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The test shoes are fully wearable. My test pair is one of the most comfortable I own and very durable. Antonio allowed modification in style such as a different medallion, brougeing or not and a different color.  I believe there is a difference in the leather used. The standard line and aurum leathers are excellent. I'd rate the test shoe leather as good. It is probably the same standard crust leather but not the primary cuts in the hide if I were to make a guess.  Here is...
They do have android now, it's a great app. GreenFrog this is absolutely true and can be a huge pain, although they are working on changing that. I imagine for the amount you trade the $5 each way commissions don't even factor in relative to execution. I personally may have sub $500 orders either as a part of chipping away at a larger position or in a stock I am not too familiar with, so the commission free makes a noticeable difference to me.
Waiting for pay-day tomorrow before buying more.   If anyone doesn't have Robinhood (commission free trading) here is my referral code: http://    share.robinhood.com/l/77SGHeU1qy   We both get $5 for using it. 
Slow time of year. I ordered my aurum pair around then and that is what he quoted me time wise.​
Cifonelli looks great. Subbing for when I have more cash around.
Yes they are GYW. I have worn my pair every day at my new job for nearly two months. Will try and take pictures soon. Overall they are excellent value and very durable. Finishing is excellent.
Mike, this could make sense as I have high arches. To clarify I do find the neocork to be softer, I just didn't feel that it changed the fit at all (for me at least).  
This. I have been scouting out real estate in new developments in NYC the past month. A lot of them are built and expect to fill up with 50% Chinese money. I am hoping they will become desperate and push a few out the door at a low price to increase occupancy percentages.  I truly believe in the US there has been a divergence between the economy and corporate performance and I no longer consider one to determine the other. 
I theorize that low interest rates have driven up the fair valuations of equities, so I'd expect them to be higher until interest rates move up a bit. A ~40% drop to me would be incredibly shocking. I really think the rest of the week is a flip of the coin on market sentiment. 
I think this may be somewhat generational. I am always faster looking at digital.
New Posts  All Forums: