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I'll be in Austin the rest of this week. Excited to see Texas. Hearing people try to defend these companies even just today is crazy. It's like they're missing the basic underlying math and understanding of risk that is at the heart of credit. 
Come on, sell side, buy side? Debt? Equities? That's as far as I'll go. 
That is absolutely crazy. I actually didn't realize they were public. I would have hoped on that short. Actually I may still once I investigate how strong their verification process is. How are you short? Chogall what do you do as a day job? I'm always impressed by your financial knowledge. 
I just came across Lending Club.   All the worst elements of 2008 combined. 
Any chance this or next round of Saffiano bags could have a choice of lining color? Still really on the fence.   Jodphurs are great!
I would likely send then back to Italy. I have rubber put on the bottom for this reason though. Moulded Shoe in NYC does a good job replacing the rubber without doing any damage. 
Do you have it in custom?
I'm in a similar boat and found the shirt collars to be a fine length. The collar on the other hand was wayyy too big for my frame. 
Grained by far. It just takes wear a lot better.  I already have a fair number of regular calf shoes. I want something for travel that looks refined but also is cool enough for a bar. A cheaper shoe is something I buy because I want something similar to a more high end pair but won't have to worry about babying it all the time.  Jodphur Saffiano? That would be cool. 
Those Jodphur's are great. Would love to see them in a grained calf for use as a travel boot. 
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