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Does anyone else find their in-house tailoring hit or miss (with more misses than hits)?  Next time I buy a suit I may just take it directly to my usual tailor.  
A woman standing next to me on a stalled F train this morning was hogging/hugging the entire pole so she could comment on an instagram about how cold it was.
thanks for the info - how does it hold up w/r/t wrinkling? 
does anyone have this suit (product code P3696I):   It's part of their fall/winter collection but 100% cotton.  I'm curious about how warm the suit is.  Am I mistaken in thinking it odd to have a cotton suit for a winter collection?
Do leather buttons work on a tweed suit, or are they reserved only for sport coats?  Are horn buttons more acceptable?
      someone mentioned kenny g a few pages back.  i've always had a fondness for this song. i actually asked my parents to take me to a kenny g concert when i was younger.  
like this a lot
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