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I have the Mocha and Grey. Both great. Grey is actually office appropriate. Mocha is cool and gets a lot of compliments, but also has a strong orange component to it. My favorite fall pant. Soft and comfy, but I think the grey wins out for comfy. 
Yeah but .3c and 15%? Did they also kill a puppy on their earnings call?
Lol. What exactly is going on there?
I just laughed out loud. Sadly timed it right as the CEO walked past and got some odd looks.
Sigh, you sold me. Not eating next month I guess. 
Rough ETA? I may need to reschedule some meetings. 
I sent someone a pair of Oakley Lenses once they swore they just knew were fakes. I had bought them from the NYC store so I know they weren't. Eventually ebay just refunded him out of their pocket. Was weird though. He refused to take them to the store to get looked at. 
Solid analysis. Will start potentially adding a bit to my position with any spare change I find. I'd also expect a long recovery. There aren't any stocks at the moment that I see providing a good short term return, so only adding longer term assets at this point.  I have actually done rather well on my mREITs, but the yield curve is no longer attractive enough to make me want to buy more unless dividend cuts drive down the prices. 
Antonio took me down half a size, but I would ask him for fitting advice. 
Thoughts on MU? Agreed on the longevity of light crude.  Helps that SA built up its massive wealth fund. Other countries have been burning through everything they take in. 
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