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  Fashion and tennis. You are my new favorite person. 
This has barely begun and it´s already amazing!!   I don´t have the wardrobe to do a typical gaucho but some inspiration if anyone wants to represent      
What about "Imitation" as the theme? Could be from any form of art, painting, film, etc.
Played a ton of Witcher 3 this weekend. Some quests just go on forever and take you all around and it´s so damn satisfying when you finish them. I´ve put in so many hours but I take one look at the map and I see tens and tens of points I haven´t visited. Every time I go to a notice board I pick up new contracts, new side quests, etc. There´s so much to do in this world and it sometimes can feel a bit daunting but I also appreciate that I´ll probably have new things to...
Really like how you´re pulling off the suit, Mok. But what I love the most is how you´re taking some hair inspiration from FF8 (my personal favorite)   
 I kinda feel you´re trolling at this point with those sneakers. It´s impossible  you don´t know the gats completely kill the fit. 
I'm going out on a limb here but I think that's ToG's girlfriend. I remember a blonde girl who dressed very cool in a recent waywt.
I would thumb up that post a thousand times. Awesome writing, great pics, cool people... Sounds like it was a wonderful trip.
Can someone send them some money to buy those 2 whole outfits? For funsies.   The polygon sneakers... I let out a tear 
Great stuff from everyone. Synth, Spope and NN bringing some amazing stories and pics from Japan!   I´ve wanted to go there since I was a teenager, and after seeing this thread I´m even thinking of selling my consoles to go......... (ok, don´t go crazy there man).   ps: Synth, I gave you crap about the calves (they´re fine) and you shut my mouth with dem guns. #swole
New Posts  All Forums: