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 @sacafotos any chance you remember which fabrics you picked? They are great. 
Sample sale was great and a lot of fun!   Picked up two great mismeasured individualized shirts, even though Mike told me I'd be too fat for them. 
I think you're too hard on yourself. I give this an 8/10. With a bit of work youll get it to an 8.5. As good as youll probably get without going custom. I'd be really happy. 
Better customization and probably fit, I'd go with Antonio. Slightly different house styles though. 
Don't go . NYC isn't that bad. 
I'd guess as well. Without Epaulet I'd never have ventured to Cobble Hill. Great location. Rents and Real Estate are getting crazy there though. 
Epaulet made an amazing supima cotton V-Neck for a while that they now discontinued. Generally interested but subdued colors, soft and thin yet durable. Realistically though I don't need any additional t-shirts. 
Does Epaulet know I get paid on Friday?
I'm up about 20% this year if I exclude VRX, CHK and TDW.   Excluding just VRX I'm still up about 15%.   If look compared to last year though in total I'm down like 20%. 
Very cool, if only the shoulders were smaller.
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