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I just say Razldazzle whenever I buy something now. Sometimes I get strange looks, sometimes $5 off.
IB is generally the cheapest out there for most kind of trading.
Sadly not really. I used Epaulet's Medium page this time around though.  https://medium.com/tag/epaulet
In 6.5? Actually saw the StC Drakes when I was at the Drakes shop in London.
Willing to be flexible on price? Thinking of turning the linen ones into shorts.
Give that he has done a seamless wholecut boot, most likely. 
Thanks! Your pictures really sold me on it!
When are the pebbeled grain 6.5E StCs going up?
Mind snapping a few pictures? I'm especially interested in the sheerness. 
Anyone have any of the Thomas Mason linen shirts? Would love to see pictures and hear about it.   Have been on the fence on picking on up with this promo.
New Posts  All Forums: