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That white PS4 destiny bundle might make me do a crazy thing and get a second ps4.... so tempting.   I pre-order the destiny beta but I`ve downloading for a day. 14 gb takes its sweet time here. Close to 80% at the moment. I just want it to end in  a few hours so I can play non stop the rest of the weekend.
EPL is a bit more fun than the other "big" leagues since you have a bit more variety of teams fighting for the championship. La liga, with a few exceptions (like Atletico in the last one) has usually been about Madrid or Barcelona. EPL also looks very nice on TV. I don`t know why there`s  a difference but it`s very appealing, more colorful in definition, grass usually looks beautiful. That and the aforementioned amount of teams up for the glory makes it the best choice IMO.
I have tennis classes once a week and play tournaments every now and then, and I usually wear drop crotch sweatpants. It`s no impediment to playing.  It`d probably be a pain with dropcrotch trousers, of course
 I raise you  
 This is perfect. What are the pants?
Regis, that is fucking fantastic. Your fits are constantly amazing;  You just make it work all the time. Props, man. 
Why that award keeps getting decided before the final is beyond me. Also, sadness galore here. We had it in many ways, but  poor striking/ball control plus one deffenseive hiccup and things can end like they did. The german middlefield controlled the game and I was in awe just watching them not lose the ball for 3 minutes or so, but they also showed, again, how speed can unbalance their defense. Needless to say, they were worthy winners and displayed wonderful fùtbol all...
Is that jameister`s cousin or something?
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