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This reads as being from someone who has never valued or modeled a CLO.  Certain key assumptions need to be made at some point, generally by looking at historical numbers.  A CLO can be filled with high risk mortgages, but if in the past default rates had never exceeded 10% on the these mortgages, the top Tranche of the CLO covering 60% of the mortgages and bundled with a CDS covering the first 20% of loss can easily be modeled to be AAA. After all you'd need 50%+ of the...
I've always found people at the SEC far smarter than people give them credit for, but in emerging fields how do you possibly attract talent that could earn 10x that and lead the way at a hedge fund?
I enjoy the discussion too. That also made me laugh. That's how the movie said it went down, played by some old granny as a secretary for effect. In fact rating agencies tend to be hoards of young people and old, often as high tech as the banks they work with. That's not hear or there though. It wasn't collusion. How did it happen? Because the agencies would hire an ex Goldman guy to come and build their models and run their pricing dept. Why did this guy leave an...
It is true I inferred it.  "big money" performing actions to me implied a coordinated action by a certain group to manipulate ratings agencies. Fair enough if this is not what you meant.  I can go into minute details if you wish, it is simplified, as you said, to avoid a 7 minute diatribe no one understands. I know people both at some of the banks and the ratings agencies at the time. It was easier to make key assumptions that the insurance by AAA rated companies would...
Contago is so high it's not a major deal.Not sure I follow this. With the VIX at 13 I'd be worried it's so low as to invite a spike. I got out of my short short term vol position. Held onto mid term. 
Did you read the book and any literature on structured finance? In reality these were all systematic failures, not a grand conspiracy. 
I like Citizens, but I think Seiko has a bigger range. As my budget has grown I have found much nicer Seikos available.
Someone watched The Big Short.
Maybe inclusion in broader index funds that inspire purchases. 
I used Chino for mine and they were great. 
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