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I just kind of went for it. Shoulder measurement was fine, the rest will be tailored. It's really a pot luck when it comes to the various fits. I'd go to the armoury and figure out how you fit in the 184.
I have both soles so I can comment. Tomir is awesome, but at the same time it's not a full rubber sole. Dainite will be more flexible and more waterproof. The shoe on Dainite will also need no break in.   Personally I would go for Dainite since that would be an awesome wet weather show in Dainite. The Tomir is nice, but the middle will still get soaked and scuffed in a decent amount of wet.
You can always sell it at cost and then buy another one when they re-stock.
It is a huge pain, but happens on my carminas a little too. A cobbler can replace the toe with caps.
I actually think with Carmina it is a matter of pricing. At the beginning Epaulet was the main place to get Carmina and the only place to try it on. Now there are a huge number of constant GMTOs run by people who exclusively do MTOs and provide non stop dedicated shoe service and fitting advice. It's a hard market to compete. No one else really does Aldens the same way.
Yes it is. Although I may just have publicly scarified my source for ring jacket deals :).
A&S Shop. Somewhat humorously their Rakuten name comes up as ASSHOP.
I ordered online and had a great experience. Suit arrived quickly and is very nice, fits extremely well. Just needs a bit of tailoring for the sleeves.
Hey Mike, Any plans for any more pale grey hopsack? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/slim-walt-trouser-pale-grey-hopsack-wool
Just a short plug that Epaulet is really awesome. Can't beat the customer service or the products.
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