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Test shoes arrived last night (only 5 days by DHL, not bad) and I tried them around the office today. I am very impressed with just how comfortable the design is, despite being a side elastic. The shoe itself walks like an oxford but is as comfortable as a loafer.   Now I just need to tweak the design before the final. I'll post some pictures for feedback tomorrow. I am considering if I want to change the size of the toe box for aesthetic reasons on the toe box as well...
What is everyone's opinion on GM? The price builds in -1% EPS growth for the next 5 years where as analysts are predicting EPS growth. Is there any reason that GM's EPS should fall? Not to mention they pay a 4% dividend that makes waiting comfortable. 
Although I'm not T4, I think it is just what he calls the styles. He called mine the same.  I spoke to him about faux laces and he said it is doable so it is just a choice on the part of the person who commissions the shoe. 
If I still lived there I promise I would buy one!
I really like that shoe T4.   My test shoes arrived today. Very excited to wear them around the office tomorrow.
A few REITs that I understand well mainly. NLY, O and STAG. NLY is an mREIT. Their performance has been incredibly poor in the recently volatile rate environment. Shareholders are also displeased as their refusal to pursue buy backs despite a 20%+ discount to book. Core earnings has also been too low, at 25c, to cover the 30c dividend for 2Qs. Even with the probable book value decrease and likely dividend cut it's a stock I don't mind owning since I don't see them...
Very cool! Would have loved one while I was in London, although I must have been given 50 free plastic ones from various promotions while there. 
Has anyone else been buying up BHI? The merger builds in an 8% profit at the currency price, but I think I have over invested since it is nearly 20% of my portfolio at this point.   Also went on a REIT buying spree today.
Congrats Charlie!
Yes there is, but it is reasonable. If you just show him the picture he will know, he uses a different name for it. Edit: I found the e-mail and he calls it Catherine leather. Surcharge was below 100 EUR. It is an incredibly durable leather, one of my favorite to wear and very easy to brush back to a shine. He did a really good job with the toe polishing so that they look perfectly formal.
New Posts  All Forums: