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Can anyone speak to if the duck canvas smith jeans will stretch out? I have a pair of Smith jeans in a 30 that fit well everywhere except the waist, where I can button but it is really tight.
I'll try make it for an hour or two.
What kind of care does sterling silver need?   Also the website has been freezing up a lot for me lately and going to your hosting services error page.
I have been away from PC for a while mostly due to the prices, but I just picked up three shirts and tweaked my fits a little. Excited to see how they come.
Fixed my post, missed a key word there :)
I am having trouble visualizing a heavy stitch tanker scotch grain. Anyone have any examples?   Edit: Great. So two in so far for that original make up?
Hmm, I'd rather go for the Frankenstitch, even if it is in Oscar. Will see if there is enough interest.
Will see what Steve says, although I would like soller.
Interesting, although for this one I'd definitely prefer Victory. For me the toes also last longer on Victory, although not a deal breaker for me.   I'm happy with double or single, but preferably no storm welt.
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