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Is the indigo hopsack in the Hertling sample sale the same as this one? http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-indigo-hopsack-wool
I like the new size 36 ring jacket. Any cyber monday deals? :)
Haha, have to prefer Bloomberg or suddenly I'm not legit?  Bloomberg terminal is excellent at what it does, but it is very rigid and geared towards people in specific roles. Eikon 1-3 were pretty awful, but 4 is very stable and customizeable. For my personal investing you really can't beat being able to screen by thousands of metrics and totally customize your pages.  For instance I have a list of mREITs by different types and can see their discount to book in near real...
Non gusseted tongues can do this. Happens a lot on my Aldens too. Very annoying. I'd have a cobler put a tack stitch on one side to prevent it.
I did a DCF on Chipotle like 4 or 5 years ago and thought it was seriously undervalued. Had no cash at the time. Real shame because it turns out I was right.  Problem with CMG in my opinion is that the current valuation doesn't leave a huge margin for error. It's kind of how I feel with most stocks at their current price these days.
Last time I checked the spreads were widening. Doesn't matter what their borrowing costs are as long as they can lend them out at a higher rate which is what the widening spread indicates. The only worry I have now is how book value will act when rates go up and if it will surpass the roughly 20% discount built into most names right now. I guess pre-payments worry me a bit too. 
I actually use a Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal. In many ways a lot easier to use and much more customizeable once you get the hang of it. 
My car is a little past the buffing and shinning stages of its life ;). 
Also my current market opinions:   Oil and gas: Gloom has finally set in. I like some of the service providers like TDW. Dislike GLF because they haven't been able to maintain their revenue and profits the way TDW has. This is really a game of picking survivors.   Long CHK which I'm not too happy about at my entry point, but at the current price it looks okay. Pref shares may be a better bet.   REITs: I really like mREITs right now. Rate raise is going to make them...
Not true, depends on the investment but I always do either a rough DCF or a full one. Of course your expectations then play a huge role in the investment. I like trying to find undervalued companies based on their earnings or assets, but a DCF only tells you so much. For example take oil, my DCF's said Tidewater (TDW) is undervalued at any price below ~$30. It is currently trading now for $9. My "high" valuation is predicated on the OSV market recovering by 2018 to TDW's...
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