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I don't disagree. Like I said though if the valuation was lower I would be willing to take a harder look at it. Never do a market order on a volatile stock. I learned that one the hard way buying some oil stocks a while back. I continue to add to my VRX position. For DD I'd recommend building a DCF and creating a sensitivity table to see what rate of earnings change the market is currently implying and determining if you think that is reasonable. 
Very insightful, thank you. Always great to hear your comments on construction. My guess would be Goodyear has the name recognition, hence it is what Antonio labeled it. Those who don't know are happy. Those who do will read that page (or your comment) and know they are getting something better.
If Twitter was much cheaper, this would actually attract me to it as a small speculative investment (sub $1-2k).  It's not an easy problem to tackle, but it's not impossible either. If tackled correctly it could also have great results. Building a big user base is far harder and more of a competitive advantage. Especially including multiple celebrities and the White House ect. The thing is, I'm not paying ~50% of the expected value on speculation. Same reason I avoid TSLA. 
 I appreciate the compliments guys.  Maybe one day it will be my retirement plan.  You're potentially looking at an incomplete situation with VRX. Look at GGP around 2008. If one just maintained a constant stream of buying then their total position could very well have been profitable over time. Most investors aren't able to maintain as a stock drops, however. I personally identify speculative opportunities and tranche in over time. Depending on the industry I'll set aside...
I purchased three new polos from S&M, while the quality is great I ordered a size too big. Then due to some unfortunate family events I sat on the return and passed my 30 days.     In size small I have: White Polo - Shirt Collar Heather Charcoal Polo - Shirt Collar Marine Blue Polo - Shirt Collar   They are all unworn and two still in their plastic, although one was tried on inside for a few moments before realizing it was too big.    I'll let them go for $60 USD...
Looks great. I like the sock choice too. 
A bit out of my current price range. 
I love that Drake's tie. 
They have a lot of debt and leveraged companies are not in favor.  Especially with government contracts from Iraq and Afghanistan roll off combined with a declining media market.  Declining markets and very high leverage wipe out shareholder equity. 
There is no more math to it. You have always taken a loss on that tranche. Quote:Originally Posted by lawyerdad If you believe strongly in the long-term (whatever that may mean to you) value of the security and see interim drops as opportunities to pick up additional shares at nice discount that you believe makes the new purchase an attractive investment, that's rational. To a certain extent, that's at least one of the rationales behind just making steady contributions to...
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