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I woudln't advise that. VXX decreases in value over time due to contango.  Currently vix is in backwardization though, so holding VXX provides positive returns over time.
The Republican debate was somewhat painful to watch.  I want Mitt back. 
Yes. This may very well alter the outcome of the election.
Wow, not a goo day. 
I accidentally played the thong song too loudly and transported him to NJ. He'd be back already, but NJ transit is really slow...
I'm not convinced the quick pick isn't rigged.    But did it anyway lol. $4 worth of tickets. The big money.
If I win powerball tonight I'm buying all the shoes. 
Good move. 
I found some change in my drawer and bought two tickets. Expecting roughly the same kind of return as my oil stocks lol.
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