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Sick haul, ambyance. Digging a lot the cap and trainers.
 I will, if I get one. I hand`t really seen this thread but saw one of the pics on Instagram and was immediately sold. i don`t even mind that much the slightly oversized sleeves. Jacket looks fantastic.
Is this one of the worst final episodes in TV history??? Most likely.
 THIS is a pancho.  THAT is a poncho. Two VERY different things.
Just watched "The counselor". Thankfully I did it while also looking at some  other stuff online, if not those would`ve been 2 wasted hours I`d never get back, cause man, what a fucking snore fest. This is a quite a poor movie. And to think it stars Fassbender, Pitt, Bardem, Cruz; directed by Riddley Scott and writen by McCarthy... 
CCP drips would be a dream cop to me. Every now and then I check out darklands page and all the different colorway they have of the sneakers. 
Great wall and fantastic color on the jacket, MoK. Loving your fits as always.
 But he`s smoking, and wearing mostly black, and he`s rocking the top knot, and all of this while nonchalantly walking on the beach!
I`m looking forward to it as a Linklater fan. It won`t come to theaters in my city (maybe in Bs As by the time I have to go) but I`ll have to check it out somehow. Very intrigued as to how it all pans out after 12 years in the making.
New Posts  All Forums: