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I´m playing on Normal and it hasn´t been a picnic. On one quest I died like 15 times trying to kill a bunch of ghouls inside a fucking building. But the world is so vast that it allows you to level up before going to any mission that might be too hard,
Can´t wait to see Rais in the upcoming Maze Runner/Blade Runner mashup movie "Blaze Runner". 
I´ve played quite a bit today and I did run into some bugs but nothing major. One weird thing is the subtitles didn´t load during an initial mission. First time in the Fallout universe and I´m having a blast.... Game is scary at times, like some of those Ghouls lunging at you. Most creatures go from a regular speed to sudden, really fast movements to attack you.
Gotta be the first to Instagram the new cops, right?      
You gotta forego some common sense when you watch TWD. I really like the show, have never turned into a hater but it´s easy  to spot the stupidity with many deaths. Specially in ep 3, that one was full of those. 
 This is weird..ly fucking awesome. It seems off but it doesn´t really matter because it looks very cool and it´s nothing but great pieces.
Yeezy prices are cray cray. Only really cared about the tanks but I don´t see them up.
You´re right in the last part... keeping him alive to get some info would be the smart thing, but he´s already shown us he is not about doing the smart thing since he let the group of 5 that attacked him escape. I like what his character is going to bring ino the show´s dynamic, but his unwillingness to kill and his new persona are just gonna lead to even worse choices along the season.
We´re talking about a Universe... "news" have to spread across this Universe, so it seems plausible that lots of people might have never heard of something that happen in a distant planet solar system or galaxy. 
He went from crazy  to zen and now he´s a fucking moron... Should we have hope that maybe he killed that last wolf that held him up the last time?    His thought process is the worst, he seems so unwilling to kill that he overlooks everything else. He saw a dude chopping off a dead person and thought the best course of action was to warn him to leave... what an idiot. I now want either Rick or Carol to kill him if he doesn´t get his shit together.... speaking of, I loved...
New Posts  All Forums: