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The moment I saw that pair I thought how unique and attractive it was. Should have figured it was yours. Congrats. My one US pair was never hit with any customs. Other were ordered in London.
Agreed. Usually I post my questions here and don't email them in unless thy go unanswered. A lot of times I find I get very valuable information (ex. Caused by user error) from the replies.
Mike and crew, I noticed a while back that the commando sole on my Carmina wasn't too durable, but now the rubber above the toe on the left boot has completely broken off. Does Carmina have any kind of warranty for this? Since the wear is asymmetrical I'm guessing it just wasn't the best batch of rubber or something similar.
It is a little distracting, although the shirt fits you incredibly well.
I have the Epaulet version of the Kudu boots. I must say they are a great boot. Really soft and comfortable as well as durable. One of my favorite to wear.
I didn't see the 44EUs up there. Did I just miss them?
Come to Port Washington, there is plenty to go around!   I'm thinking my family is going to kill me for spending my thanksgiving on ebay haha.
ah, my mistake. I look forward to that.
I can't seem to find the 44EUs, anyone have a link?
Similarly didn't realize. Could have saved myself a fortune.
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