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What's the inseam and thigh measurements for wings and horns Westpoint chinos in sz 32 this season?
Got my linen button down from My Habit today after being sent the wrong one initially. Comfy shirt. First linen piece in years. It's a bit more relaxed fit than my other gitman shirts. Should work out well for a Texas summer. Now I need the new linen stripe from this season. It's so damn good...
Peeped it this morning. Was a steal indeed. I regret not buying now.....
Did they have the indigo chore jacket?
Was it the one with the button down club collar?
WANT TO BUY: gitman vintage flannel. Missed out on this one. Need it in sz medium. New or used condition
Just hopped on this thread. Really digging this brand so far. Guess I got some catching up to do!
^^^ that's right. I'm same here as well.
Anyone have these that can comment on them irl? http://m.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/air-berwuda-mid-shoe/pid-843652/pgid-750363?cp=usns_kw_AL!1778!3!46468766385!!!g!!39094436765!m
How's the fit?
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