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Interesting, thanks for explaining. I guess there must have been some change from that model. Although occasionally a piece has to be re-worked at no charge, generally they have done a good job for me in both the tailoring and recommending what is and isn't essential to have done. Even had a pair of gloves altered by hand. Would be helpful to hear from someone who has used their bespoke service since the change.
I'd be interested to see if there is anything to substantiate this. I frequently use their alternation service with great results.
Hah. I'd say my equus belts are nearly half my collection.  Lately they have been getting more interesting. I had the Damascus made into a black L&R with royal blue threading and a midnight blue with a rose gold plated mayfair.
I have 10 equus belts (I may have a bit of a problem, and the aspley is far and away one of the most interesting buckles. It's also contoured which makes it extremely comfortable as well as being unique compared to the other buckles around the office. Highly recommend it to anyone.
Did this GMTO ever go through? I'd be excited if people wanted to do a wide version.
Sadly that is about on par with what I paid for shipping from Italy to NYC (about 10 euros more or so I think, but it was two years ago). If you go on to DHL's website you'll see that is pretty much the exact price for shipping a box. One pays more shipping from Europe to the US than the other way around. Something I figured out in the UK when Royal Mail wanted almost triple what USPS wanted to ship a box back to the USA. I ended up ordering my second and third pair when...
The moment I saw that pair I thought how unique and attractive it was. Should have figured it was yours. Congrats. My one US pair was never hit with any customs. Other were ordered in London.
Agreed. Usually I post my questions here and don't email them in unless thy go unanswered. A lot of times I find I get very valuable information (ex. Caused by user error) from the replies.
Mike and crew, I noticed a while back that the commando sole on my Carmina wasn't too durable, but now the rubber above the toe on the left boot has completely broken off. Does Carmina have any kind of warranty for this? Since the wear is asymmetrical I'm guessing it just wasn't the best batch of rubber or something similar.
It is a little distracting, although the shirt fits you incredibly well.
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