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Is Pink Pantser actually Michael Fassbender??   Aux, that´s a great coat and backpack.
Chet, I really like that. I´m finding your latest fits to be very soothing to look at. Your knit choice is always on point. I too am a wallabees detractor, so I´d prefer something else there. Still very nice.   Benes, did you hurt  your chin or is that part of the photoshop/face blurring? Don´t mean to be insensitive if it´s the former.
THe new rickadidas are in the $700 (expected) to $1500 (crazy) range. At least crazy price for a collab. How much will depend on model and material choice. I reckon the sock boots will be $1.5k
Yes, I feel like your eyes are immediately drawn to the kicks since they´re huge (and white). Maybe all black Geos would make it less striking.
Basics aside, it´s all gone up very fast. Some leathers are 4-5k, sneakers 1.5k almost. It´s in true baller territory now.
 Problem for me is that the sneakers overpower the whole fit. The rest are nice pieces but the geobaskets are like, engulfing him.
  You might know it as "arena".
I can see the geometrical aspect with the sharper cuts on the coats, jackets, vests. The previous to last look back details are so good; his vests always pique my interest as they seem very functional. I don´t even wanna think about what the price point will be when this hits stores, as it´s gone from reasonable to upwards of 1k for pants in a few years.
"Sex just got a lot easier"  by R(D)ick Owens. There´s the slogan, you can thank me later, Rick.
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