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Those nuclear contracts have the potential to sink the entire company's equity. Maybe the Japanese government bails them out, in which case buying in would be a good idea. With that leverage they can likely negotiate good outs.  If they aren't able to resolve it will be incredibly expensive to get out of them short term. Similar to JPM's high cost to exit the fundementally correct London Whale trades. I do hold some CB&I shares though. 
Thanks, sent you an e-mail.
Have the Hertling EFFs been delivered? I think the orders were back in november. 
I do not believe bond funds have the same characteristics as a ladder of bonds. The nature of adding and liquidating bonds mean that capital losses or gains are realized on an ongoing basis.  Holding a ladder of bonds would mean you take no capital loss when you receive the capital back at the end. There is no single cash out event in a bond fund, you are selling a portfolio of bonds at the current market price. 
I haven't seen any patent leather from him, but other than that I don't see why not. Mine are extremely comfortable for long hours of traveling. 
Bonds scare me at the moment. I hold some short term bonds in my parents portfolio, that I purchased when interest rates soared, but in general I prefer cash to bonds at the moment. I'd rather not lend out money and watch it decrease in value. Especially when GS Bank and a few others offer 1% interest.
I'd be down for the ripstop order.   Also just ordered a blue linen shirt from individualized!
I took a small position in DSW. Seems to be trading a little below peers despite being better positioned than peers. Adjusted earnings numbers for one offs look decent.   Also have a 3.7% dividend, which I like as it provides a good impetus for buy and hold while I wait for the valuation thesis to play out. Will exit around $24/25. 
The 6R-15 is really a great movement. A lot of variation between the different ones. My SARX019 has the best of the bunch, accuracy close to yours. 
Very true. Why not a few of them? My value stocks have gained back some ground.  But at the same time, my junk has skyrocketed. 
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