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Very cool watch
Very cool.
What shoes are those? StC?
I think those are their highest end lines, rather than higher end Presage I was thinking of, but you should absolutely post pictures of those .I have handled the Credor straps and they are very nice, but I prefer my Equus. Perhaps because it is MTM it is more comfortable.
Unfortunately any non certain job will have that risk, but that is part of why you have so much more potential upside. If you could live off of your wife's income your absolute risk is low, which takes a lot of stress off the table.  I'm not sure if the "coolness" factor wears off after a while. I still get excited about learning something new for a deal, but generally just view a deal as a deal at this point. If you're closer to the sourcing side it can certainly get a...
Sounds like a good opportunity at not the best time or most opportune market.  I'd calculate it to figure out if you can survive the worst outcome. If you lost your job how long until you became insolvent?  If you have a decent runway, go for it from a financial perspective. At the same time, is this something you enjoy doing? I've seen a range of lawyers in the M&A process from those that add a lot to those that add little. Your value will be in the network that you can...
Seiko does a good job with band selection.  With that said my new Seiko 5 strap has made me realize what a huge difference there is in quality between my Equus strap and the stock Seiko straps, even on their higher end lines. 
I love that combo. I have the SARX019 (midnight glazed croc), SARB Cocktail Time and SARX029 (black croc). Also a Seamaster on a dark brown croc grain.  So though it would be a good idea to bring some tan into the mix as well as the blue on the Seiko 5.    The enameled dial is beautiful, can't figure out why it is always so hard to photograph. 
Gold Barenia. I have the SARX019 that comes with a glazed midnight croc
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