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Every Star Wars fan reaction when watching the trailer  
Are they gonna use Kryptonite to make Bats vs Sups a fair fight??  I like the idea of them fighting in part but it´s also SO ridiculous. He could kill him using just his pinky finger.
 Dane Dehaan, Wow! So cool... didn´t now you were an SFer. ps: sorry for fanboying.
 You just had to go and complain about doing one extra click, didn´t you?  Way to spoil the fun for everyone else...  [[SPOILER]]
Super hyped after watching the trailer. Love how the universe looks much similar to the first trilogy....   Here´s a video of bb8 on stage... I´d put good money to buy one.  
Awesome coat, Eddiee.   ps: what is an obvious beard and how do I get one?
I thought A1923 6 hole boots were my ideal baller boot, but I´ve found myself lusting after a pair of dual zips for some time and seeing those has definately turned me over. Those are some damn fine boots, sinnedk. Congrats, they look stellar.
I´m about to finish my weekend binge. Watching episode 12 now and I loved every moment of this show. They really nailed it.  You get these adrenaline infused episodes with top notch fighting scenes, others are more focused on the human element of the characters, their relations... you have pretty much everything and I just LOVE how violent and gory it gets at some points. You only see somelly  of those stuff on Spartacus (or GoT). You can really tell Steven S. DeKnight is...
Joykillers, I´d personally prefer it sans the white tee showing but that´s pretty cool. Great vest, man.
Now tell him what you REALLY think about his fit.
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