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T -----> Like a King.
Apocalypse does not look scary in the movie and he´s supposed to be very menacing looking.
Rocket League is so much fun. And I love how some trophies that would be super hard can  be so easily gotten if you kinda cheat. 
   I seriously loved these two opposite fits. Noob, you are dope. Chetb, fit sans jacket is perfect. Really dig the shirt, very prorsum-y. Peacock feathers look like faces from afar.
Triple lol. A show that has shown some of the most gruesome carnage on TV and this director thought Stannis´ death would be gratuitous. JFC
Suicide Squad looks fun. I can dig it.   BvS DoJ, Am I the only one super intrigued as to why Sups is bowing down and looking up with hatred at Lex? That peaked my curiosity the most in the trailer.
Dawn of Justice trailer looked really good. I´m still not over the fact that Superman isn´t catching Bats in one nano second and spanking him to his will, as he could do with 0 effort considering he´s a superfast, super strong alien and Batman a mere human with cool gadgets. I imagine the suit will have kryptonite, no other way of making that fight plausible.
  Fashion and tennis. You are my new favorite person. 
This has barely begun and it´s already amazing!!   I don´t have the wardrobe to do a typical gaucho but some inspiration if anyone wants to represent      
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