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I'm excited to receive my shirt so that I can get at some of those interesting fabrics.   Regarding the suit, I could send you one to duplicate, but I like soft nearly unlined shoulders. What is the turn around?
How variable is the construction? Can you do something like a soft shoulder?
Hah, don't remind me! The belt is a graduation gift for myself, so I wanted something special. My Equus belts have lasted so long so far that I presume that they will be good for life, hence don't mind the cost.
I have a lined and raised damascus and rose gold midnight blue mayfair in bound. Excited to share some pictures (unless charlie would rather take)!
What is the typical fabric pricing? I may be willing to take a leap of faith.
So presumable someone could mail you a suit to be copied?
How does the MTM suiting work? Is it a custom drawn pattern or simply a base pattern modified?
Do you have any pictures of a rose gold plated buckle?
You can be a volunteer firefighter and do the same. Maybe even get a few beers thrown into the mix.
Looks like I'm also in Dainite!   Is there a price difference between Dainite and leather?
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