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Interesting, thanks for clearing that up for me guys. You learn something every day. 
Not that well versed in this since I only know Shinola from their made in Detroit marketing, but what is the source that all the parts are outsourced? Seems to defeat a lot of their advertising. 
That movie really annoyed me, especially compared to the book.  They played up this anti-wall street crusader rhetoric to make the characters likeable that never appeared in the book. Also their whole nothing has changed speech. 
I have a palladium Stratfield. I have no doubt the West End would look nice, especially if you want a high gloss precious metal finish. I wouldn't describe that as a casual belt though, that will very much look like a high end dress belt.  Stainless provides a similar effect in the West End for less if you want to go for a casual belt. 
I ended today up nearly 2%. Strange few days. 
Hi Antonio 
Was my biggest holding, but the price decline has seen to that.  Lots more to buy though once funds clear tomorrow.  I have made over 100%+ so far on CORR at least.  I have $40 in NADL, debating if I should sell or just hold onto it for the option value at this point.
I just discovered the Seiko Urushi SARX029 and and SARX019 Enameled dial. Debating getting both to upgrade my dress watch collection.    I currently have a Seiko 5 on a nice strap I could switch to a Perlon or NATO. 
Apologies for really dropping the ball on getting these up here, but pictures of my Stratfield as promised.    Black belt  at a recent wedding. 
You can build a portfolio from some of the Goldman funds too:https://assetmanagement.gs.com/content/gsam/us/en/individual/products/etf-fund-finder.html Super low expense ratios. 
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