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40's shirt cool. 50's and generation fit are good. Their shit is all over the place. I still have to sell a few pieces I own
Waiting on the fw 2017. Definitely going in a different direction with this line.
The ones on the US site have a built in belt unlike the ones in the link above. Guess they are two different styles. However they are both on the site so let's hope US gets them soon
Received my tf jacket today. Wanted to snap a quick pic. Went with size large after measuring all my other bombers and the general census was to size up one in this. Really digging the fabric and weight. Wish I could have tried on a medium. My only worry is the arms being too big but then again the fabric has been broken in yet to tell.
Any pics yet?
Indeed. Bomber for me I'm just undecided on medium or large. Can't try on asking hella questions thanks for your input appreciate it.
Thanks. For those who have handled both in person or own, which one do you prefer? TF or pathfinder?
^^^ will be on the lookout. On that note. TF jacket vs pathfinder? Both fit the same? Tts? Thanks in advance.
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