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Yes that is what I referring to. In the picture Antonio labels them model Quintus and on his tumblr he has Quintus as "Chiselled".
Sadly is a very well fitting MTO that will stay with me for a while. What are the terms of selling things through LuxSwap? I may have some things to send your way soon.
To answer the question that is his "chiseled" Aurum last, which is the actual name of the last.   I have a pair in that last and I like it very much. It takers a narrow welt or thick welt very well, so I'd suggest you specify which one you want when you go for it.
I generally go light grey, but I see no reason you couldn't go dark.
Sadly the liveranos that run in my size I already have very similar jackets too :(.
I have a summer jacket like that. Honestly I pair it with grey pants or a similar shade of navy. Never had much of a problem with it as long as I don't wear it on more serious days.
Tell us more?
Interesting, thanks for explaining. I guess there must have been some change from that model. Although occasionally a piece has to be re-worked at no charge, generally they have done a good job for me in both the tailoring and recommending what is and isn't essential to have done. Even had a pair of gloves altered by hand. Would be helpful to hear from someone who has used their bespoke service since the change.
I'd be interested to see if there is anything to substantiate this. I frequently use their alternation service with great results.
Hah. I'd say my equus belts are nearly half my collection.  Lately they have been getting more interesting. I had the Damascus made into a black L&R with royal blue threading and a midnight blue with a rose gold plated mayfair.
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