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So what did we learn from that last fight?? You DO NOT use spears in close quarters... One would think these fools were expert at fighting. Still, greyworm held his own and stuck it out til the end. I´m sure he´s fine, wounded but fine. And he´ll get a visit from Melysandre because apparentely D&D are trying to make it a thing, at least since last season. Ser Barristan is clearly gone unless we don´t believe the preview for ep 5. A shame, Danny needed someone with...
 You say you are aiming for something less masculine, that you might show up with eyeliner and dye your hair a bit yet you post something along the lines of a basic starter outfit with the hoodie, dangling belt (which is really bad to me). What is the connection between trying out a more feminine silhouette with that fit? It´s so far apart going from a long tee and more delicate lines to this outfit.
How do you go from trying to experiment with hakamas to that? Tucked in tee, hoodie, that belt, the pose?? I´m lost.
Can I make vines show? It´s some fun stuff from the Chelsea lads.   https://vine.co/v/eW3BMgvYMrP
I really like where the different storylines are heading this season. Characters that were so far apart are coming face to face and it looks like it´ll lead to interesting places.
Well, Rosenrot could make pretty much anything look dope. Last girl fit is very cool as well.
I like the back and it fits good on you but those pockets are atrocious.
^ totes  
WHAT?? You´re selling your MA+ shirt?? OMFG, Why the hell did I buy another bbs tee (though an awesome one)? I loved that in your fits... Hmmm, maybe I´ll have the money next month... and maybe it´ll still be there...
 Sick fades ... (to be read in thumb comments voice)
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