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I actually had the chance to study this topic during an incentives economics class. It doesn't really change the outcome much in studies that have been done on the topic unless the number of bidders are limited.  [[SPOILER]]
I highly recommend these. I tried them on at the styleforum trunk show and have been happily wearing them ever since.The shearling keeps you warm without overheating your hands. The leather is some of the softest I've felt and provides a really good tactile feel on most surfaces.Effectively they are the perfect mid season to winter gloves that are a great balance of warmth and feel. My only regret is that I got sent a second pair due to a shipping error and didn't hide...
Can you post some pictures?
Sadly a little too big in the chest and a little long, or would have happily taken it :(.
I thought it was interesting, thanks for sharing.
Even with free shipping there is a surchage to ship to the USA.
One of the wider lasts.
Having a friend in the part time program I've heard the same thing from them as well as seen it in practice. NYU is very well regarded. There is always a really big recognition bump when you're in the same region as the school. Welcome to NYC if you didn't already live here.
I'm surprised to hear that the boot will be available in wide. I was told that Carmina would only now do an order in wide if it was for the entire group.   I really like the kudu jumper boot, it's my go to boot for casual days.
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