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Hello,    Does anyone have a Uniqlo Cotton Linen Blouson sitting in their closet that they no longer want. I'll be happy to buy it from you if it is Size Small, and is in Good to New condition. Please let me know what color(s) you have and price plus shipping.   Thank you!   LesCactus
I'm looking for similar cuts to the LVC 501XX 1954 (high rise, regular thigh, tapered). From what I've seen the Weird Guy Highs are pretty close to that but I can't seem to locate a pair.    Any other brands I should be looking at?
Hello,   Recent college grad looking to round out his business wardrobe. I'm looking for something along the lines of the Allen-Edmonds Park Avenue or Strand. My dress shoe size is 11D-E. I don't want to spend more than 150 or so. Let me see what you have!   -LC
A pleasure to work with, thank you!
Does anyone have any recommendations for button down shirts that aren't checked/striped/plain but not over the top and loud? I'm interested in subtle pindots and repeating patterns. Thank you.   If anybody has one of these that they don't mind parting with, I would happily pay you for it, just name your price. I'm looking for it in size SMALL, preferable the white with dark stripes and/or navy with white stripes. Please PM me if you'd like to sell yours!   Just FYI, I've already checked with Suddenlee and they are all out.   Thank you!
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