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Great boot!
I am looking for a Edward Green Monks in Green or Red Suede.  Any thoughts? 
Oundle in Navy Crup
Edward Green now has an encouraged retail price for the US market.  I've heard it's monitored and its unlikely that any stores will discount stock shoes unless they are closing their account or discontinuing a style.  Most shoes start around $1040 without shoe trees.  Add $130 with tress. 
I am set on Edward Green or John Lobb.  I hate the wait but I understand great shoes do take time to make.  I will see how things play out with Axel's collection of John Lobb shoes.
Where can you buy unique John Lobb shoes without placing a special order?  For example I am looking for blue suede or green suede/leather.  I typically like Edward Green but the special order delivery time is now 5-6 months.
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