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Knew I shouldn't have posted it ;). Already put a bid in. 
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Orazio-Luciano-x-Armoury-NY-2014-Custom-Cinnamon-Multi-Donegal-Tweed-Jacket-48-/361704786724?hash=item5437490b24:g:WEsAAOSwMtxXv3cz   Is the shoulder measurement right on this one?
In NYC there is no mcmansion arms race. You've made it when you have an HVAC system instead of window units. 
In NYC you routinely see places with a 80% gain over the same time. Yet no shortage of construction in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken, all the shitty places between Newark and NYC ect.  I have to think its the marginal buyers pushing it up. What happens when their demand is satisfied? 
Germany also has many more tenant protections and a much lower cost of housing.Their shrinking population and non being a primarily English speaking country are the reason for this.   It's a potentially small part of ones income. It also provides stability, since you can chart your monthly payments over the life of the loan. I don't know what my rent will be next year. If one lived in NYC over the past 6 years their rent has likely doubled or more. The bank is, after all,...
The watch does look big, yes. But the guy is also wearing a plain black t-shirt. The watch is the intentional center of his outfit.  You go to Austin or Seattle and guys love that kind of look. Something vintage inspired but classic and mechanical. Also the exact target audience to spend sub $300 on a nice watch. Frankly even in NJ I see that same look a lot.  I totally get your perspective here and agree with your assessment, but I don't think we're the target audience...
I think it's exactly these contradictions that make it somewhat unique watch that may find a niche. I have a handful of (bigger) friends who like watches slightly above a surface level who would really like this watch.  I'll be in for a 36/38mm quartz if you ever make it :)
I think your design is solid and I really like it. The case backs are a nice touch. The price point overall is good for someone who wants a nicer watch but doesn't know too much about watches.  That said, it is a big watch, which I think rules out 30% of the male population. Big watches do seem to finally be losing some of their luster or at least the ever growing size race has stopped. Overall though I don't think this matters that much. You're launching a niche brand and...
You're missing two things here: 1. On my point your missing the logic puzzle for the math. I'm not suggesting not prepaying. I'm simply saying in structuring the prepayment it would make sense to:            a. Pay the amount you owe           b. Putting the excess you want to pay above what you owe into a CDWhy? Because putting in excess and giving to the bank provides you no financial cushion and no interest, you just shorten the term. You can achieve the same thing AND...
What's the bull case?
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