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Ah, figured it was an autocorrect ;).​ I personally am only going for the companies themselves.
companies or the commodity itself?
I started seeing a lot more Carmina- AE comparisons compared to the previous Carmina - Alden. Overall a good business move I think. Carmina should be positioned as the cheaper top flight goodyear welted shoes.  That said obviously I would prefer the lower prices. Makes new shoes harder to justify. 
Saw that too. No Carminas for me for a while...
Haha yeah I get that, but it actually wasn't meant as a day trade. I think there is real takeover potential. I just would have taken my profits nearly immediately since my target price was around $100. I think the market is legitimately pricing down oil and commodities, but I think for one willing to hold the risk there is a lot of reward built in now if things improve.
Anyone else seem the instagram of the mountain ram galway? I really want one.   Edit:
Would have bought in the 70s and sold today probably around 108 :). 
Man I really wanted to get into Glencore, but buying their shares is a bit of a pain and I couldn't shift cash around accounts fast enough, Would have been a crazy gain.
Very nice jacket.
I mean, where else are people going to put their money?
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