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Yup I thought about that too. Still looking through the numbers with him. 
That was the thought. On top of that there is probably enough US volume to consolidate shipping and then redirect in the US.
Measurements on the BB1 overcoat?
In the past he has had an upcharge to modify the last and an upcharge to modify the pattern. 
No. Wireing and forex is just a pain and something where you can save money by doing it in bulk. Same with shipping.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys.
Just to avoid potential confusion friend is only thinking about it, it hasn't been arranged or discussed yet, and I don't believe he would want to be exclusive, so he wouldn't have exclusive access to a market. Probably more like what Gentleman's Footwear does for Carmina MTOs. That said, what would be a fair mark up from the current price in order to take some of the risk out of the process like sizing and sending the money? Pictures and last descriptions? Leather...
What exactly do you mean?Yes the target would be for new customers. Also totally open to any ideas here as he is just brainstorming. I imagine there could be value added services for current customers like avoiding having to wire money and the associated, reduced shipping costs, status updates ect
 I love that design. I have never liked a swan neck shoe so much. Antonio's ordering process is not the most straight forward by US standards, but the results are well worth it.  A friend of mine is debating trying to set up a US affiliate to measure and take order and maybe keep last samples in stock. Is that something that would interest people here?
I am likely going to take the tax loss on GLF and move it into TDW once the shock wears off. GLF's results were far worse.  That said if you feel GLF will survive then it is cheaper than TDW relative to book value. I just don't like their lack of diversification in operations.
Wow that is beautiful.    I have a Valextra card case I am going to sell to fund a future purchase of one!
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