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Nicelynice posts never cease to amaze me. That looks like so much fun.
 Well, if you do have more footwear then I´d like to see it in your fits. Those white sneakers don´t always work with some of the things you´re venturing into now, imho. ps: I was not surprised to see Rais is jacked. Dude´s a warrior.
How about instead of complaining you all chip in to pay for fok´s ticket to Korea, hotel and food (to be had at drew´s restaurant) to see if he can comeback with all your jackets? 50 bucks each should be enough, I reckon.
KoY, I´ve really liked the look on your past fits. I feel maybe your should consider splurging on some footwear.
I hope that carnage taught Tyrese it´s time to man up again. Specially having Sasha stab Martin repteadly, someone he left alive.
That´s it, I´m getting one of those viscose knits as soon as I can. No more bbs for me. That´s fucking great, Regis.
That´s pretty much as good as it gets. Dles looking  like Stephen Amell from Arrow there.
84´ seems to have been very Yohji-esque.
I think you´ve found your groove, Alexander. Keep it up.
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