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I'll be participating, but not today unfortunately, as the holidays took me away from home and my shoe collection.
Being a small store I think these things can happen and occasionally slip through the cracks. Just to echo what everyone here has said, overall you get excellent customer service and great products at a fair price. Oos is one of the most frustrating parts when trying to get something you want, that said you can ask Mike to keep an eye out should they find more. I really wanted a pair of their faded jeans, but got an Oos e-mail. When they found a few more pairs in their...
Is the indigo hopsack in the Hertling sample sale the same as this one? http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-indigo-hopsack-wool
I like the new size 36 ring jacket. Any cyber monday deals? :)
Haha, have to prefer Bloomberg or suddenly I'm not legit? Edit: Realized I missed part of what you are saying. I work in M&A.  Bloomberg terminal is excellent at what it does, but it is very rigid and geared towards people in specific roles. Eikon 1-3 were pretty awful, but 4 is very stable and customizeable. For my personal investing you really can't beat being able to screen by thousands of metrics and totally customize your pages.  For instance I have a list of mREITs...
Non gusseted tongues can do this. Happens a lot on my Aldens too. Very annoying. I'd have a cobler put a tack stitch on one side to prevent it.
I did a DCF on Chipotle like 4 or 5 years ago and thought it was seriously undervalued. Had no cash at the time. Real shame because it turns out I was right.  Problem with CMG in my opinion is that the current valuation doesn't leave a huge margin for error. It's kind of how I feel with most stocks at their current price these days.
Last time I checked the spreads were widening. Doesn't matter what their borrowing costs are as long as they can lend them out at a higher rate which is what the widening spread indicates. The only worry I have now is how book value will act when rates go up and if it will surpass the roughly 20% discount built into most names right now. I guess pre-payments worry me a bit too. 
I actually use a Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal. In many ways a lot easier to use and much more customizeable once you get the hang of it. 
My car is a little past the buffing and shinning stages of its life ;). 
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