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Any chance this jacket is still available? If so, do you know which model it is specifically or what season it is from? Thanks!
Acne Gibson Jacket Size: 46/Small Color: Black Materials: Leather and Suede Condition: 9.9/10* *Worn twice, a few ink spots on the inside of the jacket, no other signs of wear.     Price: $900 OBO Shipping: free Location: Montréal, QC
these boots are in great shape but I need to clear out my closet. I wear a 40 in cp achilles and these fit a bit larger, certainly more room in the toe box. more photos on request. price is flexible
Purchased in winter 2013, haven't worn them much. Some creasing, minimal wear on the soles. Retailed for $1200, just looking to get rid of them quick.   8.5/10 condition
Still available?
Any recommendations for a cobbler to re-sole a pair of Visvim Virgil boots that currently have a worn down vibram christie sole? Would it be possible to switch to a different vibram sole or does it have to be the same one? I'm located in NYC.   Thanks!
Found a pair of plain Black Leather Dior side-zip ankle-boots 50% off...I tried them on with wool socks and they felt a little snug. I'm going back tomorrow with normal socks. Any experience with Dior, and should they be snug when I first get them because of stretching? Thanks for any feedback!
  I understand this is the Internet and you can easily sit behind your desk and trash other people but I think you misread what I said. I'm fully aware of the cut and rise of the jeans I purchased. I was only trying to highlight my experience of stretching out of the jeans and the accuracy of the sizing. Someone else also pointed out the difference of the 701 and 705 in terms of shrink to fit vs prewashed which is why I specifically mentioned which ones I had purchased. I...
bump price drop to $180 including shipping within North America, outside NA please PM for quote.
sold, mods please lock it up!
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