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Bottom middle is Vass, no?
To all you Islay owners out there. Was the tongue stitched to the upper on your boots? Mine arrived yesterday, and to my surprise, unlike my Coniston and Skye, the tongue was not stitched to the upper.
I just came across this article:   Looking at the illustrations, I have a question regarding the stitch labeled 48. Alden shoes featuring a storm welt has this stitch, however it was my understanding this stitch was faux.   Could some of the more knowledgeable people shed some light on this stitch. C&J storm welted shoes does not feature this stitch.
The C&J shoe trees are not unfinished, so I guess their ability to absorb moisture is very limited, if at all existing. I guess that also makes them ideal to trap moisture inside the shoe, especially since the fit is very good.    However, one would think if the shoes rested long enough between wearings, the leather would be able to wick away the moisture and dry by itself, even though the shoe trees are blocking the free path up the ankle?
That might be.. I did not notice any smell, other than the smell of (relatively) new leather..
Hmm, I usually wait an hour or two before I insert the shoe trees.. But it seems likely the shoe trees are the cause.. How do I exterminate this? I noticed tendencies of this on my other boots too.
Just noticed this on my C&Js as I was doing some maintenance.. Is that mold?
It seems that Cordovan has far greater abrasion resistance than calf, however it also seems Cordovan is severely lacking tensile strength. This is evidenced by the difficulty of lasting Cordovan (as seen in a previous posted video).   The explanation for these characteristics seems to be that Cordovan is much denser (good abrasion resistance), but at the same time the fibers are also shorter (poor tensile strength) than calf. 
I got the Skye converted to Dainite in January and they are just awesome! I don't regret at all the extra £60 for the Dainite conversion - they are awesome winter boots!
  Thanks for the clarification!
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