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I'm starting to think you guys plan these things around when I'm in meetings or just leaving the office. 
Rick, Do you have any real life pictures of your spread and full spread collars?
Thanks guys :).   Even if logic says I shouldn't worry, I'd rather check with other than be the idiot who poisoned himself. Considering the recommendations for 72 hours for some cuts I figured it wasn't a major issue.
Right, that is what I have read. I am just wondering if it is actually something I should worry about or if what I am doing is safe.
I actually tried it a handful of times using frozen eye round with good results. I found the texture depends mostly on the amount of salt I put in. Too much gets mushy and too little the steak reminds surprisingly tough. I'm worried from a more food safety perspective. I had read somewhere that it is possible to develop bacteria without the presence of oxygen.
That was me. I had really really wanted those last time they were on sale. Left work literally one minute before the announcement. I was very happy to see them reappear.  Mike, Are the rivets up on Medium?
I do tend to add vinegar to mine. Is 2.5 pH the necessary pH? I do appreciate the comments, can't say I'm an accomplished chef. As a second question: is there any issue with me preparing a steak sous vide overnight? My work schedule requires that my food be ready when I wake up so I can quickly box it and take it to work, which would mean a ~8 hour cook time.
 Could one simply make a brine to do the same thing?
If I recall the older models did not have the insignia. 
Process/ Recipes? 
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