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Willing to PM it?
Antonio can make any style you like, although his Aurum Soft Square is similar. My soft square is below from when he was developing the last. A last modification is relatively cheap too.  As for standard line compared to G&G it is a slightly different beast. G&G has the closest welt cutting I've seen and the finishing is top notch. These days Antonio's sole finishing is just as good as G&Gs with more choice of color. The welt, however, is still going to be a little thicker...
Hatch grain is deer skin? Or do you mean copy of reindeer skin? Beautiful shoe.
Any real life photos?
I'm a small guy, could you adjusted the size down a little bit to better fit me?
Just ordered three, that is a great deal.   Any collars you think would go particularly well?
Up 23% on this one :D. More lucky timing than anything else.  Still a big fan of oil related stocks. I have been picking up exposure in the different sectors over the past week. XOM has been my smallest gainer so far. CHK has done okay. Looking into a good choice for an oil servicing company.
Did anyone here get the pastel flour pocket square on the middle left? I'd be willing to trade for it.
Where do you get the branded leather?
I'd love to take some of these REIT discussions off line and share some personal research. Any kind of drastic interest rate movement will potentially knock down the price of a bunch of them and I'd like to have a good list when that happens.    Edit: Getting in on some VGK today. I don't think the Euro will stick as low as 1.08 for long so I'm happy with the future USD/EUR exposure thanks to the dividends. 
New Posts  All Forums: