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Seiko does a good job with band selection.  With that said my new Seiko 5 strap has made me realize what a huge difference there is in quality between my Equus strap and the stock Seiko straps, even on their higher end lines. 
I love that combo. I have the SARX019 (midnight glazed croc), SARB Cocktail Time and SARX029 (black croc). Also a Seamaster on a dark brown croc grain.  So though it would be a good idea to bring some tan into the mix as well as the blue on the Seiko 5.    The enameled dial is beautiful, can't figure out why it is always so hard to photograph. 
Gold Barenia. I have the SARX019 that comes with a glazed midnight croc
Midnight bridle strap, Seiko 5.    Gives it an extremely clean look in person.    Up next upgrading my SARB Cocktail time. 
I may be interested in an exotic rifle bag.
Just outfitted my Seiko 5 with an Equus strap. Will try for some pictures during the week. 
I'd always recommend getting the stratfield holes dyed. Goes better with the modern tone of the belt. I like the contrast on some of the other belts.
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