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I disagree.  I'm not going to sign a deal that I know has the potential to blow up when so much of my money is tied to future comp. 
On a somewhat related basis and one that is more cheery than sending everyone to prison or working to death in Amazon, can you guys talk me into or out of getting a new (well new to me) car?   With prices of homes and stocks so high and financing costs so low, it looks tempting. I figure it would probably be the last non EV car I buy.   My current one is from 99, so I worry it may not make it until then.    Thoughts?
Not nessesarily. I've seen this as a good way to align long term behavior with shareholders.  Banks are moving more and more to this model for exactly that reason. 
This is pretty common in oil and gas and finance. Everyone except the lowest two rungs at my employer gets at least something similar to GF.I have seen companies where a decent percentage of comp is provided in the form of stock grants. If the stock falls signifigantly retention bonuses are almost always paid.
My current employer has a 3 year cliff vest, which is not the best policy for employees IMO.  Although serious stock price appreciation can make it worth the wait. 
No one offers .5x. Generally if one is moving positions to a higher position they will get 1.25x + .5x in future comp. One benefit of future comp is that you can ask other companies to match what you are losing if they want to poach you. Generally you can get 75c on the dollar. 
Warehouse or corporate? 
Depends on the final valuation. I wouldn't touch it with a 20' pole. 
I have some GM and have had it for about a year. Two things are holding valuation down: 1. Fear of a sub prime auto loan bubble. GM is exposed through both its stake in GM Financial AND because it would depress sales if people can't get financing and used cars flood the market (this drives up leasing costs).2. The auto industry is cyclical and many people currently believe we are at peak auto sales so numbers can only get worse. I trimmed my stake about 30% recently after...
Vix makes sense under 11, but you at that point you tend to have massive contango in the realm of 20%+ a month. It becomes a timing lottery. Right now you're shedding 8% a month. I hold ZIV long term as a form of leveraged market exposure. I add more when mid term vix goes above 20+.  I buy XIV when the market dips. I'll open a small position at the first dip and then add bigger and bigger chunks if the downturn continues and I don't think its a...
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