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I didn't end up getting shoestrees with my last pair, but won't be back to NYC for a while. Are they nice woodlore ones or the standard? Not sure if it is worth sending them an e-mail.
Does Epaulet include shoe trees with MTOs anymore?
Although directed to Monkey Face, I have found some of the stitching to rip the leather. Lots of random little sole things. Not a deal breaker, but still a PITA.
I agree in regards to hide quality.   Most of the upper issues I've had with Meermin have come from areas of stitching, however.   I also find that my LMs internal lining reacts worse to sweat than Carminas and tends to swell a bit. I am not sure if that is just a difference in construction of a hunt of something else.   All in all my experience has just been that wearing my Meermins in London compared to my Carminas, they have required semi frequent trips to the...
That may be true, but there is generally a reason for having a preference for a method. In the case for hand welting versus goodyear, I feel that is durability. Considering my Meermins don't seem to last as long as my Carminas, the sole welting method is less relevant for me because the uppers will have problems before the sole has been worn through. It is likely that my Meermins will be discarded long before my Carminas. Since I feel no different in comfort due to the...
My Meermin's have experienced trouble long before my Carminas. I don't yet have any breaks or weak points on my carminas, but all my meermins have developed something. That isn't to say they are bad value, the repairs are usually cheap and easy, but to me it's just not the same level as Carmina.
Crust is tanned but uncolored leather. The color is added in afterwards essentially through a brush. This is in contract to leather where the color is dyed in.   Crust is generally considered superior, but it doesn't wear as hard (i.e. shoes age more quickly). Some love it some hate it.
I could not find anything about the pop up on the website and am posting from a cellphone, so prefer not to search.
Those are beautiful. I had the money I'd order immediately.
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