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^^^ looks stellar. Been eyeing it indeed. Is the shell waterproof? I'm the same height but 170lbs so not sure on medium or large.
Any fit pics by chance?
Anyone know is the corner will do any additional discounts for this sale season?
Question: how's the jumbo shirts fitting compared to the other cuts? Thanks
I was thinking that unfortunately. The one polo I wanted too. I wear a sz 4 in band shirts and medium in gitman. I assumed id be a 4 in polos too.
Are the polos fitting the same as button downs?
No pocket tees online?
Just got to Austin 8 weeks ago. I needed a break from STL weather. When I moved it was 5 degrees!
Do the button downs run small? Measurements seem on the small side...
^^^agreed. At least to my viewing. Tried on a few pieces way back when but I plan on copping a few pieces seasons to come. Tried on the blazer and hell yeah it's trim. If you got guns it may not be the fit for you.
New Posts  All Forums: