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It looks like it is because the finish is applied on by Carmina to darken the hatchgrain they get in from Horween. Similar to if you add a darker polish to a lighter shoe, you can scratch it off.
Perhaps it's a packaging issue. I have experienced the same on other chukkas from carmina in terms of wear when I take them out of the box.
Agreed, but I know of one person who it did happen to in recent times. Not something I'd ever personally rely on. Yariko, by the "strictness" I am referring to the recruiting time table for summer internships. In the US and UK they are open only for a short period of applications. You may still have a chance to apply and be accepted. I have a Finnish person in my current course I will ask, but I am sick currently and do not know when I will be back in class.
Actually I don't know about recruiting in Finland. It may be much more open than in the US and UK.   You have an uphill battle, but with two  years left on your degree you aren't completely out of it.   Fuji is right that IB certainly doesn't sound for you. Asset Management or Trading may be, however. Do you prefer really faced paced (trading) or a structured approach to long term management of a portfolio?   I've never done trading, so someone else here can probably...
Is the education in finland four or three years? Starting your CFA would be a big help, but in reality it's a long shot.   If you work on the IT side of banking though you can always (at least anecdotally, I don't know personally) meet a trader if you're lucky and end up on the floor.
Congrats guys!
Really good question. Logically it seems like it should?   Still if you take it to a local cobbler, they may be able to do a quick fix that will last a few months. Maybe a clamp and some glue.   The high cost to re sole is the reason I avoid Dainite in favor of Topys on my cheaper (or much more expensive) shoes.
Dainite resoles are pretty expensive. Usually $100+.   $125 from B Nelson.   http://www.bnelsonshoes.com/orderform1.pdf   In the UK a place called Koko, http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/kokos-shoes-and-repairs-london   No idea on the price.   Someone better informed will be able to tell you if those need a resole. They may not.
I like my AEs, but I find them to be a little inconsistent size wise. The 5 last is just not a good size for me either, hence why I am selling my black cap toes.   It's a shame too, because I paid full retail when I first bought them.
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