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I haven´t gone back to it in months. I finished everything at the beginning of the year, got the platinum trophy and finished the DLC "The Old hunters". It´s by far my favorite game this gen and I´m cautiously optimistic  that maybe Bloodborne 2 will be announced this weekend during Playstation Experience.
Tried overwatch this free weekend on PS4 and now I get the hype. Don´t know if I´ll cop since I still have to buy FF XV and TLG, and TLOU mp satisfies my, well, mp needs, but I really enjoyed what I played of OW. FUn, fast, frantic, lots of character variety. Maybe psn will have it even cheaper during black friday sale.
Damn him... xp   Those looked great and I´ve been hurting for a good pair of black boots for a long time.  Good timing on you to get those Guidi.
It feels like if you weren´t there in the first minutes you didn´t stand a chance to get anything. 
Recent-ish purchases.   Boerr Yarde Buller hoodie   Daniel Patrick henley   I wish I could´ve got this in black but I always wanted a pair of qasa. Also hard to pass on them when they´re in my country (super hard to find) and under 200 bucks. 
Anyone nabbed something during Gr@iled´s 100 today? I checked it out an hour maybe after it started and only saw 1 item available left. There was a pair of Ann D. backlace boots that went for quite a reasonable (not too rich for my blood) price that I was sorry I didn´t go in as soon as it went live. 
I just watched that one yesterday. I´ve liked the whole show so far, specially the endings but this episode had one of the most traumatic ones.
That Logan trailer was awesome. Kinda looks like The Last of Us. 
How is there not a thread already???  Well, here it is. Let´s discuss my (our, I pressume) new found obsession.    I´m loving it so far, it gets so creepy at times. And I´m playing RDR currently so it feels even better watching this show. 
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