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I got a lot of purple pocket squares and some pirate corgi socks if anyone is looking to trade!
 Basically you pay a bank fee (25 in the case above), but also they build in another fee by giving you a rate far worse than the market rate. So the $670 is higher than 402 GBP should have been in USD because of this.If you use a credit card for a wire you pay an additional fee because it is classed as a "cash advance" rather than a standard purchase I believe. That is why Iiked Trasnfer Wise in the first place. They give you a rate close to the mid market and they are...
 Just an FYI I use transfer wise. They give you a rate within ~1% of spot rather than ~5% I paid, even with Chase Private Client rates. If you use my URL the first transfer is free https://transferwise.com/u/b549a6 In full disclosure they give a financial incentive for something like each 6 people that sign up. I won't post this again because it would be advertising for them, but it has pushed down the extra costs when purchasing from Antonio a lot. I also hated nothing...
I appreciated you posting up the pictures last time. Really amazing shoe. Unfortunately I have one just like it from Antonio Meccariello
 I originally meant for marinating before sous vide, but I actually tried putting a little in with oil for the cooking itself. Turned out surprisingly well using a white balsamic. It softened the steak but didn't turn it to mush and added a lot of great flavor.  The other thing I experimented with was when searing at the end adding a small dot of molasses. The sugar hardens very quickly and creates a nice crust.
How come? Acidity?
Nope. Been clear every time.
Seems to be 1-4 months at the moment. In the past I have never waited more than two.   Test shoes are relatively quick. I was quoted 3 months production for an Aurum. That alone is king of incredible considering how busy Antonio is and recent life events.
I bought a lot of infused balsamic to marinade my steaks in, only to realize I ran out of zip lock bags today. I'm curious to see what effect it has on the meat.
Woah that is a nice collection
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