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I´m gonna leave this here, just in case anyone needs some help in the scarf wearing department    http://www.mrporter.com/journal/the-edit/five-ways-to-tie-your-scarf/166
From a quick glance I thought they were sweatpants... I´d fix them or try it out with other pants, because the rest looked pretty nice.
pfff... it´s all really, really good. Probably the one challenge with the most participants.
^^ Not many rules here, so I wouldn´t worry. Not too crazy about how the jeans fit, as there seems to be some odd bunching up in the 1st and 3rd pic. Footwear is aces as per usual.
 ^ This dude knows what´s up. Listen to him.
Been lusting after MA+ for so long, now even more. That´s a beautiful knit, spope.
^True. I bought mine (4th pair but all white) like 3 years ago. I was kinda saddened to see these models go away, as I feel they were some of the best.
Totally disagree. Nothing I like more than baller sneakers. My surgical KVA pair was probably my best cop ever.
What I like about Reo ma´s pair is exactly what you mention, how rough they look, the rawness, and I don´t mind the big toebox as others. Yours are beautiful, man. I love the laces you chose.
Crappy pic but wanted to participate..   [[SPOILER]]
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