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All together + a lapel pin. And colored socks. Go GQ! Go crazy!
That last point is pretty much all you need to know. Just looking at that fucking outfit should tell you all you need to know. The slick back hair, the beard, the smoking while walking trying to appear "badass", the rolled up sleeves, colored socks, miltary watch strap and so much more... A fucking poser, as LonerMatt points out.
IGN destroyed basically, but the rest of the gaming sites have been giving it good reviews. I wasn´t planning on getting it regardless of it so I don´t care that much. I have already too much money to spend on some many other games. Currently enjoying a hell of a lot of Shadow of Mordor and also Watch Dog´s DLC "Bad Blood". But this (and Destiny) is all just a snack until Sunset Overdrive comes out. I´m way too excited for that game.
I like it too, much better looking than the acronym for me. But I´m a bbs fanboy.Now  Being objective, I wouldn´t buy it for snowboarding, specially if you´re getting it online since you won´t know if it´d actually work for that. Also, isn´t that jacket a bit over 1k?? I think it´s cool but I don´t know if it´s worth it.
Those are probably custom made for Orlando Bloom´s kid.
Are pictures not showing very well for anyone else? 
Regis, that upper body of yours makes that Margiela knit even more perfect.
Haven´t heard good things about "Gone Girl" so far. I wouldn´t get my hopes up.
What about velcro?        I´ll let myself out.
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