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Any pics yet?
Indeed. Bomber for me I'm just undecided on medium or large. Can't try on asking hella questions thanks for your input appreciate it.
Thanks. For those who have handled both in person or own, which one do you prefer? TF or pathfinder?
^^^ will be on the lookout. On that note. TF jacket vs pathfinder? Both fit the same? Tts? Thanks in advance.
Tt's? Thanks in advance https://www.todayclothing.com/products/engineered-garments-tf-jacket-olive-double-cloth
Tt's?: https://www.todayclothing.com/products/engineered-garments-tf-jacket-olive-double-cloth
Been eyeing those and some others being that I strike out with other similar pants. How would you describe the fit/quality?
Size help on the e.g. TF oilcloth jacket in olive? Size up one or tts. Thanks in advance
Did you cop my jacket? Lol
Down for a proxy from wh reigning champ sale. Pm and I'll compensate
New Posts  All Forums: