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I'll try make it for an hour or two.
What kind of care does sterling silver need?   Also the website has been freezing up a lot for me lately and going to your hosting services error page.
I have been away from PC for a while mostly due to the prices, but I just picked up three shirts and tweaked my fits a little. Excited to see how they come.
Great! Would love something like Meermin's last chart.   http://i.imgur.com/KgMVO.png
Also, since I have a variety of shoes from Bostonians to my Meccariellos, I thought I'd comment on the shoes itself:     Style:   The last itself is pretty elegant and the shoe well shaped. Would be great if there were options for a thinner or thicker sole, since that partially determines the look. Given that overall style is basically up to you, I'd be really confident that Awl & Sundry would make it come to life exactly as pictured.   Build Quality:   The build...
My charger seems to have been displaced, so here are some cell pics as a preview.   I went a little less subtle for the polishing so as to bring out what I think is really possible with this leather. I left one shoe undone so that you could see the contrast. I also left the laces area undone so that you could see how you could have a more balanced and less streaky color blend.   The base color could also have been fed with a wax product such as Obenuafs to create a...
Fixed my post, missed a key word there :)
I am having trouble visualizing a heavy stitch tanker scotch grain. Anyone have any examples?   Edit: Great. So two in so far for that original make up?
Hmm, I'd rather go for the Frankenstitch, even if it is in Oscar. Will see if there is enough interest.
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