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But in black..  
From all those I´d go with the mission in grey. But I´m sure there are cooler backpacks out there. I´d keep looking.
I´m like 3 months in, no real itch, fortunately. I look like a vagrant, though.
 I read this as "pocket square whales" and was sorely disappointed not to find any whales.
Can I be the forum´s interpreter in Barcelona??   PS: I think it´s settled we should have a video rant from Synth about pitti. 
Those are the sexiest boots ever. Work it, Regis!
Oh, cool. Yeah, seems like they´re getting some more mainstream brands. Hope they change  their site and make it easier to purchase.
Frist brand has some really nice pieces there.
No BBS nor CCP... weird. Or maybe not weird since they seem to be changing their business approach.
   We´ve got two Jon Snows here. 
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