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How is there not a thread already???  Well, here it is. Let´s discuss my (our, I pressume) new found obsession.    I´m loving it so far, it gets so creepy at times. And I´m playing RDR currently so it feels even better watching this show. 
DS 3 was sooo good. Coming from Bloodborne I really appreciated how the combat was a bit faster than what I´d heard of previous DS games. 
 Need some deets on all of these, if you´d kindly. 
I finished all of The Witcher 3 a few weeks ago. I had like 200 hours last year, then stopped playing cause other games happened. This year I went back to it, finished the main campaign, then jumped into Hearts of Stone, which has a fantastic story and it´s beautifully written, and after that I went onto Blood and Wine. Story not as strong as HoS, but it has the most beautiful setting I have ever witnessed in a videogame. Touissant is just jaw dropping beauty from wherever...
 Do you know if it´s already up for purchase? I´ve searched but no luck.
When will SVB´s new-found doppelganger stop being spooky?      Answer: never
Stick to those looser shirts, Regis. A fitted top puts us all to shame. 
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