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It´s the pants that make it, they are the shining light of the fit. Though coat is awesome as well.
JC, I just googled that... wow, that must suck to have.
 I get benes there. I can´t wear crew necks anymore, they feel so constricting. Maybe he could get some sort of procedure to get his collarbone a little more exposition.
This thread is on fire!!    Melo, I really dig that coat, it´s so good.
After two very incongruous fits, Vita shows up and knocks it out of the park.
It´s pretty cool for Hlorenzo to stock CCP.. Never thought a store that "big" would stock Carol.
Rad. Love it.
Those are all very different choices. I´d go for the Zam, looks nice.
Do you have anything else in line you´re waiting for that you can complain about once you get your TOJ?
No. Fok has allowed us to derail fashion talk at least once a month.
New Posts  All Forums: