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While a bit on the shorter side I think the jacket fits you well. Shorter jackets have been the style for a while.   Essentially if I was going MTM I'd request a longer jacket if I were you. For OTR I think it is a really good fit and the jacket looks good on you.   Do you guys offer a MTM overcoat?
Owning plenty of both I can attest to this. Construction is very good. Epaulet fabrics are nicer than the old pair of SM s120s I have, but also more than double the price. Certainly a place for both in my wardrobe. 
I also never realized that there was a 10% off for SF members. I often want things but find myself shying away from ordering once I saw the shipping costs, not going to another affiliate but rather just not ordering them. The $75 free shipping cap does make me feel better about that though. For my nicer purchases I have accepted that Hanger Project is more of a luxury provider and not trying to sell me the basics. I once had a package never arrive (the only time it has...
I was actually up about an hour ago, back down again into the negative now though.
Oil stocks seem to keep crashing further and further, although I guess that is to be expected. Long term there is probably some very good but very high risk money on the table if you can pick the survivors. CHK is a good example of a company I had high hopes for, but only really had/has only short term liquidity. CORR is a stock/REIT I really like right now. I'm personally surprised to see VRX going as low as it is, but obviously there is bias there. Putting myself in the...
Thanks! Actually meant the otherone! oops!
Yup I thought about that too. Still looking through the numbers with him. 
That was the thought. On top of that there is probably enough US volume to consolidate shipping and then redirect in the US.
Measurements on the BB1 overcoat?
In the past he has had an upcharge to modify the last and an upcharge to modify the pattern. 
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