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Stop Hating Shah. Angel had a couple of shots that could`ve easily gone in. But we won, that`s all that matters, suffering because, well, that`s the argentinian way.    VAMOS CARAJO!
I see some futuristic neo-punk elements to Julius (whatever that means). At least this is better than the previous collection.   Margiela half breeds are wack, the pants and jackets. It started off strong but kinda crumbled towards the end for me. And damir, wow, shah`s disclaimer says it all. Quite bland and uninspired.
One might say there`s an excessive use of blue, but nonetheless this is fantastic from start to finish. Loving the jackets.
Watch dogs has been a bit of a letdown. I`m 10 hours in, maybe, but it hasn`t lived up to the hype. Some missions are great , Chicago  looks amazing and the hacking can be quite interesting but I was expecting much more. 
Gonna be tough to get the mud out of those.
All game was very strong, this whole collection is great. Thanks for uploading it with detail and high-res shots, shah.    Looks like Boris combined a mix of tailoring from last seasons, brought back the desert hues and tons of leathers. Very cohesive collection, nothing straying too far apart.   NN, what do you mean it`s gotten out of control? Pricing? If so, yeah, BBS at retail is crazy, but what isn`t these days. The pants hit the 1k mark, and to think I got my 2...
^ I`ve been meaning to get that because I know it`s a short RPG but I`m only really taking out my ps3 for TWD and TWAU. Have too many games on the ps4 and now I got the Xbox one and I`m kinda obsessed with Titanfall. The game never lets up and traversing as a pilot is amazing, with huge jumps, wall running  that you can combine it all to move around. And then you get your Titan which makes you feel invisible for a while (until/if you are destroyed). 
Third one is saved by Al Pacino`s (non) scream right at the end. 
Thanks for clarifying. I won`t have nightmares today.
First Michael Bay with TMNT and now YOU. Why do you wish to ruin my childhood?
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