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I appreciated you posting up the pictures last time. Really amazing shoe. Unfortunately I have one just like it from Antonio Meccariello
 I originally meant for marinating before sous vide, but I actually tried putting a little in with oil for the cooking itself. Turned out surprisingly well using a white balsamic. It softened the steak but didn't turn it to mush and added a lot of great flavor.  The other thing I experimented with was when searing at the end adding a small dot of molasses. The sugar hardens very quickly and creates a nice crust.
How come? Acidity?
Nope. Been clear every time.
Seems to be 1-4 months at the moment. In the past I have never waited more than two.   Test shoes are relatively quick. I was quoted 3 months production for an Aurum. That alone is king of incredible considering how busy Antonio is and recent life events.
I bought a lot of infused balsamic to marinade my steaks in, only to realize I ran out of zip lock bags today. I'm curious to see what effect it has on the meat.
Woah that is a nice collection
I just rechecked. I may have been confused. 1100 was the old price and I believe the new one was 1250. The extra 100 is shipping. In real terms the Euro/USD dropped 15% while the price increased 12% :). Additionally using Transfer Wise cut a lot of the wire fees out by actually giving you an exchange rate near spot. I have referrals for a few no fee transfers if anyone wants to PM me. Overall a Meccariello is cheaper this year than last year for a US buyer.
Yes I had recalled him saying that and wondered if that was the case. He actually e-mailed me with the good news right before I posted, but I missed it due to a spotty Internet connection. Price wise you have to e-mail Antonio, but I think the new announced prices were 600+ for standard and 1350 or so for Aurum. Someone please correct me if I'm off. With the weak Euro definitely one of the best values out there.
Anyone head fro Antonio lately? Been about 4 days since he responded to me which is unusual. I just want to make sure my e-mails aren't hitting a spam filter or something since I switched accounts.    Also I have a pair of side elastic aurums coming in. I'm debating if I should have asked for a test shoe, these being my first elastics. 
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