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It´s actually like the devoa one I have.
Buy Rick, become a Sith     
Dude was late, deal with it.
That IS coat looks great to me. I´d wear the sleeves as they are, gives the coat and whole look a bit of edge (sorry xp).
Now I feel like a douche for making that joke... THat sucks, man. Hope you´ve recovered.
Kunk´s all upper body. He´s got them chicken legs going on..         j/k man, don´t punch me.
Regis has got to be the most pristine, put together dude on the whole wide world.
There were only 3 posts, one after the other, with people wearing leather + tee + stacked jeans. The rest is all quite different. But maybe 5-10 fits is 3 in Master Classter´s world.
Benes been on a roll of good fits lately, keep it up. AFL´s is too good for words, let´s let his awesome fit do the talking.
New Posts  All Forums: