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I have a feeling CHK will be one of the first. At this point with my shares worth $3 I am holding onto them for the potential upside. Thankfully I never invested that much, so if it goes totally out at least I get 30% back in tax savings.
Why is BAC so beaten down? I'm okay to hold COP for a while as one of my smaller positions. At worst it takes 5 years to pay off, although the 2% yield isn't much to write home about.  NAP is interesting. I am not too sure what I think the VLCC market will do long term. Low oil prices and the US exporting should mean much more traffic, but what happens to rates when they eventually offload all the oil on the tankers speculators have been storing it in? Don't get me...
I bought in today after that. Got in around $36.5, not the best trading on my part. 
These are beautiful, if only I wasn't short on cash :(.
I have this in year last Utah leather from the last run. Can't recommend enough. Really comfortable boot that works with pretty much everything casual. Not sure why, but in fact much more comfortable than all my other Alden boots. 
Those red stingray boots...   Also glad to see my first consignment up. Can't wait to getting around to sending more. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epaulet-New-York-Made-in-USA-Rust-Terracotta-Ribbed-Twill-Pants-Trousers-29-NR-/311536739824?hash=item48890965f0:g:fpoAAOSwJb9Wqp5l  
Oh man if those were my size I would have picked them up instantly. 
That's a pretty good deal. I used to work around there. I generally consider $1,500 to be the minimum for a bedroom and bathroom in any of desireable areas, i.e. 2 bedroom for 3k at a minimum. 
The prices have been going up and up for them with the dollar strengthening. Combined with the slowdowns in both economy and increased scrutiny on real estate transactions I think that spigot is closing. Oh I had a great time visiting. Excellent coffee. No reason something that south in Williamsburg should be that insanely expensive because at that price I'd rather just live in Manhattan (unless you go for one of the super big townhouses which are unavailable in...
Let me know if you want to go in on a few NYC apartments ;).
New Posts  All Forums: