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That is part of the appeal, no?   Gator is pretty cool, but is it 4x the price cool? For most people no. Once you know that they are incredibly expensive shoes, however, it takes on a whole new value criteria.
 These are incredibly beautiful. If only I had more money!
Really not before six months. Once you're in the industry its much easier to make a switch to somewhere else. You made the right choice, market forces just aren't in your favor.  Given this, I have never understood why some firms give such obvious low ball and non negotiable offers. You'd think HR would understand by tracking you below your market value forever they are making you a flight risk. Given the cost of training a new employee or hiring laterally, it must be...
Minimum six months really.   It happens and it's not fun, but there isn't much that you can do about it immediately, especially if you signed already.   The problem is that it becomes really hard to ask for a big raise, even if its only bringing you up to the average, as it seems to be a really higher percentage. I've known some who have negotiated their way to a much better salary after a good performance, but many more who have had to lateral to another firm.
Any idea why the shortage is happening?
If I wanted to buy a belt on clearance but also waned to wait for a damacus buckle (and to get another belt) could I order it and you hold it for me to combine shipping?
So if I'm understanding correctly a considerably smaller skin, for say a size 7, wouldn't be much cheaper?
Nice shoes.   I have a similar pair, but if you ever decide to come down on the price a lot let me know.
I didn't end up getting shoestrees with my last pair, but won't be back to NYC for a while. Are they nice woodlore ones or the standard? Not sure if it is worth sending them an e-mail.
Does Epaulet include shoe trees with MTOs anymore?
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