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I asked Antonio exactly that. Yes it turns out it is a policy for certain "high risk" countries. WU costs me $45. It's not that bad, but does feel like wasted money. I'm waiting for Venmo or something similar to go international. I heard that bank transfer is possible now, although haven't tried it yet myself.
Nope, as paypal requires proof of shipping in 15 days or something from Italy. Western Union is pretty easy to use though.
If I recall about two months, but I specifically said that I did not need them in a rush. My last ones were about 3 weeks. In real life its a light tan, not too much orange (per my request). Antonio will match any color you send him though. There are some great double monks on Antonio's blog as well. In my case he redesigned a picture from Carmina that I sent him.
Appreciate it. I'll try get some pictures of them in action soon. I was amazed when I first saw them, the pictures do not do the contours and balance justice.
I think that would cost a little more than my current watch if my exchange math is correct :). So will just have to oggle online for now.
What does one of those straps cost? I am a little scared to ask.
My third pair arrived and I had a chance to wear them a bit. Pictures can be found here:   http://meccariello-calzoleria.tumblr.com/post/90001746875/single-monkstrap-meccariello-line-a-customer     I really must say, WOW. The fitting on my first pair was pretty good, almost like a reasonably well fitting RTW last.   The second pair was much better and the best fitting pair that I owned, although you could feel them on your feet after a few hours.   The third pair...
Mind if I ask what the price is?
I actually found it reasonable to darken. Try Obenauf's HDLP.
 I do, although not in front of me. I recall the hazel being slightly darker, although the walnut got very close after a coat of neutral polish. More than close enough to wear together.
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