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I understand people waiting for hours for a console launch, to be able to play new games and have a more powerful one, like going from ps3 to ps4, but doing that for a phone that probably has some minor tweaks here and there. Not worth it in my opinion.
Rais´ fit reminded me of the recent Star Trek movies. It might be one of my favourite looks ever. Everything fits perfectly, the pose, the expression and that bleached blonde hair do nothing but amp up an already amazing look. 
Congrats, Tira!!   art, hair´s looking awesome 
I´ve been playing for some hours today and still playing. I´m level 5 atm. And I just bought the blue ds4 to play Destiny all weeken long.
Can people really be this clueless? As I watched I thought there has to be a chance this isstaged ´cause it´s hard to believe it... jfc  
 Give us some deets after you´ve gone. And it´be cool if you took some pics of the store.Thanks! 
  I don´t know what brands would make something with sufficient space for what you need and that also happen to have a cool design. I´m sure there must be some out there, I just don´t know any, I´d go with the mission in grey, like I said before. That one looks actually quite nice.
Diniro - amazing fit. Pants are not of this world.
Thing is it´s sold out in white. Farfetch. The black is still available on re.porter.
But in black..  
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