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Yep, I have a pair of p13 from last year and the other pair I don´t know what model it is, but they are both size M and it can get a bit tight, not much room for anything else.
I like when they stray a bit from the main group/s and it´s interesting to see how things are going somewhere else. The one thing is we went from really violent episodes to this, which had some gory parts but nothing compared to what we´ve seen in the first three episodes.
^ Ryan Gosling??
I never got into Demon Souls but I´m eagerly awaiting for Bloodborne. It seems to have just the right speed for me to enjoy without getting constantly frustrated. It also boasts really amazing environments.   Re RPGs, or JRPGs, people with a PS Vita should get Freedom Wars and support the handheld. It might be one of the last AAA games coming out.
Nicelynice posts never cease to amaze me. That looks like so much fun.
 Well, if you do have more footwear then I´d like to see it in your fits. Those white sneakers don´t always work with some of the things you´re venturing into now, imho. ps: I was not surprised to see Rais is jacked. Dude´s a warrior.
How about instead of complaining you all chip in to pay for fok´s ticket to Korea, hotel and food (to be had at drew´s restaurant) to see if he can comeback with all your jackets? 50 bucks each should be enough, I reckon.
KoY, I´ve really liked the look on your past fits. I feel maybe your should consider splurging on some footwear.
I hope that carnage taught Tyrese it´s time to man up again. Specially having Sasha stab Martin repteadly, someone he left alive.
That´s it, I´m getting one of those viscose knits as soon as I can. No more bbs for me. That´s fucking great, Regis.
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