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Best write up for best jacket ever.
Just finished binge watching House of Cards season 3. It was overall quite good, maybe didn´t feel as momentous as previous seasons but I very much enjoyed to have the backstabbing bunch back.
I´m starting to hate those gats, benes. You need other leisure shoes for me, they kinda clash in that fit, but I still like the first pic. I do not like it with the cardi buttoned, however.
I´ve discovered you 
I know, stitchy, I´m just joshing.
You should buy Benes a teddy bear or some more schneider to apologize for the constant flack you give him 
I forgot to watch episode 2, saw the recap before episode 3. I didn´t miss anything, or much, did I?   Also, people need to stop being so goddamn clean shaven in the fricking zombie apocalypse.
Why isn´t Rais kicking Jason Statham´s ass in some movie? WHY?!
 Looks like an alien worm coming out of a pack of peanuts hugging it out.
Gold zippers on purple-ish leather?? ehm, looks odd. Would be nice to see how it looks worn.
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