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Color wise I'd describe them as bone. You can darken them or make them a bit of a golden color. They brush well. Property wise it is less like an oiled leather and almost like a suede. Very comfortable and soft with a good amount of give. The hand is soft and ever so slightly textured unless you brush it smooth.  They are one of my favorite boots to wear mid season. Really can't beat the comfort.
Beautiful leather!
Can you elaborate more? I have done well on XIV and ZIV over the past few days, but my big winner has been Santader (SAN).  A friend looked over their valuation and liked it, with a $7 as a prime entry target. Anecdotaly I have seen their branches popping up all over NYC and and NJ and figured they are making a big push into the US, so I bought a small stake. Anyone here have an opinion?
Antonio is a good judge so it should be fine, unless you have specific issues you need addressed. My feet are wide and my little toe sticks out more than average but my heel is is not wide, which Antonio accounts for on all my shoes.  All my shoes are actually now based off the rounded last of the Tan pair I had made since it fits so well. No test shoes are needed size wise, but I had one done last because of the new last shape.
Generally no, you just need one. That said, if you alter the last you may want one. Since I altered the toe shape and had no idea how it would work I out I requested one on my previous shoe.
Toe Chisel. My last two shoes have been modified lasts. 
Mike, I think you may have missed my last post, but when will Rudys be coming in from the last EFF round?
Yes he does an excellent job with them. Especially lately with his Aurum lasts.  I was very demanding with this last one though, happy how it turned out from the pictures. 
In the end I went no laces and no medallion to show off the texture of the leather.  I also really like the way my test pair looks with no laces. That said, from what I have seen of examples Antionio does a better job with the laces than most. 
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