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How much do trousers usually run around?
Great explanation Piob
Exactly. But I've also heard many cases where doctors were using the current best practice and still lost lawsuits, hence why many just consider it a gamble. 
Medical Malpractice is a bit too much of a slimy industry for me.  What you're saying aligns with what I've heard though. I think if you asked youd find it consistent with what I said, that doctors aren't afraid to update their procedures because of malpractice lawsuits. 
Doctors have no problem admitting their feelings about lawyers. And often many other things I'd rather they didn't share with me :). I haven't actually met an MD without malpractice insurance. As you point out in your last point, that is also a big factor. There is a huge degree of overspecialization. 
I've spoken to a lot of doctors and professionals and no one has ever mentioned it as a reason or even a major component. Most view malpractice as a game of roulette. You can do everything right and to standard procedure, but it doesn't mean a jury will agree. Especially since its insurance and not doctors who pays up at the end.  Generally its that doctors have a lot to do, the training is hard to keep up with and not particularly accessible. Modernization of medical...
The lag has little to do with lawyers in this case.  Also not sure if anyone jumped into CORR with me, but the issue has progressed and the stock has resumed its upward trend. From about 24 back to ~27 already. Will probably hold around $28. 
This is interesting. We have limited medicare exposure, but I should read into it a bit more. I don't think that the backend infrastructure is there yet to make it happen. I'll give it 5-10 years if the current business cycle holds up. 10-20 if not and investment dries up.  Also doctors are busy. Running a practice takes a lot of time and so much new information comes out. There is no centralized system for getting them new information either. Youd be surprised at the...
Obamacare has actually created anti-momentum (friction?) in my mind.  Promises were made, like people getting to keep their plans, that were then broken. Many exchanges are failing (unsurprisingly) due to the patient populations signing up being far sicker than projected and thereby plan cost has went up massively.  There is a lot to fix here and while pharma is the easiest one to call out because Bernie can scream "regulate the prices", it's actually not the biggest...
What is happening to the returned sweaters? 
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