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SA is likely very long term thinking, although I can't say the same for other OPEC members. 
Depends on their plan. It has brought all their enemies and dissidents to heel to some degree. Going forward it may mean far more respect and an observation of production quotas. No guarentee this was an economic play. 
Same firm they have been using for a while, Kirkland and Ellis.  That said who knows. This is an investment that has gone very very badly. 
Oil Sands are essentially mined so are not very economical, no one would refund that once it goes down. Fracking is very different since its cheap to pump after the capital has been expended. I agree regarding preventing exploration. 
What is the mid game then?  Producers go BK and their debts are wiped clean and contracts all renegotiated to a lower cost. The fields are still there and ready to produce.   OPEC would literally need to buy the assets. 
Great shoe!
The new hanger and trouser hanger combo is a great idea!
I have a feeling CHK will be one of the first. At this point with my shares worth $3 I am holding onto them for the potential upside. Thankfully I never invested that much, so if it goes totally out at least I get 30% back in tax savings.
Why is BAC so beaten down? I'm okay to hold COP for a while as one of my smaller positions. At worst it takes 5 years to pay off, although the 2% yield isn't much to write home about.  NAP is interesting. I am not too sure what I think the VLCC market will do long term. Low oil prices and the US exporting should mean much more traffic, but what happens to rates when they eventually offload all the oil on the tankers speculators have been storing it in? Don't get me...
I bought in today after that. Got in around $36.5, not the best trading on my part. 
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