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GLF is like a cheap mid term option on an off shore drilling recovery. Given that fracking is keeping their cost down this is getting less and and less likely, but still possible.  My only issue is that they are cash flow negative. If things don't turn around then they will wipe out equity soon. TDW can go for much longer. So can HOS. I don't see anyone lining up to buy GLF. At least not before a BK.  That said, not bad risks for the price if one wants to gamble. 
I like it, but the POW check combined with working cuffs may make it unalterable :/. Big risk. 
Really? Been one of my better trades to date. Up 20%+ on my current holdings. Running at a 12% reasonably sustainable yield. 
Activity of the day.   Moving big into mREITs again since book values have substantially increased but prices have decreased.    Buying NLY under $10.20   Picking up BX around $24. Conservative simple multiple valuation of their fee revenue puts them at around $28. Third time doing this trade, have sold at $27 each time before.    Buying TGP under $15. Cheap gas prices don't reduce volumes of shipping. While if the international to US spread stays low it may be a...
Is it a big pain to keep it up? Old fit was always perfect for me. 
my advice is buy in tranches. Momentum can keep going way beyond rational valuation bounds.  Especially with the election and Hilary looking more likely to be our next president.  I'm using VRX as my exclusive exposure to Healthcare. I had excellent returns on PBR as my oil exposure. Sometimes the leverage can really whip momentum around. 
I think its a solid value proposition for the price. 
No comment :). Except I thought it was amusing that Bloomberg made a graph that said  "Valeant has a long way to go" then showed Q1+Q2 revenues equal to 48% of midpoint guidance. I have no idea what that was suppose to show. 
I like the strap and leather work. I agree that the logo could be smaller. What is the price point? 40mm always seems a bit big to me. 
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