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    I totally agree, some people (like myself) can pull of wearing black shirts and many more can as well, but because of the "experts" on this site who nag and bicker about the "dreadfulness" no one dares to try and where black dress shirts. I wear black shirts often and I am complimented regularly on the style that I have. Gentlemen we no longer live in the 50s get over it. (No offence to the 1950s, I adore the era)!
  Thank You for the support. I always dress a bit edgy, mostly darker colors - they suit me. I usually get compliments on the way I dress - I am usually the best dressed at events. I am also the vice president of the student council at my school, so I need to look the part - I have some duties to attend to that night.    although not the same jacket it is the same charcoal shade,     Thanks again for the support, MelchiorSon  
Hey y'all,    I am having a little trouble!   I have what I want to wear, (except a pocket square) I just dont know if it is alright to wear. I have a slim fit charcoal grey suit, black shirt, a black/blue/grey striped/pattern tie. Is that alright? Also what kind of pocket square should I go with (ie. color, fabric, fold)   Please, I need someones opinion!   MelchiorSon
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