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Sold out of MU today with a 17% profit. 
Late night cellphone order for the oxford grey to complete my flannel collection.
Hmmm, interesting. Again not willing to comment here other than to say I think this puts down a lot of the rumors that were originally circulating. On a broader scope unrelated to this case, how strong are controls required to be? If someone is lying about having a financial stake in a company, what is a company's responsability to get to the truth there?PB?
Care to expand on this? I won't comment but I'm curious to hear more.
I use one.  On one hand the tax advantage is great, on the other I avoid care unless it's a serious emergency because my costs and deductable are so high. The first year on an HSA is brutal because you have no reserve. I now fund it 100% for the year in the first two months. 
I'm going long emerging market debt. I think the dollar rise and rate rise is a little overdone.    I also want the security of fixed income, but low paying bonds scare me because of bond convexity.   I'm buying TEI around $10.20 at the moment.    I'm also buying Blackstone (BX) to get some indirect market exposure for the parents portfolio. The performance fees they are getting will likely dry up if the market goes down, but I see the downside as a bit more limited.
As a shorter guy I do not thing these styles work too well. Taylor will work at 5' 8" and you may need to have some work done. Gable would be hard.
contago is 10%+
Although I already answered by PM, for everyone's benefit: If you fit Forest and Inca 6UK and your feet arent particularly wide or long (like mine), then you should be fine with Antonio's 6 UK.  Llubi will be slightly wider, while Forest and Inca will be roughly one par. 
It's like Trumped Up Trickle Down Economics!
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