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I don´t want Daryl to go. I don´t care he´s there for fanservice. Have Abraham meet Lucille.
I was disappointed by some aspects of MGS V´s story but the game plays like no other game ever for me, so I forgive it for the poor pacing of the story. It stills sucks because it´s very interesting what Skull face was trying to do, but choosing to use less cutscenes and leave so much info on the cassete tapes is what hurt the narrative of the story. I also didn´t like the ending, not that it wasn´t a great surprise, but realizing what the ending reveals just left me...
 I haven´t ordered in a couple years from them but I they sent all the stuff I bought in very nice boxes. A bit too much stuff inside but that´s the usually the case with these sites. 
I´m glad that whole bloodline is gone. From abuser father, to Jessie the tease, Ron the cowardly psycho and Sam, who is just the fucking worst, they all had it coming.   And I could really go without having to watch Glenn in those situations again. You fake killed him once already, now stop it. 
 I thought he was levitating, and I feel like the pants caused me to think that. 
He´s more cut than ever, but he was bigger in the Mandela movie where he was a rugby player. 
Finally a wearable basking shark item.
That looks very nice, man. I do, however, wish you were faithful to your user name, at least once. 
So aparently Synth wears adidas, CAN smile and enjoys doing bunny ears to female designers. Huh, 
Enabling people to make drunken decisions more easily now. 
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