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 This has a louche vibe to it that I´m really digging. The color, the cut and the drapiness of the pants make for an awesome look, very relaxed as well.
 aah... this is painful. Those sneakers with Julius cargo pants is not a good look. They´ll look good, for me, with somethig much more, ehm, aggressive.
I do hope you´re talking to Uncle Leo.
hmmm... I can see it.
I really like that shirt, needhelp.
I stopped counting after 50 layers...
 Awful? I only played a bit a while back since it was free for PS4 but never got into it, I prefer regular FF games, not MMORPG, but I´ve heard from people in the industry who play it and think it´s great. It´s been doing really good for SE.
Bulk up.
 "I see men in Memphis in these kinds of clothes occasionally." "Outside of New York this fashion would NEVER work. Good luck in America, and I hope you find someone to buy your deep vneck cuts."  Loved the 2 comments  
Quadrophenia is amazing. Had chances to watch it many times in the past but didn´t. Recently caught it on TV and loved it. The soundtrack the scenery, the madness!!
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