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In avengers, as previously mentioned, he loses it after they get attacked and he transforms out of rage. At the end he finds his inner calm again and willingly transforms as shown when banner says that line I don´t quite seem to remember right now. Oh yeah, the one about "always being angry".
Do people really not have a clue as to why Iron man might need to put on the hulkbuster armor? I´m not a big comic book guy, I´ve just read some random amazing spiderman and looked up a bunch of stuff on wikipedia and google but It´s pretty obvious that someone like the Hulk could go berserk for many reasons (he actually already goes berserk, but I mean mad berserk where you can´t control it) and the only way to stop it, if thor isn´t around, would be with an armor like...
Yes, Gareth, it´s too soon.  
I love "Sabrina" and "Roman Holiday"  as well. In the past weeks I´ve watched "Breakfast at Tiffany´s" partly but It never really caught me.
Noob, did you bleach your hair? I was kinda thinking of doing that this summer, for sheer boredom.
So, did bob get bitten by that walker and now all the cannibals will get infected?? 
 Thank you. No Civil War without Spidey. Hope they solve it so he can join the Marvel cinematic universe.
Fuuma looks like a rockstar. 
haha... not much swoleness to show. I´m relatively fit, that´s it. 
why? I have a lad tee which fits fine. I know they don´t make big sizes but I´m average in height, not a big guy by any means.
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