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Dream shoes right there.
You should drop by and introduce yourself with an CM fit.
^ hahaha... I´m sitting with my legs crossed whenever I´m wearing those pants from now on, out of sheer shame...
I don´t really like how the lemaire looks. Seems a bit lifeless to me. Peir Wu one´s boxiness gives it a more structured look and has a sort of "presence" to me. I don´t get much of anything from looking at the Lemaire.
The crotch on my P13s looks weird after having to fix a blowout, as they had to replace some fabric and a bit is now a different color. No way to find anyone who could fix it better in this part of the world. Don´t know how I feel about it now, they were my favorite pair...
Glorious coat is glorious, mporks.
 There have been discussions about things I and many have found completely boring and pointless, like  car talk or music I don´t particularly care for and I haven´t seen those moved to its own thread or cut off completely. This was a harmless anime chat that wasn´t gonna extend itself more than any other derail this thread has seen.
 Huh.. I thought you wore the clothes for SF fitpics then went back to the beach in a Margiela speedo or something..
FLCL was a serious mind trip, but not the heavy kind like Eva tries out/succeeds in being. It´s short (only 6 episodes), sweet and wacky fun.
This had just the right amount of quirkiness and awkward moments to make it thoroughly enjoyable. Great performances from the 3 leads, specially Michelle Williams, who is impossible not to fall for here.  
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