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I take it art and benes aren´t superstitious...
It does give the impression that it would fairly tight when buttoned. Still, an MMM suit is all about that leisure life, so never buttoning it wouldn´t be out of the question xD   If I went for a suit I´d go for something like that since they always seem to look quite comfortable.
 You´re thinking of "sprezzatura". There´s people here who swear by that way of living, but they won´t just come out and tell you ´cause when they do they´re usually kicked out and sent to Classic Menswear.
Bene, I like the suit, doesn´t look bad on you really.   Aren´t you a fit dude? I don´t understand the weight talk since you seem to be in good shape.
 Jai Courtney has only been good in one thing he´s acted in: Spartacus. He was great as Varro but ever since he jumped on the hollywood train he´s been the worst. He´s just a terrible actor in anything he is and he´s getting way, way too many roles. But he´s jacked and a good looking dude so that´s it.
Meet him outside RO.
Fit´s dope and icecream looks good. Why you hating?
Abraxis, you the man!! I hope I can save enough to get those before they are all sold out. Probably the only thing I want this year, clothing related.. probably
  Kinda like your own interpretation of Journey 
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