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Crust is tanned but uncolored leather. The color is added in afterwards essentially through a brush. This is in contract to leather where the color is dyed in.   Crust is generally considered superior, but it doesn't wear as hard (i.e. shoes age more quickly). Some love it some hate it.
I could not find anything about the pop up on the website and am posting from a cellphone, so prefer not to search.
Those are beautiful. I had the money I'd order immediately.
The new website looks great.
Does anyone else find that their feet swell so much that well fitting shoes are unpleasant by the end of the day?
So grey suede is good to go?   I was wondering if you had received the shipment of black rain last cap toes?
JPM in London re-opened analyst recruiting for those who hadn't interned for the firm before for the first time. I thought it was an interesting move.   Not that I or anyone I know heard back after applying.
Would love to see how that ages and wears.
New Posts  All Forums: