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Camera angle is makes it look very odd.
SF vs SZ round 1. FIGHT!!   Smash kinda looks like artishard´s brother, sick fits and all.
Brad has gone soft. Back in the day he would´ve torn that guys to shreds.
Were they out of these?  
Dude looks like Steven Yeun.
Best write up for best jacket ever.
Just finished binge watching House of Cards season 3. It was overall quite good, maybe didn´t feel as momentous as previous seasons but I very much enjoyed to have the backstabbing bunch back.
I´m starting to hate those gats, benes. You need other leisure shoes for me, they kinda clash in that fit, but I still like the first pic. I do not like it with the cardi buttoned, however.
I´ve discovered you 
I know, stitchy, I´m just joshing.
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