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Dude`s got a bunch of great pieces, and at that price the top is tempting. Plus size 50 would fit how I want (I`m a 48 but I`d prefer it a bit oversized) hmmm.... time to ponder    Thanks for the link!
kg`s boot tuck only amps up how badass the fit is. I like it and that sweater is the greatest thing ever. Detail shot is so good 
Thanks, man. That devoa top is pretty sweet, just what I`ve been looking for in a jumper/sweatshirt. I`m waiting for a Julius one Hlorenzo has on preview to be out. Where`d you get this one?
 Label Under Construction always had a nice ring to me.. Cool idea behind the name and the acronym LUC has an ease to it when pronounced.
Why not "Fear of something that doesn`t exist"?    
Found one of my favorite pieces from bbs. Runway  color is what I would`ve liked to find but alas. Black still works, so no probs.  
Sick haul, ambyance. Digging a lot the cap and trainers.
 I will, if I get one. I hand`t really seen this thread but saw one of the pics on Instagram and was immediately sold. i don`t even mind that much the slightly oversized sleeves. Jacket looks fantastic.
Is this one of the worst final episodes in TV history??? Most likely.
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