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I had a similar issue on a pair of hatch grain shoes from another maker. The smallest possible neutral saphir polish and a brush completely fixed it.
So do we have a consensus?   Also, my latest and final project (due to other ventures now removing any disposable income I had):     Something must be said for the work Antonio has already put in into perfecting the pattern I wanted. He really goes above and beyond.
You can leave it at that, but I think that is a bit of entitlement. Steve spoke to Carmina after having enough interests. These things happens. Lines or colors aren't profitable. Maybe you if message Carmina they have enough for a 1 time MTO. Did you even communicate directly with Betty to let her know your feelings before insulting the company?If Carmina had taken your money and then decided they don't have the leather we'd be having a very different conversation.
I am inclined to agree. If you're trying to be humorous, which is totally be fine, you (aldenwear) just need to make it clear so as not to get people worked up.
I did not see the pictures, am just saying in general :). Any output work to me should represent the sample work showed, relying that it was implicit in the agreement (ex. not going from prototype to mass production).
To me that isn't okay. It would be if that was the normal standard, but to have one standard advertised and get something lesser when paying full price is upsetting. The customer is free to make the choice and makers should live up to what they sell. In all fairness I often notice very minor things on my Meccariellos such as the pattern not being 100% exactly the same on both shoes. These are fine and the byproduct of being hand made. No one but me will ever know. Actual...
How bad were the pictures, out of curiosity?
I know it's just a few years ago, but those hairstyles were incredible. I can't stop laughing (in a good way).
Woah... Meermin has Copper which is very similar if you aren't in the mood to spend 2x the price. Vass through Epaulet may as well have something similar.
posting so that I can be on top of that Carmina sale :)
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