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Yeezy boot being sold for 1k and upwards on gr@iled hahaaha  Fucking people..
So what,.he's in trouble and sending a message for help? You could gather that from one of the trailers.
So is all the whining because that pic of Luke might lead people thinking he´s dying in the movie or something? You do realize that it´s likely that all the old cast will die from here to episode 9? Wouldn´t be a shocker if they kill one of them on this, though I think they´ll wait. 
 I bought a bunch of ASOS scoop neck tees a while back and they suck. THe sizing was way off (super tight) and also too slutty, and that´s saying something for someone like me. One I kept, plain white one is alright I guess. They were super cheap but even at that price not worth it.I checked the site just now and they look decent enough on the models, but so did the ones I bought more than a year ago. Very deceiving. 
MoK on a roll since he returned. Nothing but awesome fits and a lot of crazy (good) experimentation. 
 Get a jean jacket and we´re halfway to a Badlands remake. 
Sick triceps, bro.
 This has a louche vibe to it that I´m really digging. The color, the cut and the drapiness of the pants make for an awesome look, very relaxed as well.
 aah... this is painful. Those sneakers with Julius cargo pants is not a good look. They´ll look good, for me, with somethig much more, ehm, aggressive.
I do hope you´re talking to Uncle Leo.
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