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Is that jameister`s cousin or something?
I don`t like the new rickadidas lowtops, but the springblade boots are awesome. 
You should`ve told those people: che, pelotudo, que te pasa? Instantly recognized.
Anyone can see this is not a reflection on how much better germany is. Brazil came out shellshocked and it was over before they could even react. Plus their defense is a colander (as we say here). This shit just doesn`t make any sense. After all, this is the same team that barely beat argelia and tied ghana, right?   edit: WOW. 7-0
 Just gave stitchy the tie. Someone go break it and make him the winner. He deserves it for using Kramer as inspiration. 
toasty, you need to go waaay deeper on that tee. Think rick`s v-necks, but more.
Hoping the ticos pull an upset but it`ll probably be the big four in the semifinales. Argentina had its best match in the tournament today. Gotta keep going, paso a paso.
I read 4 lines and couldn`t go on. 
Dude`s even more jacked than before. Those biceps are huge. 
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