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The gallery is really really great! I am a little curious how come a few of the shirts ended up with fronts that don't line up. Is it a function of the person wearing it?
I have that black and orange flannel. Great fabric and will share some pictures later.   Only gripe is that the fabric isn't aligned in the front and on a checked fabric that is extremely noticeable. 
That makes a lot of sense.  Even with a vacuum non temperature controlled meat will develop bacteria. The lack of seasoning makes a difference too. I sous vide from frozen all the time. I haven't noticed a difference in flavor.  The biggest change I've noticed is salt. If I salt the meat enough it becomes super tender. I don't notice the same when I go without salt, even if I increase the time.
I find it interesting that I don't have the same smell despite cooking at a lower temperature than you. I have to wonder if my marinades are also somewhat serving the same purpose. 
What is the reasoning behind that?
I have never noticed a smell at all like the one you mention.  I usually cook with some kind of vinegar based marinade though, so that is the predominant smell when the bag is opened. 
It is standard sizing that can be modified for a small fee, so basically MTM. If you send Antonio a picture of the leather he can make it however you like, including a museum effect. Check out his blog http://meccariello-calzoleria.tumblr.com/ for examples.
At the moment there is no RTW line outside of Japan I believe. Orders done by e-mailing Antonio directly, which I can PM you if you'd like.  The two lines are Standard Meccariello and Aurum.  Aurum includes his top of the line lasts and additional detail finishing. Standard still has an excellent finish, however, lacks some of the tighter waist detailing. Think the difference between Carmina and G&G.  Here is a standard pair I had done in deep cherry a while back for your...
Actually meant the sweat pants, although am a fan of the sneakers.
Do you have any pair with clips?
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