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I do. At this point it is basically an option on the medium term rebound in oil. 
NYC is pretty much the same. A studio is Williamsburg is now above 600k, not counting the 6% or so closing cost. Prices generally scale in that an extra bedroom costs you at least another 600k.
Once the stock market recovers I know what to buy.
I want one!
You and I are in the same boat. 
We shall see, I continue to add to my position. 
1. Is a good plan unless a suit ever totally takes out an investment, which is doubtful, so it remains a good plan.2. I'm more of the opinion that if this was the worst they could find it is not a big deal. There are a lot of concerns ever since Philidor, so I think that assumption is baked in for sure. 
IMO it's a pretty small technicality that could easily fly through an audit, hence the tiny impact on EPS. Comps shouldnt be any tougher, especially since this is GAAP and most people value VRX based on non GAAP measures. 
Whole welt or around the waist itself? I will try to get a picture of my Aurums at some point, the waist is insane.  He can cut the general welt however you like. Black Aurums are very tight. Hatchgrains are the house style.  
Bad optics. That said, this statement from made me laugh a bit:"Valeant said it currently believes that about $58 million of net revenues previously recognized in the second half of 2014 should not have been recognized upon delivery of product to Philidor. Correcting the misstatements is expected to reduce 2014 per share earnings by about 10 cents and increase 2015 per share earnings by 9 cents, it said. Following entry into the option to acquire Philidor in December 2014,...
New Posts  All Forums: