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So, are you beating the japanese in the style game or not? That was the reason for going there, right?
Most people I think just check the thread because it´s been a source of entertainment for a while, at least if you didn´t have an order like myself. For those with orders I reckon it´s a mix of that and eternal grief, considering how it all has unfolded.
I figured it´s gotta be window+rain but the "effect" he got is what left me wondering.
I was gonna suggest he was swindling us all and had taken a picture of an actual painting        But that is truly amazing. How did you achieve that? And also, is that ToG wearing the Kubos?
  He said get, not order...   Don´t you know about the whole TOJ debacle going on at the moment? check the thread, it´s bonkers.
I think worn casually in a relaxed way like in that fit, the coat works.
You live in a cool, interesting city. Just walking around a bit and taking pics of landmarks, a special place you have perhaps, a good clothing store,  some fits, food, etc.... that actually seems a bit daunting to do in a regular week.
This thread delivers. I´m saving these 30 new pages for when I´m stuck in traffic or something. Will make for a great read I´m sure.
Tiny hat is appropriate for what you´re gonna do but looks a bit silly.
It´s for college. His whole academic career is riding on this choice... Bring us more options, this needs to be carefully though out.
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