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Haha this was one certainly japanese styled.    So what is the thought on the medallion then if I go with the laces?   Also any examples of well done laces?
This is the pattern I had used.     I feel like it embraces the fact that it is a side elastic rather than trying to cover it, which is nice. Normally a lot of the faux laces pair look kind of off, although I'm sure Antonio could fix that.
That has historically been the way I felt too, but stylistically I can't help feel like the open space gives more balance to the overall look, especially with a front medallion. I will consider them for my main pair after I spend some time with the trial pair.
Was actually the Barclay. Image is from somewhere else on SF.       What is everyone's opinion on the fake laces?
Yeah, it was a pair of G&G that I tried on in London that I really liked. The lack of laces does provide a bit of a balancing effect style wise that I think lets more creative design remain slightly more formal looking.
The shoe will be a lazyman cap toe in black peabody calf. Debating if I want a medallion or not, so open to suggestions.   I never thought I'd get into lazymans, but I work in Times Square and my nice shoes were constantly getting scuffed. Now I wear cheap ones to the office and change while there.   The last is a modified version of the one used in my tan single monk. I drew out the toe shape I wanted and Antonio obliged. He has sent pictures ever since my first pair,...
That risk has always been there which gave me plenty of time to read up on different REITs and classify their risk to floating rates. Today was like shopping from a wish list :D. Of course tomorrow could be worse.
Progress on the test shoe!  
Good day to go against shorts for some reason. NSR popped all the way up to $30 and TDW went up to 27. I loaded up on a lot of REITs today for my Roth.
I guess it just comes down to portfolio strategy in the end. I'm going for stocks below book that I think will have a long term capital appreciation, especially since not only are valuations high at the moment but I am heavily invested in the general market through my 401k. There may well be large US segments to keep growing in to, but I've been able to buy Chipotle in every city I've visited without much searching. The high price tag also scares me for the same reason....
New Posts  All Forums: