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Do you have it in custom?
I'm in a similar boat and found the shirt collars to be a fine length. The collar on the other hand was wayyy too big for my frame. 
Grained by far. It just takes wear a lot better.  I already have a fair number of regular calf shoes. I want something for travel that looks refined but also is cool enough for a bar. A cheaper shoe is something I buy because I want something similar to a more high end pair but won't have to worry about babying it all the time.  Jodphur Saffiano? That would be cool. 
Those Jodphur's are great. Would love to see them in a grained calf for use as a travel boot. 
Accurate. I'm struggling with this decision. I love the Mocha color and have a trip planned this would be great for. It's a lot to spend on a bag though consider it actually costs more than the trip. I worry it may get very beaten up in travels. 
Interest rates are low. Hard to find yield at other places. Oil was really leading the market down, but seems to have found some stability.  I own COG so was annoyed to see NY deny the constitution pipeline its permit. Hits me both in higher electrical costs and is basically going to take, at a a minimum, a year of profitability away from them. 
Any idea if it would fit within international carry on reqruirements? 
I'm holding off on buying now.   Either the market keeps going up and I make money or the market goes down and I have cash to deploy.    Market stagnates and I can use the cash to maybe put a downpayment on a home. 
Charlie,   Do you have anything I could use to hold a set of keys? I don't want them just bouncing around in my pocket scratching up things. 
Very nice!
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