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Quintus and Romulus are my two favorites, although the croc double monk you just put up is very impressive.
Which one is that?
I've ordered from him with some good experiences and some bad. By and large I use the shoes I got for days when I don't want to risk anything nice in the rain or am in a hurry. I've had to do some kind of work on every pair though (either refinishing or repairs). Re gemming vs handwelted: I have pairs of both and have noticed no difference. While DWII is certainly correct it probably won't make a big difference to you over the lifetime of the shoes. My Meermins often have...
Unipair also sells them
What is the process to order from Rakuten? It seems that many sellers don't list international shipping rates.
While not that relevant, I was in the actual Brixton this weekend. Thought it was cool to see the place the boots were named after.
Lusterous fine white is a good fabric to start. It breaks in well and is all around pretty comfortable and not too wrinkle prone IMO.
Beautiful shoes. Let me know if you are ever in express need of cash, as these are way out of my budget! :)
Financial Services. I don't earn that much (relatively), but I am efficient in what I buy and spend on. My only big personal expenses are shoes, ties and tea :).
The suits are getting very nice. Also contrary to some of the opinions I liked the shoes that were posted.
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