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BHI long HAL short (or puts). You can lock in the 7.5% spread currently offered by their coming merger, even leverage it if you aren't afraid to take risks.  Edit: Nevermind saw you wanted non stock related.  Why not buy some bonds then? Better than nothing. 
On my cap toe pair I am struggling with if I should have a medallion or not. What do you guys think?   I was thinking of this medallion, but am open to suggestions.   https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xft1/v/t1.0-9/11044176_1654847688076349_4006373053109756807_n.jpg?oh=2fb674405def7bde30d24c6dd332d67d&oe=55C846C7
I'm rooting for you guys. What kind of set up are you using for trading? Real time data?
I have been avoiding that like no other. If what the other people on the forum say is true not much has changed in solar. A couple industry people have said that manufacturing has basically no profit in it too. That said it is probably a great trade. Should bounce back.
Really sad to see you guys leave :(
Yup, Intelsat. I'm taking a beating on BHI with the crude declines lately.
Buying a lot of I today. They have a massive backlog of customers and debt isn't due for a while. Great long term buy in my opinion.
I don't really understand what supported GMCR's previously high valuation, so to me it seems like a correction to the market implying lower future growth rates.
I really like these, was admiring them last night.
My models love MU. I'll probably pick some up as soon as I put new cash into my accounts, fully invested at the moment.
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