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This had just the right amount of quirkiness and awkward moments to make it thoroughly enjoyable. Great performances from the 3 leads, specially Michelle Williams, who is impossible not to fall for here.  
You want crazy long battles then DBZ and Saint Seiya excell at them. Highly entertaining, not a lot of depth though. Those 2 are quite lengthy, same with Ruroni Kenshin. My top 2 are Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, both by the same author (Shinichiro Watanabe) and quite possibly the coolest animes ever. Can´t go wrong with those two imo. Others I´m sure can chime in with more (and better) suggestions. I´m kinda lazy right now to think of ones I´ve watched that are not...
It doesn´t matter if you´re a beginner,¿ for me,  specially if your mind is more mature. I watched Evangelion when I was 13 over and over, and yeah, I had been watching anime since I was 6 but still, what I experienced watching it as a teenager would be totally different to how I´d view it if I watched it again now. i probably should like you did, since I´d likely get a (slighlty) better grasp of it all.
Whenever I see sruli´s laser-cut leather penis I feel it´d make a nice gift for someone´s office, to use as a paperweight or something. It´d definately be a conversation starter.
Yep, there´s good oversized and then there´s really bad oversized. This falls in the latter. You could sell it if you can´t return it.
It makes total sense that the protection, for whoever weilds it, would be under the sides, not over, since you could just cut through it. The only is that it would look to forced if it was like that, though this small protection looks forced as well, and very silly. I´m surprised no one has mentioned the voice in the trailer. I, like pretty much every other person I´ve read, think it´s Cumberbatch. At least parts of it sound like him. And one more thing, is the pilot...
yep, he sould´ve died much sooner. A human against the power of the force... get out of here. But DC always has to make its non-super heroes have a chance against ridiculously more powerful people. Bats vs Sups we´ll do that, and soon we´ll have Green Arrow matching up against The Flash, who could in one nanosecond run towards him, grab him by an ankle and beat him.
It´s actually like the devoa one I have.
Buy Rick, become a Sith     
Dude was late, deal with it.
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