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Literally nothing more than gambling at this point. I wouldn't think too much of it. 
Yup. it does fluctuate a bit back and forth. Too down though and people may panic.
I went heavy XIV this morning, got in around $23, not trading around $34. Will probably sell out at some point soon. Pays off the massive loss I had when buying in at $36...   I do honestly believe this may be the start of a strong correction though. 
I really like OZM, but my biggest issue with them is the annoying K-1 form unless you do them in a tax free account.
Going in with a big bet on XIV today. Statistically it has a chance of working in my favor, but could also go very badly very quickly. Just waiting for the funds to hit my Tradeking account. Would have been up $2 per share if I had the funds cleared to buy at 37 :(.
http://vixcentral.com/   :O
I'm out of cash in my accounts at the moment, but TDW is an amazing price right now. Absolutely massive discount to book. Far greater than if they were to just liquidate. Considering how fractured the OSV industry is others will go bust long before them and drive prices back up.
Me too. I don't even want to look anymore. 
That is something he does very well. He will e-mail you a price list for Argentum and Aurum, depending what level you want.​ I'd advise doing a test shoe and an aurum or just an Argentum for your first shoe until you've nailed the fit. Generally there is a base rate + extra for last modifications. Wholecut/seamless/special leather are where the upcharges get serious.
I think modern CPI really fails to capture the price dichotomy that has emerged. We can literally make all non commodities and food items cheaper and cheaper, while products of the same quality becomes increasingly more expensive. CPI takes into account the first part but not really the second.
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