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Impressive to buy a business for $230M then have to write down up to $4.5B on it.  I actually own some CBI. 
I think the idea is that its a representation back to the classic Alpinist when they didn't really have metal straps. I can certainly see your point though, although I've only ever seen an Alpinist in a semi dressy situation. 
I usually have my left shirt cuff made bigger on my dress shirts to accommodate this. It is usually a casual watch for me though.  I have been debating a Seiko Dolce for a while. 
Custom from Equus. Gold Barenia.
One of the best value Seikos out there is the SARB Cocktail time. A beautiful domed watch and sunburst face along with a reliable movement for sub $500, but the black polished bridle strap, while nice in its own right, limits the utility of the watch. So I added an equus strap, gold barenia/baranil with royal blue lin stiching. Complete changes the character of the watch. Also supremely comfortable. Also now my whole office wants equus straps.
Thank you! Exactly, I wanted something simple and business appropriate. I feel that these models had a defining element, with a solid and low maintenance movement. I feel the Swiss equivalents are usually 3-4x the price and lack the special elements (although the movements may be more intricate).The simplicity also lets me be more creative with the strap.Here's my SARB. Ignore the drab hospital background.
I routinely wear my Seiko JDMs (SARX029, SARX019 and SARB065), to board meetings, deals and negotiations ect and as far I know no one has every made any negative comments. In fact I've recieved a few compliments. I even sometimes wear my Seiko 5.  I did put a new Equus strap on both the 5 and the SARB though. 
Can you provide a more detailed picture of the fabric? 
What about a palladium mayfair?
West End is fine. Mayfair or Aspley are the best in my opinion for formal wear. 
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