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I sold SCTY today. I'll try and get back in when the price drops a bit, although I'm not sure how the TSLA announcement about home batteries will mess with things.   Went in on some GLF in the low 13s. It will take a long time to pay back, but ultimately I see a lot of capital gains.   Also went in on some BHI on a few dips since the spread with HAL was good.
Basically yes to the first one, no to the second. It depends if the catalyst has been priced in. If it hasn't breaking through a high isn't strange, but if it has been priced in there may be a technical reason for the move rather than a fundamental change (i.e. Master's #3 overwhelms his #2) . If I see a stock breaking a high on no new news I tend to be more cautious because I know a lot of volume may soon be entering, especially now since it is earnings season.   Once a...
It is very relevant in technical analysis. Even if you are a fundamental investor you still need to see how technical investors will drive the market. If a stock breaks through a resistance point traders will likely bid it up. I personally try to invest in the opposite when too many people are taking a short position and drive the price well below fair value. Price isn't as important as the ratios. Unless there is a catalyst that will push the companies performance up or...
I have a lot in GREK. Either this is a panic before the situation stabilizes or we are on the wrong side of a very bad bet.  HOG is down due to strong dollar and lower bike shipments. Still trades at a bit of a high PE for my liking, but my model thinks you'll make decent money.
Haha. Most recently I went in on TDW, which I'm up 35% at present (was up to 45% a week ago). Also BHI yesterday when the whole market went down. Was some attractive merger plays. That looks like it will return 12-15% if all goes well. NSR was another play due to an FCC vote. Up about 8% on Vietnam (VNM). Big down so far is Greece (GREK). Always happy to share the more interesting less routine portfolio stuff.
Working in the industry I have been surprised to find that isn't true. Retail investors have a huge number of opportunities open to them that bigger players find too small or exceed risk parameters or something of the sort. Additionally many big players are slow to adopt new types of analysis or models which retail investors can use to their advantage. Will retail investors ever be able to compete with the likes of Citadel in an HFT space? No. Will they be able to find...
Yes exactly. The only frustrating part can be the fee schedule. If you use a credit card through western union there is an additional $50 fee. On top of that you usually get about -5% away from EUR/USD Spot. I spent a huge amount of time trying to find a better solution, but up until about a year ago you just had to deal with the rate rip off.  It is an interesting life lesson actually. If you rip people off for enough money eventually they will get pissed off and start...
He does not use paypal because they require a proof of shipping from Italian merchants. Since he makes the products custom this cannot be ready in time.   A wire is no big deal, the fees can be annoying if your bank doesnt use them for free. You can use my transferwire referral to get a free wire transfer if you want. Even after that they give you a better rate that cancels out the cost of the transfer.   I can't wait for a service like Venmo to spread internationally.
Not just saying this but you made an excellent choice. Is it very versatile and will last you for years. 
These are a test shoe from Meccariello for me. Not Japanese, but I had asked for a last shape heavily influenced by the Japanese styled lasts. Thought I would share.  
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