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Yep large is good.
Size 48/M in 1950's shirt. Size the same in generation shirts?
You have any fit pics? Thanks
Anyone know if uniqlo will do a restock on short sleeved oxfords at this point?
http://www.styleforum.net/u/77481/notwithit How does that hat run size wise? Thanks.
Anyone have the patchwork button down and can comment on the fit and look in person? Thx
Got my vegetable dyed shirt a few weeks ago. All I can say if you're on the fence do it. OL is now my favorite brand for shirts. This thread needs more love. I'll try to post pics soon. Any try on the olive bomber in sz 50 and 52 and can comment on the size difference? I'm needimg help. Thanks!
Did you try out yht IH 301's yet?
Anyone have the patchwork shirt from this season and can comment on the hand/quality of it? Also, how's that quilted shirt? Thanks
Can someone tell me the fit difference between 50's shirts vs 40's shirt? Thanks.
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