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I'm looking for a pair of simple black boots, leather or suede. I like the 1000 mile but leather sole isn't practical for Montreal's winter. I like the shape but its a little too workboot-esque and I'm looking for something with a slimmer profile and narrower toe. Four Horsemen x Viberg service boot looks pretty perfect but I'm wondering what other recommendations you may have. I'd also add that trickers/grenson/churches are nice but I fear they'd look to clunky and...
I would get the 43s, I wear 8.5 in most Nike, sometimes a 9 but rarely. I have the CP achilles low in 40 and they fit perfectly.  If anyone disagrees, speak up!
Norse Projects hat, Barbour jacket, SNS Herning sweater, Rugby by Polo shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Common Projects shoes
Just did a soak and spent about 20 minutes getting the top button, but I did get it! Tomorrow I'll get these hemmed up. And so it begins!
       don't mind the 6 inches of rolled cuff and dirty mirror.    
Just got my 701s from Jay. Debating on soaking or not, thoughts? They're already snug and I'm afraid buttoning up will only get harder.  Also, what's the normal procedure for adjusting the length, I know they will shrink about an inch when I do get around to doing a soak or wash so is it safe to have them hemmed with a +1 inch on what'd normal have?    Also, the cut on these is absolutely perfect, an incredible upgrade from my APCs.   Thanks!
  Not the look, just on my way out the door and hadn't buckled them up before taking the shot. Don't get it twisted 
  first time posting in WAYWT, sorry for the shit quality.   tom ford shades, our legacy on blazer and shirt, t by alexander wang on bottom, zara monks
Well I bought them 2 years ago so I assume old sizing. They fit a little too tight in the thighs but otherwise perfect. I normally wear a size 28, and I sized down because I was told they would stretch out (and they definitely did, but I'm assuming that since the Momotaros are a thicker denim, they'd stretch less)   I will indeed check out Blue Owl, do we get any discount...half joking...but do we?   Does anyone have both APC New Standards and Momotaro 0705--what...
I'm looking for a pair of Momotaros to replace my APC New Standards (slim straight, not skinny). I've done some searching but wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a similar cut in Momotaro. Right now I'm considering the 0705 onewash from Blue in Green. Thanks in advance!   *I'm only 5'7'', my APCs are size 27
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