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Not the bank branch below the CEO's office?! I heard he reviewed that one personally every morning. Their accounts of working life at a bank sounds just like what most people will describe working at a bank branch like. It's an awful job. WFC workers were no doubt feeling the pressure as other banks began to eat their lunch. Chase really stepped up their rewards game, where as WFC was downgrading it. My 100k points from WFC would get me a telescope or something, but with...
I'm up 12% so far this year.   Some speculative stocks from last year have weighed heavily on my returns such as TDW, GLF and CHK.   CHK will probably pull through. TDW is a maybe. GLF looks ready for death, took the tax loss and switch to HOS. May add some more if it gets cheap enough or there are positive developments, but the OSV industry wasn't ready for this long of a downturn.   On the other hand Vol trading has added to my returns.   VRX is also sopping up a...
This is not in line with my corporate experience. I've seen every kind of combination you can imagine of corruption/ethics. Even in the cleanest companies sales organizations are always suspect. High numbers and minimal supervision lends to corruption. Using your logic, if I let someone give me a kickback to accept a lower price on a deal the organization must be corrupt, not just me.Yup. We're not talking cross selling overall, but savings account cross selling which is...
Past a level where their performance is based on opening accounts, there was no incentive for executives to want the behavior to happen. Honesty doesn't have to come into play. 
I agree that the CEO has ultimate responsibility, but that responsibility shouldn't always be his head either.  WFC fired the people, paid back the fees, cooperated, admitted fault and paid the fines. At what point do you create a disincentive to come clean? All of the above should be enough for an issue of this magnitude short of it coming out that he knew about this or this was intentionally malicious.
This is correct. She may very well under her contract's clawback have to give it back though. There is a reason there are no criminal charges here.For what purpose?  A sales organization ran haywire with its quota and netted WFC an extra ~2.6M they then have to give back?  Let's just lock everyone up then.  When you get beyond an organization of 10,000+ people, at some level something is always going on that shouldn't. You can't always expect leadership to know and be...
That will not last long.  I'm glad to see that CEOs can now be turned into sacrificial lambs for anything that goes on in their companies, not matter how small or immaterial to the bottom line.  Where as at the same time the government can constantly majorly fuck up and just kind of say "our bad". 
This is interesting. It is very much a preference. Throw me into a modern high rise and I feel right at home.  Old style buildings often feel... off to me. 
Mine stretched a little bit, but I normally wear a 36 and generally am more comfortable in a 38 heirloom. 
It's not like there is a high enough volume of posts anyway that we risk the thread being overrun by vintage watches.   Let's just let people post what they want and only regulate it if it becomes an issue. 
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