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Whoops, you know you spend too long at work when you don't see a problem with that phrasing until someone else points it out :). But it could be cool to buy the stand alone business and then on top of that have the deals on Epaulet products. If they could get a hold of a highly skilled tailor it would make the product offerings unbeatable.
You guys should consider buying a tailor and offering low priced alterations for Epaulet items :).
MC will have considerably more variety in what you do and how you solve problems than IBD. In general IBD will have a couple points along the process where you need to be creative, but MC can have far more.That, of course, isn't to say in any way that it is easier.
I mean that is the evolution of the industry in a way. I was surprised to find myself accepting a management role over big 4 advisory offers (don't ever go entry level in the UK if you can avoid it). After speaking to workers at all the firms versus the offer I took, I found the consultants did much blander mid office and back office work effectively.
Many of the people I know in industry mention the "strategy" work they are doing, which is what I'd actually consider operational most of the time.
Can you PM me when those come in? Thanks.
Just saw I got a refund on a pair of Walts I had ordered. Does that mean they got sold out and the refund is automatic?
What would you recommend for a white or blue shirt for the summer? I don't want to die on the subway in NYC.
Just an FYI I find the Carmina commando to not be that strong rubber wise. Bits break off pretty easily compared to my Aldens. Only thing about Carmina I've ever not enjoyed.
In that case it is simply that the welt on the newest one is much narrower. This lends itself well to the shape of the shoe where as the bigger welt does not.   Simply tell him you want the welt trimmed very thin and you will get the first shoe.
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