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VRX is about 1 of 50 in my portfolio. Just happened to be a very outsized position.  I do very well with macro investing, I do pretty poorly with individual stock picking.
If I exclude VRX I'm up 21% so far this year.    5% on my parents portfolio since October and that portfolio is 25% cash. 
Cut and run. They are done. I bought a stake knowing the risk, but with oil holding where it has there is almost no way that theyd have enough runway unless a recovery to ~$70 a barrel occurred tomorrow. OSD would have to recover first. Take the tax loss. Maybe hold a day or two for a better exit point, but there is little to no hope here. 
I'm waiting for further pullback to increase my position in both asset classes. 
Those are incredible. 
Most likely inside information. Probably some bad news on their capital structure.
It has been my experience as well that the color lightens up after a few wears and brushings.  If unhappy one should always discuss with the manufacturer.  I will say I have seen this on a variety of other shoes in the mentioned brand, including some that I have owned although it's usually model specific. Again though, it's your satisfaction that matters, I'm curious to hear what he has to say. 
Those nuclear contracts have the potential to sink the entire company's equity. Maybe the Japanese government bails them out, in which case buying in would be a good idea. With that leverage they can likely negotiate good outs.  If they aren't able to resolve it will be incredibly expensive to get out of them short term. Similar to JPM's high cost to exit the fundementally correct London Whale trades. I do hold some CB&I shares though. 
Thanks, sent you an e-mail.
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