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Trying to follow my lead? 
I don't believe so, but I think you need a 10k minimum balance to be able to open an account. 
I just say Razldazzle whenever I buy something now. Sometimes I get strange looks, sometimes $5 off.
IB is generally the cheapest out there for most kind of trading.
Sadly not really. I used Epaulet's Medium page this time around though.  https://medium.com/tag/epaulet
In 6.5? Actually saw the StC Drakes when I was at the Drakes shop in London.
Willing to be flexible on price? Thinking of turning the linen ones into shorts.
Give that he has done a seamless wholecut boot, most likely. 
Thanks! Your pictures really sold me on it!
When are the pebbeled grain 6.5E StCs going up?
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