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Captain America: The winter soldier doing great in reviews. I sorta knew it would. I loved the look of the first and it looks like they nailed it with this one. Hope Spidey 2 does is as good as this, since he´s my favourite superhero.
Who´s getting ready to tear the DUP asunder???
^ hahahaha
Parker puts the world to shame.
Yes, my post was a knee jerk reaction to how it all went down in this episode. It was clear lizzie had major problems since before the zombie apocalypse, and this just fucked her head up even more.
Margiela Howell
  Just an example. It was mostly the overall tone... and I also haven´t slept in a day
haha, yeah. I think it was just that particular use of black and white that reminded me of these. It probably stemmed from looking at waaay too much bbs online.      
50% or more probably sized wrong, so keep an eye on ebay and the classifieds here         j/k. Hope to see lots of cool snowpants fits. And remember to tuck, guys.
You gotta show at least a little collarbone for a tee to be slutty.
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