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Lol. Not sure if I can afford him! How much to turn the H&S into pants?
Anyone you recommend in the NY area?
Glad to see some of my oil stocks rebounding. I don't expect it to last until there is a real catalyst.    Took a small stake in PBR that I'll be selling today. Up 25% so far buying in at 2.94 and selling at 3.64. 
How much yardage is typically required to make a pair of pants?
They really are great scarves. Love mine that I ended up getting.
I get so much mail from them. We'll see how that goes. 
Any video of the cashmere rivets?
I believe it is standard paypal policy to hold the funds essentially as in escrow until proof of delivery has been made. 
Given the state of Italy's, let's say corporate governance, I don't see that happening for a while.  Brings back an interesting case about having a US affiliate :D.  I can recommend Transferwise as giving the best rate (you can PM me for my referral code for a free transfer), but recently someone mentioned it wouldn't go through. 
New Posts  All Forums: