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I ended today up nearly 2%. Strange few days. 
Hi Antonio 
Was my biggest holding, but the price decline has seen to that.  Lots more to buy though once funds clear tomorrow.  I have made over 100%+ so far on CORR at least.  I have $40 in NADL, debating if I should sell or just hold onto it for the option value at this point.
I just discovered the Seiko Urushi SARX029 and and SARX019 Enameled dial. Debating getting both to upgrade my dress watch collection.    I currently have a Seiko 5 on a nice strap I could switch to a Perlon or NATO. 
Apologies for really dropping the ball on getting these up here, but pictures of my Stratfield as promised.    Black belt  at a recent wedding. 
You can build a portfolio from some of the Goldman funds too:https://assetmanagement.gs.com/content/gsam/us/en/individual/products/etf-fund-finder.html Super low expense ratios. 
Any ETA on the previous EFF shirt rounds?    Can't want to get that Albini linen.
Postcard definitely spans the value spectrum as their blends are very good for the money and the rarer teas can get up there. If you want a good tea as a gift I tried their Lemon Pekoe and was very impressed. Even occasional tea drinkers love it. If you tell the staff you are only there for a few days they are pretty accommodating and may do a few teas for you. I used to sit there for hours after grad school and chat about tea with them. The usual staff are Tim (the...
Glad you liked the shop. Funny I think I tried the Fuji Sencha as my first tea there too.  You'd probably like the Nokcha, which is like a more umami version of the Supernatural green for the first infusion, but becomes more green tea like with each infusion.  I'd say Postcard's must trys are:LapsangNath AssamSubarana Summer Darjeeling HojichaLong JingOriental BeautyAny Dancong or traditional Oolong All of those are excellent examples of their respective styles.  Some of...
May be the most beautiful wallet I have ever seen. 
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