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Yes, as a Sony fan I was amazed by all the announcements. GoW, Horizon, TLG, Detroit, Spiderman, Days Gone and Death Stranding (though far away and we don´t really know how the game will play) were all great. I love that how God of War is looking now, a much more mature game compared to any of the previous titles.
This is what´s missing on Regis´ fit   
Those trousers are perfect, Regis. 
The Witcher series could really be the next high-fantasy big thing. The universe is riddled with amazing stories and Geralt is plain fucking cool.
This show is dumber than a bag of rocks. That ending was so stupid and the acting was terrible. 5 minutes of "get in the truck"   was too much for me. 
Tom Hiddleston is young and has the charisma to pull off Bond. Give the part to him already. He´ll have quite a few movies on him if he takes it on now.
I finished DS 3 a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome. I was never into that kind of games but Bloodborne made me realize how great they are. And it also prepared for DS3, which didn´t feel much slower than Bloodborne. 
Synth knows what´s up by unbuttoning that bottom button.    ps: so dapper. 
 It´s basically that, people buying stuff and not "caring" about the designer, construction process, fabrics, etc What he says there is that there is a sort of entrance point to selling, at least in SZ. You need to make a certain amount of posts (and if they feel you´re just speed posting, trying to get you post count up to perhaps start selling) you get warnings and/or your posts get deleted. So people need to engage in a discussion, or try to at least, before being able...
Spidey appears to be the best one to date, at least to the critics. All is well in the world. That´s all I need it to know. 
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