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 I do, although not in front of me. I recall the hazel being slightly darker, although the walnut got very close after a coat of neutral polish. More than close enough to wear together.
Color and amount of burnishing/ antiquing are up to you. My first pair, for instance, had much stronger antiquing compared to the tan ones above. I'd recommend you do one at a time (unless you're going with trial shoes) because even though the fit it is great (which I'd define as being as good as a well fitting Carmina last), it only become perfect on the second pair.
Yup. My last pair was Aurum lasted. These were a Japanese last he modified that he thought would fit my foot well (wide forefoot with a standard heel). You can see the difference between the two below.
Guess he is working on a Saturday. Picture of how the above single monks came out:    
Guess I'll share my latest project. Just a simple single monk for work in the summer.  
I think you may be richer than I am :).
Everything Antonio has made for me has always come out brilliantly, so I look forward to seeing yours. Mind if I ask what the Carpincho up charge was?
Welcome! I certainly see the need for in between sizes.   That said, will you be offering more standard work type apparel (i.e. without the pocket flap)? Sadly I spend most of my days wearing a white shirt.   Your pocket squares also look amazing.
About what time?
I am US based, although currently in the UK. I have a variety of polishes though and could certainly take some interesting pictures around London. Sole options will be great. So would flat versus round lace options.
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