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Yes. I´m not a Souls game, never was, but played Bloodborne and it didn´t take too long to click. The game tells you nothing but at the same time it guides you to help you learn the ropes. The first are of Bloodborne is basically a tutorial. 
BvS is not the terrible movie the reviewers are making it out to be, but it´s also not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination. I liked it, but it was just OK. Affleck is awesome, Lex´s machinations too, but his character is too cartoonish, too childish.  Though entertaining, it´s quite messy. It jumps around from one thing to the other with no breathing room.
Is it possible to give a secondary character a little bit of screen time without having them killed? Is it? IS IT? Well, not in the walkind dead.     ps: dick bite?  Damn, Eugene. 
I´ve put in quite a few hours. I like doing side missions and encounters on my own but prefer to matchmake to main missions on hard. That´s a lot of fun and it gets quite challenging.
Sony has always been on board with cross platform play. Xbox has finally decided to join. The more people to play with, the better.
the murdering of human lives has now got to her? At least partly, because she was playing coy at first, making them think she´s a weakling when she had a plan all along. But at the end she really didn´t wanna kill that woman, yet she was eventually forced to.  I really liked what she and Maggie did to the final group that came in, that was seriously fucked up. 
 Considering this is how a ps4 game looks like, I wouldn´t mind that.o https://giant.gfycat.com/GiftedFlawlessAmericanratsnake.gif  I´ve been checking out Tom Holland´s instagram and the kid has some really cool vids of him doing a lot of sick flips. He has the look of a young Peter, he´s putting a lot of effor towards the role, not by just putting muscle but he can actually do a few of the things spidey does. 
I feel like I could finD something to whine about spidey´s suit, the voice, this and that, but I don´t fucking care. Spiderman is finally part of the MCU!!!!!!!!!
I don´t want Daryl to go. I don´t care he´s there for fanservice. Have Abraham meet Lucille.
I was disappointed by some aspects of MGS V´s story but the game plays like no other game ever for me, so I forgive it for the poor pacing of the story. It stills sucks because it´s very interesting what Skull face was trying to do, but choosing to use less cutscenes and leave so much info on the cassete tapes is what hurt the narrative of the story. I also didn´t like the ending, not that it wasn´t a great surprise, but realizing what the ending reveals just left me...
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