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^ Lol. I hope that is never taken on a business trip to the US. Beautifully made though.
This is so tempting,can't wait until I'm back in NYC to see it in person. Is it possible to get matching trousers made? Also is the collar size alterable for the MTO program?
It really depends on your company and how much trust you have with them.   The consultant probably has a lot of experience with these kinds of things.   Personally I'd be honest with them, but at my level there is also a lot of goodwill from the employer to see you excel as much as possible (both because they can only take so many to the next level and because we are walking billboard and future clients combined).
Just be happy they weren't pinched in the mail lol.
I would go with a grey suit. Always better to be slightly over dressed than under, especially in the US.   Edit: Not sure what I was thinking when I first wrote this. Almost certainly means business formal.
Completely agree. Major firms especially like other major firms. Just want to point out that it is the most likely way, not the only way. I knew someone who started out installing Bloomberg terminals and eventually found their way into a top tier hedge fund doing structured finance. If it is really what you want to do, never stop trying.
They are generally making slightly cheaper models and dainite only with it in their RTW collection if I understood the shopkeeper in Barcelona. If that was in fact the last he showed me, it looked really nice in person.
I think you're thinking of a slightly different skill than what he is referring to. When I interned at an F200 company, the culture outside of our particular unit was very destructive to its top performers. Since the European and Asian brand of the company was excellent it attracted really great people. The managers tended to be no where near the caliber of these people they always resisted efforts to quantify performance or create measurable and repeatable standards. They...
This is one of the truest things I've ever read.Yeah, it depends if you look at it over the use of four years or one. I've used my four years far better than most, but this last year could have been used more efficiently. The frustration, of course, comes from having no offer in front of my now that recruiting season had passed and the inability to be considered seriously by any NYC offices (we are not a target so I don't make it through online recruiting and most here...
Very true. I'm actually doing an MSc. I planned it so that I would do three years in the USA and spend my fourth year here to get my Masters. In the end I am saving a lot of money over doing my fourth year in the UK rather than a forth year undergrad study abroad and get an MSc out of the deal. Still insanely frustrating when compared to what was promised by the program director. LBS is an excellent school, but their programs are rather bland.  Mafoofan,You want an analyst...
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