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Michonnes is like Andrea to Rick in the comics. She can´t go. They just can´t be such dicks to him. First Laurie, then Blonde what´s her face, now a third one? Nah. 
I´m sure you´ve all seen by now the famous "Sad Affleck" video. Well, I have found the best one so far   https://twitter.com/DarkSoulsGame/status/718124482561318912
So many dudes crying on twitter because a girl is at the front of another Star Wars movie... smh. Like we haven´t had enough pasty white dudes leading films to last for all eternity.
I´m too invested  by now. I still like it a lot. This was fucking bullshit, but Negan´s season could be awesome so I´ll keep watching.... Still can´t believe we have to wait 6 months to know. Glenn and Daryl would make the most impact but by now they´d be too obvious. Michonne would really impact on Rick, but are you really gonna kill a 3rd love interest for him? The only one who might have some sort of impact (besides glenn and daryl) is Abraham. No one would care if...
Now you TOO can look like a Prince on the lam... or like his funny friend.    https://roen-ff15.com/en/html/
Roach can be the fucking worst at times. Getting stuck, spawning wherever the fuck he wants. And some of the glitches I´ve seen are hilarious.
Other than Carol´s part, the rest was a melange of asinine decisions, worse than ever before. Daryl is impulsive, yeah, I get it, but a moron as well? Two different groups set out, then they get separated and caught... I´ve never wanted Daryl to go, but he just doesn´t have anything to do anymore, other than the writers showing us he´s a badass for the sake of it. 
Yes. I´m not a Souls game, never was, but played Bloodborne and it didn´t take too long to click. The game tells you nothing but at the same time it guides you to help you learn the ropes. The first are of Bloodborne is basically a tutorial. 
BvS is not the terrible movie the reviewers are making it out to be, but it´s also not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination. I liked it, but it was just OK. Affleck is awesome, Lex´s machinations too, but his character is too cartoonish, too childish.  Though entertaining, it´s quite messy. It jumps around from one thing to the other with no breathing room.
Is it possible to give a secondary character a little bit of screen time without having them killed? Is it? IS IT? Well, not in the walkind dead.     ps: dick bite?  Damn, Eugene. 
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