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Those people are all closer to 30, or over in Mara´s case... not defending the movie since it´s gonna suck ass. That will be a crap fest for the ages.
Julius and Devoa store would be cool to see, if you have the time.
 I just started playing The Witcher 3 and I´m pretty sure I was in that same spot with Geralt.
I got The Witcher 3 on PS4. Only just started it but it´s quite the looker. Really excited to sink in a lot of hours. I´m still playing Bloodborne as well. Started doing the chalice dungeons and so far I´m very overpowered but I know it´s gonna be hell once I get to the last dungeons and the lower layers.
lolz... Only shop that carries stuff I like is 2000km away from where I live. Probably one of the few that carries interesting things in my whole country.
Is that... three shirts?? Or is the outer layer a jacket? Well, if anyone can pull it off, it´s definately you. Having all the pieces in different shades makes it work.
 Couldn´t find a gold star, buuuut 
 I hope they finally nail it. Spiderman 2 still remains as the best Spidey movie and one of the best superhero movies to me. It was awesome. Spiderman 1 was more than ok, a good first effort. Spiderman 3 had some cool moments but ruined by emo peter and an overload of villains. Then we got another go, all over again and I enjoyed ASM, though it seriously lacked action and the score was horrendous. I thought they would´ve learnt from S3 but no, multiple villains again for...
I´d ask nicelynice, since he speaks japanese, to spread the word around that a real Saiyan is coming to town. When japanese people see the hulking human that is Synth arrive, with those (quasi) golden locks they´ll probably freak out and ask him to take lots of selfies with them.
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