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Meet him outside RO.
Fit´s dope and icecream looks good. Why you hating?
Abraxis, you the man!! I hope I can save enough to get those before they are all sold out. Probably the only thing I want this year, clothing related.. probably
  Kinda like your own interpretation of Journey 
Didn´t know he was an artist. I liked it alright for what it is. It´d make for good party music.
^ Grey worm?
I would mug you for one of those knits, Regis.
I thought this was a great episode, I love how they rally upped the gore. Watching Aiden and Noah get ripped apart (I was sad for noah) was amazing, specially the latter getting his face destroyed like that... Re the alexandrians, all these fuckers need to go. What a town full of morons, specially the one that let Noah die (in what was one of the coolest scenes with the revolving door), he was even a bigger coward than Gabriel and Eugene combined, or al least his fear was...
Dat posture, benes. Why you thrusting?
New Posts  All Forums: