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Stick to those looser shirts, Regis. A fitted top puts us all to shame. 
No-shoes guy is gonna win this. Mark my words. 
That knit is beautiful, flowcharts. Great fit. 
My jaw dropped so many times during this episode. That was awesome TV. Good to finally get R+L=J confirmation.
Yes, as a Sony fan I was amazed by all the announcements. GoW, Horizon, TLG, Detroit, Spiderman, Days Gone and Death Stranding (though far away and we don´t really know how the game will play) were all great. I love that how God of War is looking now, a much more mature game compared to any of the previous titles.
This is what´s missing on Regis´ fit   
Those trousers are perfect, Regis. 
The Witcher series could really be the next high-fantasy big thing. The universe is riddled with amazing stories and Geralt is plain fucking cool.
This show is dumber than a bag of rocks. That ending was so stupid and the acting was terrible. 5 minutes of "get in the truck"   was too much for me. 
Tom Hiddleston is young and has the charisma to pull off Bond. Give the part to him already. He´ll have quite a few movies on him if he takes it on now.
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