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He allows you to send him a scan of your foot drawn on paper.   Can't wait for these to arrive. Now will have brown, blue and black Meccariellos at my office. 
Glad it worked out. That said, Carmina takes a lot of MTO orders. Perhaps they should make a simple template that would prevent anything like this happening. Could literally be done in a day. In fact I'd do it for a cordovan boot ;).
When I think about it, the best thing for Carmina to do here would be to refund the MTO fee. Then you can decide if you want to keep the money or use it for a patina. This isn't really just a wrong shade of brown, but really a wrong color. I would remind them how many pairs you have bought and that you think this would be a fair solution for both parties. 
Thank you! Being 6UK I expect them to sit a while, so plenty of time for a budget to recover ;).
Talking broad cultural experience on my end here. Don't get me started on the UK.Anyway those shoes actually don't even really look brown to me. Your best bet is to send them to Dandy Shoe Care or another patina artist, you just won't get them there with cream.
I think there is a difference in expectations between the US and Europe. In the Southern European countries I've always found that as long as something is delivered defect free and close to spec it is considered fulfilled. In the US, or Germany for example, a wrong shade would be considered a serious deviation that requires compensation.   Sucks to spend a 50% premium and have that many shoes with Carmina and still not get excellent service, but I've found it is a hard...
I have a few pairs of Carmina I picked up but haven't had a chance to wear yet. I don't have a particular urge to sell them, but figured I'd put them on here at a price where I'm willing to let them go rather than sit on my shelf. Prices are cheaper than buying from Gentlemens Foorware, Carmina and Skoak and you don't have to deal with shipping from outside the US. Willing to take offers, but prices are only somewhat negotiable.    Burgundy Swan Neck Oxford, Rain, 6UK,...
I don't except this oil rally to last honestly. At best I think it will stabilize around $50 for a few months. But it is a good time for me to begin adding to my invest-able cash pile.
I love my Scott and it is still going strong, despite being the first belt I purchased from Equus. That said the Oak Brown is pretty thick and tough. Both will probably live as long as you and really you'll be happy either way. 
I have a belt in Oak Brown. I would describe it as a much more durable Museum Calf look alike. I'm sure the Russet could age just as well, but I think it would be hard to improve on the Oak Brown. Literally one of my favorite looks. 
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