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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LRW1PVM3jk God I remember that live on TV. Was sitting on an active floor when that came on. Traders were going crazy. 
Just took a quick one.
They were in stock. I have one. 
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale   Scatter Camo is (presumably) incorrectly listed for sale at $10 on the main sale page, although $110 when clicked. 
Sunny weather in Austin! Trade King for Roth, Robinhood for normal trades. I used Eikon for price discovery though.
I'll be in Austin the rest of this week. Excited to see Texas. Hearing people try to defend these companies even just today is crazy. It's like they're missing the basic underlying math and understanding of risk that is at the heart of credit. 
Come on, sell side, buy side? Debt? Equities? That's as far as I'll go. 
That is absolutely crazy. I actually didn't realize they were public. I would have hoped on that short. Actually I may still once I investigate how strong their verification process is. How are you short? Chogall what do you do as a day job? I'm always impressed by your financial knowledge. 
I just came across Lending Club.   All the worst elements of 2008 combined. 
Any chance this or next round of Saffiano bags could have a choice of lining color? Still really on the fence.   Jodphurs are great!
New Posts  All Forums: