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A long while since I've been here, but wondered if anyone else has received their invitation to the C&J James Bond event at the Jermyn St store - CJ provided the shoes for the new film, and have an invitation only black tie event in two weeks time for special customers.   Rumoured attendees include D. Craig, and yours truly.
I have black suede Mertons but would not wear them with shorts. My brown suede Cavendish are fine though.  
  I am not an accountanant, so will defer to your superior skills on this one.      
less UK VAT - which would be £62 for shoes retailing at £310      
Gerry   Yes, burgundy cordovan - my first pair of cordovan Agreed. Leather, style, and last all affect size.    Cheers  
Mine is Eileen
Cavendish         Bury   
CJ Bury - hand stitched split toe loafer with raised apron      
CJ Cavendish in burgundy cordovan    
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