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The prices have been going up and up for them with the dollar strengthening. Combined with the slowdowns in both economy and increased scrutiny on real estate transactions I think that spigot is closing. Oh I had a great time visiting. Excellent coffee. No reason something that south in Williamsburg should be that insanely expensive because at that price I'd rather just live in Manhattan (unless you go for one of the super big townhouses which are unavailable in...
Let me know if you want to go in on a few NYC apartments ;).
As someone who wants to buy, wtf is going on.  Honestly the prices in NYC and NJ are insane. Sellers are delusional. You can easily have $2k a month carrying costs not counting the mortgage. Prices are sky rocketing and the flattening yield curve seems to be chipping away at the stagnation of prices.  In a year I've seen Williamsburg go from $750 a sqft to $1300 a sqft.  Frankly based on any reasonable calculation you'd need $250k a year as a household to reasonably afford...
Sad I missed that XS Parka. Damn this is a lot of snow. 
How does this compare in shoulder size to the Rose & Born jacket I bought from you?
If I was dealing with ~$180M, this is exactly what I would do. Except I'd probably take out a few million to trade for fun to give myself something to do. And in doing so I'd probably find myself right back here in GreenFrog's position lol.
Wow, cant believe you hand stitched that whole thing. Beautiful!
$9.4M portfolio??
Very nice! Struggling to see what I'd wear them with though!
I woudln't advise that. VXX decreases in value over time due to contango.  Currently vix is in backwardization though, so holding VXX provides positive returns over time.
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