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So grey suede is good to go?   I was wondering if you had received the shipment of black rain last cap toes?
JPM in London re-opened analyst recruiting for those who hadn't interned for the firm before for the first time. I thought it was an interesting move.   Not that I or anyone I know heard back after applying.
Would love to see how that ages and wears.
Again not too different to what I go through, if more extreme. I certainly recommend that you seek out semi bespoke.
FTC is supposed to be really nice. I have a bit of an awkward sized foot. Carmina fits me well since of their variety of lasts available in narrow or extra wide. Other than that I use Antonio Meccariello as he modifies the last to fit my foot. They are available in Japan, although not in the UK. Pound is strong against the Euro though and I paid no duties on my import.
While I agree that they are different, I wouldn't call that model beefy :D. I find it to be quite refined in person. Of course my wide feet may be throwing you off.   To me they are 80% the same (in general terms). The Bestetti, however, is more elegant in how elongated the vamp and the finishing around the welt.
Thanks, pretty helpful. I love doing things by hand, but I haven't had much free time (other than SF browsing) in two years thanks to my studies/jobs. Also not sure that stitching would be comptable with the back seem as there is a lining.
The stitching on the back seem of my meermins is ripping, it's a shame. Any idea where I can have the back restitched?
 This is a similar Meccariello version to address the questions between the two.  While I'd agree that they lack some of the refinement you find in the Bestetti, I paid considerably less. This is of course a reflection on neither maker, but on their chosen market segment. I cannot wait to see Meccariello's new line and I equally admire Bestetti's work. In reality I cannot reasonably afford either makers top work at this time, so the cheaper price point does give me the...
New Posts  All Forums: