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I actually tried it a handful of times using frozen eye round with good results. I found the texture depends mostly on the amount of salt I put in. Too much gets mushy and too little the steak reminds surprisingly tough. I'm worried from a more food safety perspective. I had read somewhere that it is possible to develop bacteria without the presence of oxygen.
That was me. I had really really wanted those last time they were on sale. Left work literally one minute before the announcement. I was very happy to see them reappear.  Mike, Are the rivets up on Medium?
I do tend to add vinegar to mine. Is 2.5 pH the necessary pH? I do appreciate the comments, can't say I'm an accomplished chef. As a second question: is there any issue with me preparing a steak sous vide overnight? My work schedule requires that my food be ready when I wake up so I can quickly box it and take it to work, which would mean a ~8 hour cook time.
 Could one simply make a brine to do the same thing?
If I recall the older models did not have the insignia. 
Process/ Recipes? 
Just an FYI that I'll be putting up my 6 UK Burgundy Museum U-Wings for sale when they arrive if anyone wants them at cost.
I have handled both although only worn Carmina. I would agree that the finishing and leather quality seems higher.
I would love to see an example of you guys using a blow torch to sear a steak.
Custom for sure.
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