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FD volunteer?
I have a feeling you may just be misinterpreting their intentions. I went in to the NYC store during a not so busy period and received no greeting and was free to look around the shop (for a solid 10 mins). The moment I made eye contact with someone they immediately came over to help me and were extremely nice and chatty. I am happy the store allows you to shop around without getting too much attention. In the UK I find the fuss they make over you in stores can be quite...
How to piss off people in under 100 posts, impressive. Sadly I find that most makers don't stock on the smaller side (6-6.5UK), unless you want to go MTO or pay full retail. Once you have the essentials down it becomes much easier to bide your time for sales.
About $330 ish not including shipping. More I think is that people expend their income on that sale, not knowing there is another one coming. I know I had purchased a pair or two.
I think the generally thin lasts combined with small sizes and Carmina's own sale of small sizes, it's not a major surprise even if disappointing.
I have no experience with the MTOs, so can't really speak there, or even for the RTW as much as is simply my perception. You are probably both correct over me. At the same time, my e-mails to Meermin were never even returned (and these weren't exactly special order) on what I would consider a very serious issue that makes the shoes both unwearable and dangerous.
Do you guys have a London location, or just ship from there?
UMD is a solid school, and shared a dean with my masters program, but other than the rankings and one person I know who went there I know little about it. A recruiter in DC will certainly prioritize GWU and then AU, even if the rankings are better.   Distance plays a really big role in these things too. Despite going to arguably the best school in London, many of the MBAs and MScs have had no success in getting jobs through the general application pools in the...
While you have had a bad experience, it seems to be to be much less serve than what I have experienced with Meermin :). No nails coming through your floor bed or stiching ripping at the back, not to discount the problems you have. Also that was an MTO, where as I was referring to the RTW premium.
If you have a social life during the only week of sunshine London will probably see this year ;).
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