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Really sorry to hear that, Jet. All the best to you and your family.
 Did you take a fitpic right after getting laid, man?
^That gif is awesome.   Bronn is one of my favourite characters. I´d like to see him get more screen time. His interactions with Tyrion are some of my favorite parts in the show.
Dude obviously knows what´s up. We´ll all be dressing like him not so far in the future.
Joe´s ultimate demise was also a bit disappointing. They had created this somewhat intriguing character who had "bonded" with Daryl and had a huge desire to find and kill rick, but that all went to hell in just the first few minutes of the episode. Wasted opportunity to do something better. I also agree with those who say the flashbacks didn´t add much. I didn´t need to know rick had gone from farmer to cold blooded killer. Everyone knew what happened at the prison and...
I assume there are snipers we didn´t see poiting at them. Or maybe not and that was a just another TWD fuck up.
Thanks for those recs, guys. I´m digging that SLP a lot.
^ Sweet stuff. Deets on the pants?
My thoughts on the finale   I can´t see the beginning as a plus. Yes, it was pretty cool how they dispatched of joe´s group, but it was also a bit moronic. 5 guys with guns get outsmarted just like that. Rick bites joe´s neck and no one realizes; michonne gets the drop on that fool and turns the gun on him just like that?? How stupid are these guys that none of them starts shooting. Cool scene, really cool, but a bit dumb how it all went down. The ending, on the other...
No shit. CCP is clearly from the future.  [[SPOILER]]
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