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Do leather buttons work on a tweed suit, or are they reserved only for sport coats?  Are horn buttons more acceptable?
      someone mentioned kenny g a few pages back.  i've always had a fondness for this song. i actually asked my parents to take me to a kenny g concert when i was younger.  
like this a lot
do any of you folks have any advice on how to best chop up a squash (acorn/butternut) into small pieces for a risotto?  I tried tonight and it took me about an hour to get the skin off, I feel like I must be doing something incorrectly.  
 didn't realize there were non-crowded parts of jones beach.  i'm still searching for a beach that is close enough for a day trip and does not require sitting 2 feet away from the next nearest person.  
  Does the Napoli have slightly larger shoulders than the Sienna?  Or is it the shoulder padding?  Curious because I wear a 38 in Sienna and Havana, but have never tried the Napoli (though the trousers may be too slim for me anyway).  
 Question (disclaimer that I'm not at all finance-savvy): I have Vanguard Windsor II Fund Admiral shares in my 401k, but it says that the total expense ratio is 0.27%.  Should all Admiral Shares have the lower ratio?
Cocktail attire for a summer wedding in Greece... Linen suit? Would linen trousers and sportcoat work or too casual?
Would you trust a dry cleaner to let the waist out on a pair of suit pants, or does that require a tailor?
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