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Walking your hipster is now a thing... apparently  
I`d keep the margielas. They`re great.
THe vision, you mean?    I want, no, need a video of that trailer-
Avengers trailer hasn`t leaked or Marvel has been too fast at removing them.
Yeah, I had read that before and I think I watched some of it but don`t really remember when. I considered kryptonite, obviously, but I thought there might be something else.
Can any of you with  comic knowledge explain how  they are supposed to have a fair fight if they face each other? Superman is insanely strong and no bat armor could stop him. I understand supes wouldn`t kill batman, but does he just tease him and hold back punches or is one supposed to believe the armor puts him on par with superman?  How does it happen in the comic?
ghost, fantastic find with number (n)ine. And I dig the shades too.
That looks sick.    Weird there`s been no mention of how well GotG has reviewed. Some sites are putting it up as one of the best Marvel movies.
 Please more of this, man. Loving everything about it.
I like the float top, bene. Been wanting to get something like that for a while.
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