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You'd be surprised, the hardest working R&D people are never where you expect. Gilead's drug was engineered brilliantly. I always use it as a story when trying to disprove the cure vs treatment conspiracy people get into, but they never really listen. 
Sure, but most aren't novocure. I think you're missing that it's a bigger cash cow. Gilead can get away with charging 80% of the lifetime chronic cost, probably down to 50% weighted after rebates and everything. That is a hell of a lot of money up front. It also means less people will assault the market in the future. On top of that no one gets the chronic treatment cost forever. Other companies come out with new and better drugs. Patents expire. If a cure is worth 50% of...
Insurance and reimbursement is always a toss up. Even projecting these things professionally I may as well throw darts at a board to figure out how it will shake out.  None of LXRX's products were in new treatment areas, in fact they were very competitive treatment areas such as Diabetes and RA. I didn't see if they had any novel MOAs compared to what is out there already since at least that has a chance of responding to previously non responsive patients.  As for Gilead...
I have stockpiled every t-shirt Epaulet has ever made and been so happy about it. EPLA for the summer, Union Jersey for the winter and Loopwheel for inbetween. It's a great and substantial fabric that doesn't overheat but also keeps you warm enough when it gets chilly. Not something you will ever regret getting. 
Make sure to read them thoroughly. Press releases in pharma are so misleading. Did it hit the initially planned primary and secondary endpoints? Are they meaningful endpoints? Did every group hit them? Were the results very decisive since Phase III always tends to be worse than Phase II. Did they unreasonable pre-screen patients or post screen the groups? What were the feedback of the KOLs associated with the trial? Then finally how is the market pricing it? Is it...
Have you read through the clinicals on LXRX?
Mine was tight only in the waist, which actually worked in my favor since I decided to go with a bigger Walt size rather than a smaller Rudy size. 
By not taking a job in England I made 1/3rd more. Now it's literally 50% more. Got lucky with that choice.  I am buying lots of tea from my favorite English tea shop though. 
Selling off my half my XIV position.    Not bad for a day.   Averaged in around $22 and selling for $24.45. 
Yes that is true, internal obligations would then be in Drachmas. Greece would have to important from the EU though so pensioners would probably need more. 
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