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Third one is saved by Al Pacino`s (non) scream right at the end. 
Thanks for clarifying. I won`t have nightmares today.
First Michael Bay with TMNT and now YOU. Why do you wish to ruin my childhood?
Suarez is crazy and I don`t want to see Uruguay reaching the QF. Hope Colombia sends them packing.
Looks entertaining. i`m ready to have my childhood raped.
, higuain an kun weren't doing much. We needed some fresh legs. No sense keeping guys on the field if they aren't giving the team what it needs. This team needs to fricking move. You can't just stand waiting for the ball to miraculously find its way to you.
Iran using the old 5-5-0 xp Effective so far. Gotta break through that wall.
First chance to score for Mario was squandered because he didn`t control the ball well enough and was forced to chip it. France comes out swinging in the first 20` and it`s 2-0. And now a penalty. This is over Edit:
Unbelievable. #vamosticos
New Posts  All Forums: