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Hi David,   There is a bit of a debate going on in another thread about inkjet fabric printing. Since I know many of your fabrics are hand printed, is it possible to see the back side of the raw fabric? The claim is that inkjet printed fabrics have a white backside while hand printed and silkscreen do not. Thoughts? Thanks.
Perhaps one of the nice things of being American is that outside of this forum, no one there will ever notice :).
In store they told me 1100 ($1850) or 1200 GBP a week ago. I do not recall exactly which of the two. That was for a shoe rather than a boot.
 Very interesting, thanks. Your knowledge of shoe making really provides perspective. Although, what about the Japanese? If I have ever seen anyone take a pride in doing just a few jobs, no matter how trivial, absolutely perfectly, it is them. Perhaps just a bias on my part?
I have a strong feeling that over time as a maker begins to resolve through his issues he tackles them one at a time. This, being a very minor one, probably comes near the end of the list of things. Having just launched Aurum, it will be interesting to see the progress over time. I can say even at the standard quality I have seen an improvement in many elements of my second pair. I know as well even from my own personal work (in the business world) the stages were creating...
Is it possible to come in and try the jackets in the NYC office? Also here in the UK, where I temporarily am, it is a similar price to alter from the shoulder or the sleeve. In fact the tailor I go to here does such a good job I tend to bring stuff over from the US just for tailoring. I haven't been able to find something similar in the US.
From an economics points of view, however, many minor cosmetic mistakes may not be worth fixing.   DW, would the errors on the previous page have any effect on the shoes themselves other than being cosmetic? Just for my own curiosity.
In my latest Meermin adventure, the nails come through the insole...   I found that a bit odd as I've never seen it before, especially in both shoes. Anyone else find this in theirs? I will likely just get a cheap thin leather insole to cover.
Ah. I completely agree. Although as we have seen in some other threads, just because the maker is answerable doesn't mean the end result is better service unfortunately.
Although to counter that, my shoe was made by one maker and developed something similar. Although his problem could potentially be permanent where as mine was only temporary.
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