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eh, not so bad. Coul´ve been Moo´s Knuckles....         I´ll let myself out.
If you thought you had good hair, ^ these posts might change that. Fuck, synth, that´s like a golden wave... Cyc, do you use any (a lot of) product on yours or  just a blowdryer (and magic)?
You can buy directly from them, but if you´re somehow unable then maybe use something like sutocorp. I dealt with them once to buy something from the Lad store and had a very smooth transcation.
If all you had was a good experience, I don´t think the masses would revel at the pittilogues as much. An artist must suffer for his work and his audience.
Empathy. They were all fucked up in the head, one more than the other. But at the core they were just teens trying to prove something (I guess).
in stitches´ mind has been corrupted by SW&D. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT listen to him.   Hate away, gentlemen.
I like naheun´s advice on devoa. They have a number of different styles, all pretty nice. I love both pairs I have, wear them quite often.
But the "rick" on rickadidas adds those extra 500 you need to cough up for these.   Has anyone tried the regular springblades? how´s walking on those like?
Bene, that´s so bad it kinda hurts to watch. Great coat, nice cardi paired with sweatpants and those sneakers is awful.
 It´s like you are living inside Maze Runner.
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