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Noob, did you bleach your hair? I was kinda thinking of doing that this summer, for sheer boredom.
So, did bob get bitten by that walker and now all the cannibals will get infected?? 
 Thank you. No Civil War without Spidey. Hope they solve it so he can join the Marvel cinematic universe.
Fuuma looks like a rockstar. 
haha... not much swoleness to show. I´m relatively fit, that´s it. 
why? I have a lad tee which fits fine. I know they don´t make big sizes but I´m average in height, not a big guy by any means.
That lad knit, I love it. Great buy, Lorcan. Did you proxy from their online store?
I´m just gonna go ahead and assume spope came from a post apocalyptic future to warn us about something but then decided to stay and put us all to shame with his dope fits.
Oooor Fok could ban himself and everyone could continue being dicks to each other, we´d be able to quote non stop, etc. .... There´s a fun side to anarchy. 
All together + a lapel pin. And colored socks. Go GQ! Go crazy!
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