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Bene taking smiling cues from Chandler.   
Noob needs to play MGS V and revel in all the glory of 80s tunes while fultoning goats in Afghanistan.
Jacket is lit. And lovely shades all around.
 CCP rainbow trend maybe?  I really dig white boots, as elBert pulls off usually and love A1923 blue dual zips. I guess most "baller" boots from brands tend to  put out   garments in darker colors and people who wear them usually center their fits around black.
Those damn gats just want to show up on your fitpics however they can.
  Rais´ level clearly over 9000.
I like the idea but not the execution. Some items should be swapped for others
Someone should photoshop Spidey on those Civl War pics...    Kinda weird some of you didn´t recognize Agent 13 being such big comic book/movie fans. It was pretty obvious just from her get-up.
Yeezy boot being sold for 1k and upwards on gr@iled hahaaha  Fucking people..
So what,.he's in trouble and sending a message for help? You could gather that from one of the trailers.
New Posts  All Forums: