After work I wear a 40mm.
Given the recent strength of the USD that is becoming a very tempting price.
I don't mean from a Carmina price point, but in general.All the standards are of a Carmina shoe are built to be a top quality dress shoe that are very well finished. In the end the creasing of the leather may make it only acceptable in street situations and defeat the point of the high end finishing. I am generally, unless there is something really interesting like the Kudu boot, willing to spend less on a street shoe. This could just be because I am in NYC and my street...
I could see it being done well depending on the design. I really like the simple cap toe of the Kudu boots. The issue is that CXL does wrinkle really easily, hence why many have chosen to go with a grain leather as in the make up above (which I'd absolutely do if Carmina still did wide sizes). The shoe may look great at the start, but the CXL would lose all dressy aspects after a few wears. That may be cool, but you're paying a dress shoe price for a street shoe. At the...
You are right :). I got confused between which leather question and which last question! My mistake.
Yes that is what I referring to. In the picture Antonio labels them model Quintus and on his tumblr he has Quintus as "Chiselled".
Sadly is a very well fitting MTO that will stay with me for a while. What are the terms of selling things through LuxSwap? I may have some things to send your way soon.
To answer the question that is his "chiseled" Aurum last, which is the actual name of the last.   I have a pair in that last and I like it very much. It takers a narrow welt or thick welt very well, so I'd suggest you specify which one you want when you go for it.
I generally go light grey, but I see no reason you couldn't go dark.
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