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Very cool! What other colors were available?
Yup I've waited a month. Nothing to worry about. Sometimes you don't want to know how the sausage is made. 
All are great choices, but I love the Annonay leather. Soft without being too soft. 
Anything small enough for me?
Interesting comparison.   I have always liked both.    Postcard sold a Long Jing by Master Luo for something like 250GBP for 10 grams worth. I was fortunate enough to try it once. Was absolutely incredible, but then Tim (the owner) had us try another one of the premium Long Jings by him (sold for something like 25GBP for 20g) and it was actually the favorite taste wise among the group. So a lot of it really comes down to preference.    I still remember what a great...
What was the turnaround?
Charlie,   I will certainly be in for one of those :).   Regards, Morgan
 well the stock market is also down? I need to build out my stratfield collection! 
When will these be available? 
Certainly agreed.  The biggest problem is none of my belts wear out, so once you have one in every color it gets hard to justify getting more!
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