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Mike, this could make sense as I have high arches. To clarify I do find the neocork to be softer, I just didn't feel that it changed the fit at all (for me at least).  
This. I have been scouting out real estate in new developments in NYC the past month. A lot of them are built and expect to fill up with 50% Chinese money. I am hoping they will become desperate and push a few out the door at a low price to increase occupancy percentages.  I truly believe in the US there has been a divergence between the economy and corporate performance and I no longer consider one to determine the other. 
I theorize that low interest rates have driven up the fair valuations of equities, so I'd expect them to be higher until interest rates move up a bit. A ~40% drop to me would be incredibly shocking. I really think the rest of the week is a flip of the coin on market sentiment. 
I think this may be somewhat generational. I am always faster looking at digital.
Having tried both in other lasts, the answer would be no, not really. Never actually noticed the shape difference until you pointed it out though. That said Commando requires a long break in. 
China was still down and oil is still badly down. Commodities are plunging all around, a lot of hedges aren't working the way they used to (gold, MBS, bonds ect).  My thought is that people are deleveraging now and pulling out money. On top of that there has been an expectation of a correction for a while and it seems that these events, rather than a rate hike, are what triggered it. We had a really rosy situation a few months ago that has been damaged and stocks that were...
I'm not that surprised. Big sell off with volume. Unless people panic tomorrow I'm starting to feel this correction may be over (at least I hope so because I'm out of cash). 
Not looking good right now. Looking like the market may end flat or down.   Edit: Now clearly down around 1%. Damn...    Buying MBS. I think they might actually see a book value increase with this turbulence. 
This made me laugh out loud, got some weird looks in the office. Also made me think of:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz-PtEJEaqY
It is pretty cool to watch the battle between buyers and sellers right now if you have tick data.   Edit: looks like a polygraph of someone furiously lying.   Edit 2: Noooo. Stop!   Edit 3: Looks like it will end down. Getting hammered. Breached 4%.     Small smattering of buying at the end wasn't enough to save it. Now we pray for tomorrow.    I think ZIV looks very attractive right now as 20 is higher than the VIX average. XIV is a roll of the dice with...
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